Balloon ride in Serengeti, Tanzania

Flying in a balloon is in itself an experience that everyone should include in their lists of things to do at least once in their lives. We had already flown in Cappadocia, but our dream was to go on an aerial safari and we managed to do it in style, in the Serengeti.

What better way to see the immensity of this environmental reserve and have a full dimension of the incomparable amount of animal life than from above? The balloon ride in Seregenti, Tanzania, is a unique experience, a kind of safari seen from a privileged perspective!

This might be the most beautiful area in the world for a hot air balloon flight, as there are no power cables, fences and very few dirt roads.

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How was our Serengeti Balloon Ride experience

Our balloon safari was hosted by Serengeti Ballon Safaris, who picked us up from our hotel at 4:30 am for a 1-hour trip to the take-off location.

The most fun is that every time we leave the hotel, regardless of the destination (whether it's a balloon or an airport), it's a new chance for a safari.

Balloon ride in Serengeti, Tanzania
Dawn in the Serengeti
Balloon ride in Serengeti, Tanzania
Preparing the balloon for flight

We arrived at 5:45 am on site for first flight recommendations. We followed the balloon being inflated, put on our belts and left at 6 am for our Balloon ride in the Serengeti and to see the sun brighten the immensity from above. The sunrise and sunset of Africa are always an attraction, the most beautiful we've ever seen!

Each balloon has a capacity for 16 people plus the balloonist.

The ideal is to wear a warm blouse at dawn, when temperatures are lower and a cooler blouse underneath, as the tour ends around 11 am, when the weather is warmer.

What is Balloon Flight in the Serengeti like?

The flights last approximately one hour and the balloonist, very skilled, manages to get down whenever a passenger sees an animal of interest and so we can admire it more closely. But it's from the top of the balloon ride in the Serengeti that everything takes on another proportion and the emotion comes to the surface for the grandeur of the wildlife!

Balloon ride in Serengeti, Tanzania
Our view during the Serengeti flight

At the same time that we are floating smoothly among the endless plains of the park, the same cars that picked up all the passengers in their hotels continue the terrestrial searches for the animals and communicate the ballooner via radio of their location.

At the end of the Serengeti Balloon ride, which cannot be extended due to the winds, we land and the car drivers help each one of us to get out.

Each flight is unique, because you always know where it will depart from, but there is no way to accurately predict where it will land, a mission that will be left to the winds.

Balloon ride in Serengeti, Tanzania
happy with the experience

With our feet on solid ground, the Balloon Ride in the Serengeti did not end, as we were served champagne glasses for the traditional toast. And then we went by car to another place, where tables were waiting for us for a well-served breakfast.

It was a great time to meet a lot of people, all delighted with what they had just experienced!

Is it possible to see the animals during the Serengeti Balloon Ride?

As we left at dawn, still very dark, some animals were on their hunting schedule or very active. During this transfer, we saw 13 young lions (I swear), a herd of hippos walking along the road, hares and some hyenas.

How Much Does a Balloon Ride in the Serengeti Cost?

Reservations for a balloon ride in the Serengeti can be made at hotels located inside the park or directly with the company Serengeti Balloon Safaris.

We love it and guarantee it's worth every penny, which in this case is $600 per person. But calm down, this is one of those experiences that become one of the moments that we will remember forever with shining eyes. It's really worth it!

Learn more at:

  • Serengeti Balloon Safaris –

Where to Stay in the Serengeti

  • Four Seasons Safari Lodge it was our choice!

>> Check out more information about the hotel, prices and reservations in the post Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzânia

Hotels on Offer in the Serengeti


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