Aveiro in Portugal – Tips for getting to know the best of the city

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On your trip to Portugal, you can't miss the Portuguese Venice, the beautiful city of Aveiro. We will give you all the tips on how to enjoy this beautiful little place!

If you are going from Lisbon to Porto, be sure to visit the city of Aveiro. With beautiful canals running through the city centre, delicious regional sweets and traditions that have already gained international fame, such as the Vista Alegre porcelain factory, this is an unmissable port in its Portugal itinerary.

Charming, the city is a place of discontinuous territory, located at the mouth of the Vouga River. Formed by a group of river islands called Ria de Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal is full of pleasant surprises for travelers. Aveiro can even be a great option for those who want to live in Portugal.

The city is coastal and has a relatively lower cost of living than others, such as Coimbra and Porto. With different attractions for all tastes, the place is very diverse and combines tranquility with the facilities of a developed city. Check out in this guide everything you need to know about this little corner of Portugal!

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  • Distance from Lisbon
  • Indispensable city tips
  • Things to Do
  • Where to eat
  • Where to stay – Indication of hotels
  • What you NEED to know BEFORE going to Portugal

The charming Historic Center of Aveiros Portugal, with its canals. This city is worth visiting!

Aveiro – Distance from Lisbon

If you are driving, the city of Aveiro is two and a half hours north of Lisbon and forty-five minutes from Porto. It is a great stop on the Lisbon-Porto route, for those who want to discover less obvious cities on their trip to Portugal. Another nearby city is Coimbra (about 60 km away).

It is also possible to visit Aveiro by train, which leaves from Estação do Oriente and also takes two and a half hours from Lisbon. This is a super practical option and an excellent opportunity to visit the Aveiro train station, which we will talk about later.

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Aveiro – Indispensable Tips

One of the things you cannot miss in Aveiro is to taste the delicious typical and traditional sweet of the region: the ovo moles. The recipe for this specialty uses egg yolks and sugar, and was invented by the nuns of the Convento de Jesus de Aveiro before the XNUMXth century.

An interesting curiosity is the reason why most convent sweets have gems. The truth is that the nuns used egg whites to pass on their habits and ended up using the yolk in the kitchen, hence the prominence of this ingredient.

Aveiro Portugal, the Portuguese Venice – Photo: Ricardo Resende via Unsplash

Another essential tip for anyone visiting Aveiro is not to miss the Moliceiro boat tour. These boats have been traveling along the city's canals since the time when the mud from the estuary, also known as moliço – an aquatic plant – was used in agriculture in the region. Nowadays, colorful boats are used in sightseeing tours through the coolest spots in the city.

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The typical Aveiro soft eggs – Photo: Turismo do Centro

You traditional moliceiros boats – Photo: Luis Núñez via Pexels

Things to do in Aveiro

Ria de Aveiro

Known as the Portuguese Venice, Aveiro is a city bathed by a network of canals that can be navigated by typical Aveirense boats, the moliceiros.

This is a really cool tour that goes through all the sights you can't miss. From the marinas and the salt haystacks, to the fish warehouses and the historic buildings in the Art Nouveau style. You will get to know everything from a different perspective.

Aveiro Museum

Don't forget to visit Aveiro Museum, where Saint Joana Princess is buried, in a spectacular tomb, all worked. The place is in the center of Aveiro, in the old Convent of Jesus where the princess, daughter of King D. Afonso V, dedicated her life to religious worship.

The tomb of Santa Joana Princesa – Photo: Vitor Oliveira via Flickr

Museum of Art Nouveau

Aveiro is known for having wonderful examples of architecture from New art, known as Art Nouveau in España, which you cannot miss.

Thinking about it, the Museum of Art Nouveau invites you to discover the history behind this tradition and to start a tour of the city there, passing by the most emblematic historic buildings of the style.

The Casa do Major Pessoa building, where the Art Nouveau Museum works – Photo: Alegna13 via Wikimedia

Aveiro station

Aveiro's old train station is worth a visit. With the façade lined with tile panels, it invites you to discover the history, landscapes and traditions of the region represented in them. It's worth stopping by to take some pictures before visiting other sights in the city.

Aveiro train station facade – Photo: Concierge.2C via Wikimedia


One of the mandatory stops for anyone visiting the district of Aveiro is the sub Ílhavo region. This area is already on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and is therefore known for Praia da Barra and Costa Nova. This is where you will be able to photograph the striped houses that were once made of wood. A grace!

In addition, Ílhavo is where the porcelain tradition began Vista Alegre, in the XNUMXth century. This is still a little-known tourist spot, but it is worth visiting the oldest porcelain factory in the Iberian peninsula.

