Thailand – 15 must-have experiences

Planning a trip to Asia? Check out 15 tips from Thailand for you to have no doubts when choosing this country as a destination

Know the Thailand it's a very peaceful experience. The arrival is through the capital, Bangkok, and does not require an entry visa. Just present a valid passport and stay in the country as a tourist for a maximum of 30 days. The only government requirement for Brazilians is that they present their vaccination card and prove that they have been prevented from yellow fever, at least ten days before arrival.

Bangkok is the economic, political, cultural and religious center of Thailand. The city is a mix of tradition and modernity. It offers intense nightlife, Buddhist temples, palaces, floating markets, rich handicrafts, high-tech buildings, massages and first-rate beauty spas. Rodrigo spent 1 month in the country and gives you the best tips in Thailand! Write it down:

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TUK TUKs, look like toys

Tuk-tuks are nice “carts” and represent an alternative to taxis. Negotiate the price of the race beforehand and make clear the route you will take. And as this transport is open, keep an eye on your belongings.

TAXIS, a festival of colors

The taxis in Thailand seem to be ready for a parade of colors. Pink, orange, green and yellow, it has it all. Taxi drivers make the race with already defined values ​​and it's hard to find someone who doesn't do it this way. If you're not in a hurry, keep pushing until you find someone to run the taximeter. Otherwise, haggle to lower the amount initially charged, or look for the famous TUK TUKS.

Indispensable tours:

WAT PHO, the Temple of the Golden Buddha

Known as Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is one of the largest and oldest bangkok temples. It is an unmissable tourist spot.

Within the complex, several buildings house study rooms dedicated to Buddhism, giant-sized mythological sculptures and a massage school for Buddhist monks.

In the west wing, the temple houses an image of the Buddha lying down, 46 meters long and 15 meters high. The sculpture is made of brick and cement, and is all gold-plated. The image, which represents the state of Buddha when he reaches Nirvana, he has 108 signs that identify him. In the courtyard, four chedis – small temples without doors or windows that house religious relics – draw attention for their architectural beauty.

GRAND PALACE, symbol of the Thai monarchy

It is the main tourist spot in capital of thailand. Located in the historic part of the city, the Grand Palace is a 218 square meter complex that houses official buildings and temples built by King Rama I at the end of the 18th century, when the country's capital was transferred to Bangkok.

This palace has been the royal residence and seat of government for 150 years and has hosted the grand royal ceremonies. It is the greatest symbol of Thai monarchic architecture and is home to important buildings and temples, such as the Wat Phra Kaeo, the king's guest house, the coronation hall, the gardens, the mythological images, the religious relics and the royal library. To visit the site, tourists must wear dresses, pants or long skirts. Sleeveless shirts and necklines should be avoided.

Gastronomy in restaurants and bars

SKY BAR, unforgettable experience

It's the bar where it was filmed"If drinking doesn't marry 2”. However, this is just a detail, what really matters is the sunset and dusk with a sensational view of the city. You can write it down as essential among the Thailand tips.

This property is on the 64th floor of the Lebua Hotel and, in addition to the visuals, it has an excellent jazz band as an attraction. There are no tables there, as the proposal is for people to consume and leave quickly.

MEZZALUNA, Thailand's “Italy Terrace”

Crescent is a refined contemporary italian restaurant with an open kitchen serving five star dishes. All this together with a panoramic view of the city, as it is located on the 65th floor of the State tower. It is an incredible gastronomic and visual experience.

SIROCCO, romance in the heights

For a romantic dinner with the sunset or under the starry sky. It is a memorable “open-air” dining experience. Sirocco is located on the 63rd floor of the The Dome at Lebua.
It is the tallest open-air restaurant in the world and one of the most coveted dining choices. Bangkok. It offers Mediterranean cuisine with quality ingredients from the best markets in the world. Generally, the house offers as an attraction, jazz concerts with internationally renowned singers.

