Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Listed among the best cities to visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet, Northern Ireland's capital is worth adding to your travel bucket list. Belfast has established itself on the tourist scene as a city that has reinvented itself. With feelings of optimism, history and life pulsing through the city, it's an energetic stop on your Ireland itinerary.

Things to do in Belfast – With a past full of stories that start in the Iron Age (1200 BC). The history of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has developed into world-class museums and restorations that attract visitors from all over the world.

The big highlight is the Titanic Belfast, one of the city's proud symbols of museums. The museum remembers the 100 years of history of the Titanic, built there.

Belfast is an enchanting city with an art scene full of discoveries, beautifully restored Victorian architecture, fantastic food and pubs full of music.

For those who want to get away from history and enjoy nature, close by are 5.000 acres of national parks that accompany a glistening coastline.

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Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Titanic Museum in Belfast, one of the main tourist attractions in the city – Photo: Flávio Antunes

You will see in this post:

where is Belfast

“Where is Belfast?” It's a very common question, as it can sometimes end up being overshadowed on the Dublin world stage.

The fact is, this shouldn't take Belfast off the map and off your travel list. The capital of Northern Ireland is just 1h40 by car from Dublin. Getting there is very easy, as there are transport options such as buses and trains that connect the two Irish capitals.

>> If you want to get to know the capital of Northern Ireland by car, we tell you everything here in the post How to drive in Ireland, everything you need to know to rent a car.

How many days to stay in Belfast

two or three days in Belfast are enough to see the main attractions of the capital of Northern Ireland. From there, it is worth continuing the road trip through the country's charming towns and cities.

Things to do in Belfast – Top attractions in the city

The city is divided into areas called "Quarters". A good tip is to divide your days and visits by quarters in the city, which are: City centre, Cathedral Quarter, Titanic Quarter,  Linen Quarter, Queen’s Quarter e Gaelic Quarter.

For all the secrets of Belfast, board the city's black taxis and set out to explore all of Northern Ireland's capital.

Belfast Taxi Tour

At the height of the Industrial Revolution, the city was the world epicenter of the Irish linen industry, tobacco production, rope making and ship building.

Today, Northern Ireland's capital is dynamic and resurgent. You can get to know the attractions and sights at black taxi, which is a specialized taxi, accompanied by a qualified driver/guide who tells all the local stories.

Below, you can see the main attractions of the city and find out what to do in Belfast in each area of ​​the city. 

Cathedral Quarter

The area is named after the Belfast Cathedral, also known as the St Anne's Cathedral (or St Anne's Cathedral, in English).

The oldest part of the city, the Cathedral Quarter de Belfast, has changed in the last two decades. Pubs, nightclubs and hotels are now part of one of the oldest areas of the city.

The art and culture scene abounds in the Cathedral Quarter, thanks to the cultural and art organizations located on site.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Belfast Cathedral seen from the top – Photo: @belfastcathedral via Instagram

belfast walls

Belfast is a city divided by conflicts between Catholics and Protestants. There are walls scattered around the city, called Walls of Peace, which mark this division in some regions.

Falls Road, the famous road that connects the “neutral” center to the west of Belfast, is one of the main points where you can see the wall.

Rumor has it that the walls will no longer exist in a few years, but for now they remain one of the most sought after attractions by visitors to the city. To soften the meaning a bit, they are all decorated with graffiti and messages.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

The Belfast Wall at Falls Road – Photo: Supermac1961 via Flickr

The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre)

O Metropolitan Arts Centre Belfast (MAC) It's a place you need to know if you like music, theater, art and dance.

Opened in 2012, the events that take place there can vary from parties and ballads to illusionist shows and experimental documentaries. Entrance is free.

Her Majesty’s Prison Belfast

HMP Belfast, also called the Crumlin Road Gaol, is the only surviving Victorian-style prison in Northern Ireland. It is a very interesting tour for those who like history.

The place worked as a prison for 150 years, until 1996. Known as the Alcatraz of Europe, it has been a tourist attraction since 2012. To visit it is necessary to schedule with a guide in advance. Tickets can be obtained online through the Crumlin Road Gaol website.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

HMP Belfast, known as Crumlin Road Gaol – Photo: official website

The Black Box & Green Room

A Black box is housed in a building called Grade II, built in 1850 and converted into an arts space in 2006. Since then, Black Box has been established as one of the premier venues for art and entertainment in the city.

It is a home for live music, theatre, literature, comedy, film, visual art, live art, circus and cabaret. It's worth checking the schedule when you're in town.

St George’s Market

One of the must-see attractions for anyone looking for things to do in Belfast. O St George’s Market It is one of the oldest attractions in the city.

Built between 1890 and 1896, St George's was named the UK's Best Domestic Market in 2014 by the National Association of British Market Authorities.

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it offers a huge variety of local, continental and specialty foods, including meat and fish, cheese, coffee beans, tapas and organic produce.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

O St George’s Market – Foto: VisitBelfast

Belfast City Hall (Câmara Municipal de Belfast)

Completed in 1906, the Belfast City Hall was built to reflect the status of the City of Belfast, which was granted by Queen Victoria in 1888.

The building's rich interior includes a number of notable features: the grand staircase, Reception room and the Great Hall. over there, the Titanic Memorial Garden pays tribute to those who lost their lives on the ship's tragic voyage.

Tours with free admission from Monday to Friday at 10 am, 11 am, 14 pm, 15 pm and 16 pm.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Belfast City Hall – Foto: VisitBelfast

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Belfast City Hall details – Photo: Flávio Antunes

Linen Hall Library

A Linen Hall Library it is the oldest in Belfast, founded in 1788. It is known for its collection of local studies.

