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Rabat it was the second city I visited in Morocco. It is located on the edge of the Atlantic, is considered one of the imperial cities of the country and is the current capital. Right from the start, you could already see that the city is more organized and beautiful than Casablanca. The ideal is to spend two days in the city.

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One of the must-see tours in the city is to get to know the fortaleza Kasbah of Oudayas, it was built in the XNUMXth century to protect the city from invaders. From inside the fortress you can see a beautiful view of the sea and also of the neighboring city, Salé. You don't need a guide to get to know the fortress, just enter through the “Bab Oudaia” door.

Another beautiful place is Unfinished Mosque of Rabat, was built in the 354th century, has 1199 columns that represent the number of days in the Muslim calendar. The idea of ​​the mosque was to be the largest in the world, but the construction was abandoned in XNUMX. I spent about an hour and a half walking around the mosque, inside it there is the Mausoleum (shrine) where the rei Mohamed V.

unfinished mosque of rabat

A tour that I did on my own and it's really worth it, before nightfall, take one of the small boats on the river's edge and cross to the city ​​of Sale, from there walk to the edge of the sea to enjoy the sunset.

boat ride

Where to stay:

Hotel La Tour Hassan which in my opinion was one of the best hotels I stayed at during my trip to Morocco. The location is within easy reach of the city's sights. Inside the hotel there are 3 restaurants that serve Gourmet and traditional Moroccan cuisine.

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