Until 1800, Portugal was the main importer of Chinese porcelain from the Western world. Until the founding family of Vista Alegre started to produce locally, developing a characteristic trait for Portuguese tableware.

To this day, Vista Alegre is one of the most respected brands in the country and has fans all over the world. Our tip is to buy your souvenirs from Portugal here, to take advantage of the prices of unique factory pieces.

The colorful houses of Costa Nova, in Ílhavo – Photo: michelmondadori via Pixabay

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Where to eat in Aveiro

And as tradition dictates, your gastronomic experience in Aveiro will not be far behind the rest of Portugal. Fresh fish, açorda, octopus and soft eggs to finish, are the delights that arrive at the Aveirense table.

See our best here tips on where to eat in Aveiro:


One of the most prestigious restaurants in Aveiro is SalPoente, located in two old warehouses where the salt just removed from the salt pans was kept. The atmosphere here is a delight, with various pieces of art on the walls and modern decor.

The place is great for a dinner with friends or family, but the menu is the real star. Among the fish, the highlight goes to the cod dishes, such as contemporary cod, which you cannot miss trying.

Prato do SalPoente restaurant – Photo: official site of the restaurant

High tide

Another place with very fresh fish is the restaurant High tide, as it belongs to an old fishmonger in town. It is known for serving a wonderful eel stew, but you can also enjoy Portuguese seafood, another of the house specialties.

Lagosta in Maré Cheia restaurant – Photo: Facebook Maré Cheia

Customs Warehouse

For a simple lunch, but with traditional flavors of the region, try the Customs Warehouse. It is right in the city center, close to many tourist attractions. Therefore, it is a great stopping point during the day.

In addition to the menu, they have a choice of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes all day, with a fixed price that includes drinks and coffee. Super into account!

Tuna and avocado tataki at Armazém da Alfândega – Photo: Facebook Armazém da Alfândega

Hotels in Aveiro Portugal

If you are looking for accommodation, an ideal place to find a good one is the historic center of Aveiro. In addition to being where most of the attractions are located, it is also where there are several restaurants and shops.

We've compiled a list of our favorite hotels in the city to help you choose the right place.

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Meliá Ria Hotel and Spa

Or worth it: View of the restaurant “O Lago”

One of the most modern accommodation options in Aveiro, the Melia Ria Hotel & Spa It is a four-star hotel located right on the edge of the estuary and less than a ten-minute walk from the Aveiro Museum.

It has spacious rooms overlooking the city, with a varied breakfast included in the rate. Take some time to book a wonderful massage at the Spa.

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Salinas Hotel

What's worth: It's located in the region that visitors like the most

O Salinas Hotel It is an option with an excellent cost-benefit, in addition to being super well located. It offers carefully decorated rooms and studios equipped with a kitchen for the more independent travellers.

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OC Salon Charm Hostel e Suites

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If you want an option that doesn't weigh on your pocket, take a look at OC Salon Charm Hostel & Suites. The rooms cater to different types of travelers, as they range from dormitories to double and family rooms.

The house where this hostel is located is charming, in the Art Nouveau style, and with a very cozy atmosphere both inside and outside, in the surrounding gardens.

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Aveiro quick tips

Where is Aveiro?

Aveiro is on the west coast of Portugal. It is 70 km south of the city of Porto and 250 km north of Lisbon keep reading…

Where to stay in Aveiro?

Melia Ria Hotel & Spa, Salinas Hotel e OC Salon Charm Hostel & Suites. See more hotel tips in the post by clicking here.

How far is it from Lisbon to Aveiro?

Lisbon and Aveiro are 250 km away from each other. Continue reading...

How to get to Aveiro from Lisbon?

It is possible to travel from Aveiro to Lisbon or vice versa by train (Linha da Azambuja), bus (Vieira do Minho) or car (car hire at RentCars). Continue reading

How to get to Aveiro from Porto?

It is possible to travel from Aveiro to Porto or vice versa by train (AP 34 Lisbon – Santa Apolonia), bus or car (car hire at RentCars).

How is the weather in Aveiro?

From October to March the minimums are below 10ºC and maximums are around 18ºC to 20ºC. From April to September, the temperature rises and the minimum exceeds 10ºC and the maximum ranges from 23ºC to 24ºC.

What to do in Aveiro?

Taste the soft eggs, take a boat trip on the moliceiro, Ria de Aveiro, Museum of Aveiro, Museum of Art Nouveau, Aveiro Station, Ílhavo. Continue reading...

Where to have lunch in Aveiro?

For a simple lunch, but with traditional flavors of the region, try the Customs WarehouseContinue reading...

Where to dine in Aveiro?

SalPoente, Maré Cheia. Continue reading...

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