What to see in Ukraine route

What to see in Ukraine route

Welcome to our article on what to see in Ukraine, a country full of history, culture and natural beauty. If you are planning a trip to this fascinating destination, here you will find all the information you need to make the most of your visit. From the most notable tourist spots to recommended routes and itineraries, as well as tips on where to sleep and eat, we tell you everything!

Tourist places in Ukraine

Ukraine has a wide variety of tourist places that you cannot miss. From the majesty of Kiev, the country's capital, with its impressive cathedrals and monasteries, to the beauty of the historic cities of Lviv and Odessa, every corner of Ukraine has something special to offer.

If you are a nature lover, you cannot miss visiting the Carpathians, a mountain range that extends across the west of the country and offers dreamlike landscapes. In addition, Ukraine has numerous national parks and nature reserves where you can enjoy the local flora and fauna.

Recommended routes and itineraries

If you have limited time to visit Ukraine, we recommend following one of the routes and itineraries that we have prepared for you. A very popular option is to tour the Golden Triangle, which includes kyiv, Lviv and Odessa. In each of these cities you can immerse yourself in Ukrainian history and culture, visit its main monuments and enjoy its delicious cuisine.

Another recommended route is the Danube route, which will take you through cities such as Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia, following the course of the river. This route is perfect for those who wish to explore eastern Ukraine and discover its cultural and architectural wealth.

Travel guides and useful tips

To make your trip to Ukraine a success, we recommend bringing an updated travel guide with you. In it you will find detailed information about tourist places, as well as practical advice on transport, security and local customs.

As for where to sleep and eat in Ukraine, you will have no problem finding options that suit your budget and preferences. From luxury hotels in major cities to cheaper hostels and guest houses, Ukraine offers a wide variety of accommodation. As for gastronomy, you cannot miss trying typical Ukrainian dishes, such as borsch, varenyky or salo.


1. Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

Yes, in general Ukraine is a safe country for tourists. However, as in any other destination, it is important to take basic precautions, such as avoiding conflict areas and keeping an eye on your belongings. In addition, we recommend that you inform yourself about the political and social conditions of the country before traveling.

2. What is the best time to visit Ukraine?

The best time to visit Ukraine depends on your preferences. If you want to enjoy warm weather and outdoor festivals, we recommend traveling in summer, from June to August. However, if you prefer to avoid crowds and enjoy snowy landscapes, winter can also be a good option.


Ukraine is a fascinating destination that offers a wide variety of tourist places, routes and unique experiences. Whether you have one week or two weeks to visit the country, you can enjoy its rich history, vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty. Don't forget to bring an up-to-date travel guide with you and follow our advice to make the most of your visit. We assure you that Ukraine will surprise you!

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