Cathedral Quarter Pubs and Clubs

I have listed some of the best known Pubs and Clubs in Cathedral Quarter:

  • Bert’s Jazz Bar at The Merchant
  • The Bar at The Merchant
  • The Great Room The Merchant
  • The Dirty Onion
  • The Darke Hourse
  • The Duke of York
  • The Harp
  • The Hudson Yard
  • The John Hewitt
  • Kelly’s Cellars
  • McHugh’s
  • Muriel’s The Spaniard
  • Bittles Bar

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

🍺 I found the real Bar on the corner, Belfast – Photo: Flávio Antunes

Titanic Quarter

The historic and reinvented Titanic Quarter de Belfast it is one of the main points of the city. Its main attraction, the Titanic Belfast is a Northern Ireland tourism success story.

Check out the options for things to do in Belfast at the Titanic Quarter:

Museu do Titanic Belfast

O Titanic Belfast ou Museu do Titanic, it is the main and must-see attraction for anyone looking for things to do in Belfast. Opened in 2012, the sumptuous building was built at a cost of £97 million. The building has iconic architecture – shaped like the arches of a ship – and comprises 9 4-story galleries.

The Museum tells the story of the famous ocean liner, the RMS Titanic – the same as in the movie! The Titanic Belfast transports the visitor on a journey through time. Knowing the lives of the workers, passengers and crew who made the tragic journey.

It tells the story from the construction (started in 1909), from the shipwreck in 1912 to the present day, with live transmission from the place where the wreckage is at the bottom of the ocean.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

The Titanic Museum in Belfast, which tells more than 100 years of history – Photo: Flávio Antunes

SS Nomadic ship

O SS Nomadic was built by Harland & Wolff in 1911. She was the small ship that transferred passengers from the port of Cherbourg to the RMS Titanic which, due to its size, was obliged to anchor far from land.

Now fully restored, the SS Nomadic It is located in Hamilton Dry Dock, opposite the Titanic Belfast. It is worth stopping by to know even more about the history of the pier and this ship that has such maritime importance. 

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

🚢 The SS Nomadic was a support boat for the Titanic and the last of the White Star Line remaining in the world. 

HMS Caroline

O HMS Caroline she is the last surviving ship of the Battle of Jutland, the biggest naval battle of the First World War.

With plenty of history to tell, HMS Caroline opened to the public on May 31, 2016, one hundred years after the historic maritime clash.

 Linen Quarter

O Linen Quarter is the area around the Town hall. It is known for its numerous pubs and nightclubs that rock the city's nights. 

Some of the best-known pubs and clubs in the neighborhood are:

  • Crown Bar
  • Sweet afton
  • Rita’s
  • The Perch
  • China white
  • The Limelight
  • Robinson’s and Fibber Magee’s
  • The Garrick Belfast 
  • The Bridge House
  • The Five Points
  • Filthy McNasty
  • The Foundry Belfast
  • Morrison’s Bar Belfast
  • Washington Bar Belfast
  • The Basement Belfast

Discover more of the city from above!

Where to eat in Belfast

Now you know what to do in Belfast and also where to have fun and drink. Let's move on to the most delicious part of this post (at least for me), which is where to eat in town.

There are numerous pubs and restaurants in Belfast that are delicious and have Irish charm. Check out the options we know and recommend:

The Terrace at Robinson & Cleaver

O The Terrace at Robinson & Cleaver it is right opposite Belfast City Hall and has a terrace with a beautiful view of the city. With typical Irish food, it's worth sailing. Hope you are lucky to catch a sunny day in the city.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

The Terrace at Robin & Cleaver in Belfast – great choice where to eat

Howard Belfast

O Howard Belfast It's great for more romantic dinners. The restaurant has an excellent menu, with exquisite and delicious dishes, in addition to the beautiful preparations. It also has a great wine and cocktail list.

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

The charming Howard Street – Photo: Howard Street via Facebook

Hadskis Restaurant

With top rating on TripAdvisor, the Hadsky is in the Cathedral Quarter and is ideal for brunch or lunch. The menu is always changing, but offers Northern Irish beef and lamb, homemade pasta and delicious desserts.

Where to stay in Belfast

Most accommodation is in the city center, close to the main districts: the Titanic Quarter e o Cathedral QuarterThese are Belfast's most visited attractions.

>> Read our full post Where to stay in Belfast – Our recommendations from Budget to Luxury

We separate some options from hostels to more luxurious accommodations:

Vagabonds Hostel ($)

What it's worth: It's a great option for young couples and groups of friends. 

Located in the Queens Quarter, the Vagabonds Hostel it is a little away from the main attraction of the city, the Titanic Belfast. The savings are worth it. The hotel has private or shared rooms. 

Click Here and book at Vagabonds to save big when in Belfast

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

One Sussex Place ($$)

What's Worth: Full Apartment Option for Families in Belfast

One Sussex Place it has a beautiful view of the city and is a 5-minute walk from Waterfront Hall. The property has several apartments complete with kitchen, living room and a double bed.

Click Here and book yours now apartment for the whole family at One Sussex Place

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Malmaison Belfast ($$$)

What's worth: Funky, luxurious, and in a great location

Located in a building built in the 1800's right in the center of the city, the Malmaison Belfast it is a stylish boutique hotel. The property tastefully mixes the incredible history of the city with a contemporary decor made up of small surprises.

>> We stayed there and told you everything in the post Malmaison Hotel Belfast – Cool and Good Location

Click Here and make your reservation at Malmaison Belfast and enjoy this boutique hotel

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Things to do in Belfast – City of the Titanic

Find more places to stay in Belfast at the best prices on Run and make your reservation now to guarantee promotional prices!

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