Restaurant next to Ponte do Rio Kwai

bridge over the River Kwai, which still retains the arches of the original structure and has a nearby restaurant serving local food. It's worth it for the view from the bridge.

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Bangkok Arresters

Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market

It is the most famous floating market in Thailand. Everything is sold, from typical foods and fruits to silk clothes and souvenirs. Set aside an entire morning to do this program.
It is best to go overland to Ratchaburi, take a Hang Yao (long-tail boat) and take a 15-minute journey through the canal. The crossing offers views of lush tropical vegetation and the stilts and canoeists' houses.



who visits Bangkok can't help but try the traditional Thai massage. Unlike the traditional technique, massage therapists focus on circulation and pressure points. They use not only their hands, but their feet, legs, and elbows to energize the client. Depending on the point massaged, it may hurt a little, but just ask to reduce the pressure on the place. Homes also offer the option of a half-hour relaxing massage or oil bath on the feet, back or head. It's a must.

Massage centers and day spa are distributed throughout the city. It's easy to find. That massage where you put your feet in a kind of aquarium with fish is also everywhere.

Fish massage in Thailand

CHIANG MAI, the mountains of Thailand

With a colder climate than Bangkok and protected by mountains, Chiang Mai served, for a long time, as a gateway to backpackers who went to the north of Thailand. The large influx of Thai artists has turned this quiet city into a truly vibrant and energetic destination. It is also worth putting Thailand tips.


A province and city, adjacent to the Chiang Mai, in the extreme northwest of the country, which borders Myanmar. It has several interesting points to be visited, such as the city of Chiang Dao and the “giraffe women”, who live in a nearby village called Padang. The name of the province refers to a deep valley, ideal for training elephants, which has become a great breeding ground for these mammals.


Situated on the third largest island in Thailand, Kho Samui it is rich in natural beauty, with paradisiacal white sand beaches, coral reefs and millions of coconut trees.

Located at gulf of thailand, it is at the center of a small archipelago made up of 85 islands, of which only six are inhabited. The place has become an elegant alternative to the crowded Phuket, offering an infrastructure with bars, restaurants, hotels and resorts.

Hotel Intercontinental 

It is wonderful and offers impeccable service. The bar overlooking the sea is an attraction in itself, as are the restaurants on the beach with chairs and a view of the sea with stunning sunsets. It is worth every penny spent. Is unforgettable!


The teardrop-shaped island, with its lush vegetation, white sand and crystal clear waters, is one of the main tourist destinations in the Thailand. It is well known for its stunning beaches and nightlife. The place has a cinematographic setting and is a favorite itinerary for honeymooners.

After the catastrophic Asian tsunami of 2004, recovery was rapid and in recent years the island has reasserted itself as a high-end beach resort, with a growing number of luxury hotels. In the past, the place was a rubber trade center frequented by Arab, Indian, Malay, Chinese and Portuguese traders. The tip is to stay at the Pullman Phuket Arcadia Hotel.

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Hotel Pullman


They are located in the Indian Ocean, between the Ilha Phuket and the mainland and are about an hour from Phuket. First, these islands were frequented by climbers who wanted to climb the huge rocky walls. However, the landscapes and the variety of aquatic flora and fauna made them famous and the Phi Phi became sought after by diving lovers. The movie A Praia – with Leonardo DiCaprio – also helped to publicize the island around the world. In the photo, the beach ilha de Kho Phi Phi:


imagine the asian vegas. This monumental park showcases the exoticisms of Siamese culture with typical Thai imagination. It may be inelegant, but the elephants, acrobats and pyrotechnics seduce even the most skeptical of the show.


Patong it is the center of nightlife on the island, where you will find many bars, clubs, karaoke lounges, billiards rooms and dance shows. Don't be surprised if you are offered the Ping Pong Show, a bizarre show in which women perform stunts with their genitals. We don't know what it's like, but anyway, if you're curious, at least you already know what it is.

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