Typical dishes to eat in Montenegro

Typical dishes to eat in Montenegro

Welcome to our article about the gastronomy and typical dishes of Montenegro. In this text, we will explore the delicious food that this country has to offer, from its most popular dishes to the most notable restaurants. Get ready to discover the unique flavors of Montenegro!

Most delicious dishes from Montenegro

Montenegro is known for its rich culinary tradition and tasty dishes. Among the most delicious dishes that you cannot stop trying are:

  • Kacamak: a type of polenta made with corn flour and cheese, which is served hot and is perfect for cold days.
  • Njeguški pršut: a cured and smoked ham served in thin slices. It is a typical dish from the Njeguši region and is famous for its intense flavor.
  • Ćevapi: small pork and beef sausages, served with bread and onion. They are a very popular dish in local restaurants.
  • Montenegrin Apple Pie – A traditional dessert made with fresh apples, walnuts and cinnamon. It is the perfect ending to a Montenegrin meal.

Typical food and nutrition in Montenegro

The typical food of Montenegro reflects the influence of Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine. Fresh and seasonal ingredients are the basis of Montenegrin food. Some typical dishes that you should try are:

  1. Pljeskavica: a minced meat burger mixed with spices and herbs, served with bread and salad.
  2. Paštrovski makaruli: a homemade pasta made with wheat flour and water, served with a meat sauce.
  3. Priganice: small fried dough fritters, served with powdered sugar or jam. They are a very popular sweet in Montenegro.

Food in Montenegro is based on fresh and local products. Montenegrins value the quality of ingredients and the homemade preparation of dishes. In addition, fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea is an important part of the Montenegrin diet.

Restaurants and gastronomy in Montenegro

Montenegro has a wide variety of restaurants that offer a unique culinary experience. In both cities and rural areas, you will find restaurants serving traditional dishes as well as international options. Some of the most notable restaurants in Montenegro are:

  • Stari Mlini Restaurant – Located in an old watermill, this restaurant offers traditional Montenegrin dishes with a modern twist.
  • Konoba Catovica Mlini Restaurant – Located in an idyllic setting, this restaurant is known for its excellent Mediterranean cuisine and panoramic views.
  • Galerija Restaurant – Located in the city of Kotor, this restaurant offers a wide selection of Montenegrin and European dishes in a cozy atmosphere.

Gastronomy in Montenegro is a mix of traditional flavors and new culinary influences. Local chefs strive to use fresh, quality ingredients to create delicious and unique dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular dish in Montenegro?

The most popular dish in Montenegro is Ćevapi, small pork and beef sausages served with bread and onion. It is a dish that you will find in most local restaurants and is highly appreciated by Montenegrins.

2. Where can I try typical Montenegrin food?

To try typical Montenegrin food, we recommend visiting traditional restaurants in the country's cities and towns. Some of the highlights are Stari Mlini Restaurant, Konoba Catovica Mlini Restaurant and Galerija Restaurant. These establishments offer authentic and delicious dishes that will allow you to enjoy Montenegrin gastronomy in all its splendor.


The gastronomy of Montenegro is a delight for lovers of good food. Its typical dishes, such as Kacamak, Njeguški pršut and Ćevapi, will transport you to the rich culinary tradition of this country. In addition, local restaurants offer a unique culinary experience, where you can enjoy delicious dishes in a charming setting. Don't miss the opportunity to try typical Montenegrin food during your visit to this beautiful country.

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