Cairo – Travel Guide

Visiting Egypt is knowing that the customs and culture are extremely different from ours. Therefore, it is important to note some tips to pay attention to when visiting the city of Cairo.

Despite an incredible destination and the certainty that the trip will be fantastic, it is important to note some tips about Cairo that are essential for those traveling there for the first time.

Check out the everything for you to enjoy the tour without worries.

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  • Cairo city weather
  • what clothes to wear
  • Currency and Prices
  • Security
  • Ramadan
  • Language
  • Curiosities
  • Getting around
  • Where to stay – Our Hotel Recommendation
  • What to do in Cairo

Cairo – Travel Guide

Aerial view of Cairo city | Photo: Dario Morandotti, via Unsplash

Weather in Cairo City

In summer or in the most desert part of Cairo, temperatures can reach 50ºC, so try to bring light and fresh clothes.

In winter (from December to March), contrary to what many people think, it is cold with temperatures from 0ºC to 17ºC, so be prepared.

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What clothes should I bring to Egypt?

Despite the intense heat during the Egyptian summer, it is necessary to take extra care with the body on display when traveling through the more traditional areas of the city. 

The population of the country is mostly Muslim, that is, they are very conservative. Therefore, especially for women, it is not recommended to wear shorts, tank tops, cleavage, short skirts, etc.

It is quite common to see Egyptian women wearing headscarves or even wearing the classic chadris (black garments that cover the entire body of the woman). 

There, they find it strange when a lot of skin appears, so bring fresh clothes (in the case of summer), but more traditional – t-shirts, light fabric pants and less tight, long dresses, shorts and scarves.

Even to visit the most traditional and touristy places, it is sometimes necessary or recommended to put a scarf around your head. 

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Mohammed Hassan, via Unsplash

3. Currency & Prices

In Egypt in general everything is very cheap. The currency, Egyptian pound, costs 0,26 reais and prices are very good.

But don't be naive, Egyptians like to make money and when they see tourists, they raise the price. There, bargaining is an art.

About taxis, try to find out about the prices of the rides and arrange in advance with the drivers.

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Alex Azabache, via Unsplash

4. Safety

Among the most important Cairo tips is the issue of safety.

Especially for women, try not to walk alone, take taxis only in the company of women, or go out to more central places alone.

It is difficult to understand, but harassment events that generate great discomfort in visitors are still common there. 

(This tip is more valid for central places and or with less incidence of tourists. The most visited and famous places are less worrying). 

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Alejandro Garcia, via Unsplash

5. Ramadan

For a period of one month, which usually runs from the 23rd of April to the 23rd of May, Muslims (and the country's large population) undergo an interim of deep reflection, surrender and religious ordeal.

According to the Quran, the base book of the religion, the ninth month of the (their) calendar is most connected to sacred values. 

How does this affect your trip? In addition to their specific fasting, which involves food, water and alcoholic beverages during the day, they dedicate themselves more to prayers, going to mosques more often.

It's nice to research the hours to see one of the practices or avoid the very crowded mosques) In addition, devotees work less hours of the day, which can affect the commerce and operation of specific points. 

In the three days after Ramadan we recommend not visiting the more central areas of Cairo, confusion is widespread. Despite the holiday being religious, some citizens do it to protest and don't react very well to visitors. 

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Khan Al Khalili Market | Photo: Mariam Soliman, via Unsplash

6. Language

In Egypt, Arabic is spoken, a super complex language to speak, understand and even more so to write. In most parts of Cairo you will find people who speak English. Much of Egypt's income comes from tourism, so people put a lot of effort into earning it. You can go carefree with communication. 

To write it down in Cairo's list of tips. It is good to learn some keywords, such as “please”, “thank you”, “good morning” and etc because in the most central areas it can be more difficult to find a common language, in addition to the clear happiness of the Arabs when you try hard to understand and learn their culture. 

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Stefan C Asafti, via Unsplash

7. Curiosities of the city

Don't be scared, in Egypt it's super common to have blackouts. Yes, at first this is strange, because in España we are not so used to it, except on rainy days and strong winds.

There, it is normal to have three to five blackouts a day, it is part of the routine and they normally deal with it. In the most “chic” and touristy places, such as restaurants, hotels and shopping malls, there are generators, so blackouts do not happen. However, don't be alarmed if it happens. 

Don't be alarmed by the excitement of the Egyptians on Thursdays either. There, that day is like our Friday, without work the next day. Roll up to fireworks!

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Sherif Moharram, via Unsplash

8. How to get around in Cairo 

Traffic in Cairo is chaos, it seems that there is no law or any organization. Public transport follows the same line, with the exception of the subway, which is still a little quieter.

It is also quite common to see vans running around the city, people pay around 5 reais and get off wherever it is best (literally they get off, including buses, people stand at the door and throw themselves from the moving transport, it's crazy) .

So, to write down in Cairo's list of tips: the best thing to do is opt for a taxi or Uber for a smoother trip. Try to establish the price with the taxi driver and always be accompanied. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a taxi or Uber to have a smoother trip. Try to establish the price with the taxi driver and always be accompanied. 

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Adrian Dascal, via Unsplash

9. Where to stay in Cairo

Five stars - Four Seasons Hotel - All the quality of a Four Seasons with the energy of the city of Cairo. Excellent service and unquestionable quality.

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Disclosure

Three stars - Sahara Pyramids Inn. With breakfast included and a rating of 10 on, the Sahara Inn promises comfort and a good location in the city. 

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Disclosure

Economic - Hotel Velvet. Simple and with an extremely attentive staff, this is the hotel that helps you save money, but still offers a great stay in the city.

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Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Publicity Photo: Publicity Photo: Publicity

10. Things to do in Cairo

There are many tours to do in the city. That's why we've dedicated a special article with the main attractions you need to know when you're there. Click and check the article what to do in Cairo from 1 to 5 days.

Some of the two most important tourist spots in Cairo:

  • Pyramids of Giza, which are among the 7 wonders of the ancient world
  • Pyramid of Saqqara
  • Khan El Khalili Market 
  • Cairo Museum
  • Boat ride on the River Nile 
  • Cairo Tower
  • Tahrir Square

>> Find out more about what to do in Cairo in 5 days with our full post by clicking here.

Cairo – Travel Guide

Photo: Omar Elsharawy, via Unsplash

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