Safari in Kruger National Park

The unpredictable of the savannah, the smell of african land, the striking colors, the orange sun, the starry sky, the emotion and adrenaline felt when encountering any of the wild animals in their natural habitat. Feeling and touching nature in its purest essence are just some of the reasons that make the experience of a safari something unique and unforgettable.

If this adventure is also your wish, I advise you to travel to South Africa. But beware: there are numerous reservations for the practice of safari in the country. In some of them the animals are native, in others they were artificially introduced for tourist purposes.

So how to know?

Safari in Kruger National Park

Reservations close to Cape Town and Garden Route, for example, are inadvisable – from an ecological point of view, they are mere disguised zoos. 

Therefore, the best region is certainly the world-renowned Kruger National Park.

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Kruger National Park

This park extends for about 350 kilometers, from north to south, along the border with Mozambique. It is considered an authentic natural paradise, home to more than 50 different species of mammals and almost 500 species of birds.

It is the territory of big five (the five most dangerous animals for the hunter), namely: lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos. In addition, it has better climatic and geographical conditions.

Obviously do safari it is dealing at all times with luck and uncertainty, as well as with the beauty and ferocity of nature in equal proportions.

Safari in Kruger National Park

Safari in Kruger National Park

Safari in Kruger National Park

How to get to Kruger National Park

Getting to Kruger is simple.

It's 5 hours by road from Johannesburg airport or, depending on where you are staying, you can fly to Nelspruit airport (the park official) or other minors such as from Hoedspruit. 

In the midst of a trip through several South African cities, I dedicated 4 full days to the famous game drives no Kruger.

What is a GameDrive?

Game, in South African English and also in hunting jargon, means animal, “Game drive”, therefore, it is the observation of wildlife in 4X4 vehicles.

Game drives can be done at dawn (around 5 am) and in the late afternoon, when the animals are most active and usually last between 3 and 5 hours. Furthermore, it is also possible to walking safari accompanied by a guide.

Safari in Kruger National Park

Walking Safari in Kruger National Park

Adrenaline runs high, as there is no other option to run but your own legs, so the guide needs to be very experienced, always be aware of the direction of the wind so that the animal does not find us by smell and be very careful to that doesn't put us at risk.

On the first day I was able to see the famous big 5 up close, but as I am crazy about animals, I never got tired of repeating the dose.

Even so, I suggest that you dedicate at least three days so that nature, little by little, gives its best and you return home smiling.

Safari in Kruger National Park

Safari in Kruger National Park

How Much Does a Safari Cost Kruger National Park

The daily entrance fee to the park costs US$ 15. Once there, you can spend very little staying in a campsite inside the park or in a guesthouse in the surroundings. And you can hire a cheap game drive, which will cost you between $20 and $35 for about 3 hours. Or rent a car and drive in the park on your own.

This last option may seem tempting, but remember: it is not so simple to find the animals, it is necessary to know about the behavior of the species, about their schedules, agility and training in the gaze to see traces of the proximity of an animal.

Anyway, these are questions that the native guides of the region super dominate. In private reserves, for example, a local tracker (tracker) accompanies the ranger (guide) during the game drive, detecting the footprints on the ground.

Safari in Kruger National Park

Where to stay at Kruger National Park

If that's your dream and you're willing to spend a little or a lot more, there are luxurious lodges, both within the Kruger domain and in the private reserves attached to the park. 

Well, I preferred to be guaranteed an unforgettable experience, so I chose logde Motswari Private Game Reserve and I highly recommend. Sleeping in the middle of the savannah and being surprised by the curiosity of a leopard or hyena in your bedroom window is priceless!

In fact, almost all lodges work with the same system. These are closed packages that, in addition to accommodation, include two game drives per day and also walking safari.

Safari in Kruger National Park


It takes an intense pace to enjoy all that the trip has to offer. Get up early every day, spend a total of about 8 hours in a 4X4 and still take some time to enjoy the incredible features of the lodges, which include a pool, spa, gym, as well as 5 or 6 meals a day washed down with many good wines.

All I can say is that I came home with this certainty: in this life we ​​have to have faith, willingness to fight, love, risk and go on safari!


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