Sky Mile Tower: the highest tower in the world in Japan?

The skyscrapers are already reaching dizzying heights, but this Japanese project has an ambition that cannot be compared.

Every country wants to have a monopoly on the world's tallest building, but this construction project in Japan is likely to overshadow many towers, including the Burj Khalifa and even the new plan being developed in Dubai. But this structure will not only be the most gigantic on the planet, it will also be a kind of autonomous "mini-city".

The world's tallest building will be Japanese

The Sky Tower Mile is the name of the project that will be completed in 2045. This gigantic tower that could see rising from the ground in the city of Tokyo will, if all goes well, be the tallest construction in the world. With a height of one mile (1.6 kilometers), it will be able to accommodate nearly 55,000 people. No wonder it will surpass all the other giant structures on the planet: its impressive dimensions will be five times larger than those of the Eiffel Tower in France.

An autonomous and ecological space

This development plan, designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, will consist of numerous artificial islands, adapted to global warming, which will serve as barriers against flooding. The facade of the tower is designed to collect, filter and store water from the atmosphere so that there is no need to pump water to the upper floors. Wind farms and solar panels are also planned to provide electricity.

The ecological aspect of this space does not leave the inhabitants out in the cold. Indeed, residents will be able to share multiple facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, gymnasiums, libraries and health centres. However, this project still needs to receive authorizations to be implemented, but the architects may have a hard time competing with this building! What do you think of this future construction?

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