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Opinions on Discover Car hire

Whether on holiday or on business, the car remains the most practical means of transport. Although it is increasingly being singled out for ecological and economic reasons, it is still useful or even indispensable for many people. To meet this sometimes occasional need, more and more people are turning to car rental: an intermediate solution that is more popular on a daily basis as well as on holiday.

But here's the thing, renting a car can quickly become a

To make life easier for many travellers and above all, to convince them to take the step of renting a car, several companies are tending to specialise in car rental. This is notably the case of Discover Car Hire, a car rental comparator (in short, a sort of which now has several thousand customers worldwide.

So who is Discover Car Hire? What are its services and how does it work? Can we trust this system but also, what are the advantages and disadvantages? All the answers to your questions are in this article!

What is Discover Car Hire?

Discover Car Hire was founded in 2013 and aims to become THE international car rental provider.

The website compares car rental offers and offers, in nearly 10,000 destinations and more than 150 countries, to rent a car in partner agencies such as Hertz, Alamo, Dollar, Thrifty, National, Sixt, Europcar and Budget.

How does it work?

The principle is quite simple:

To get started, go to the Discover Car Hire website. Then select the pick up location and date and the drop off location and date. The site then compares the rates and displays the results to you so that you can proceed with the car reservation.

To simplify the display of the results, you can refine the search results by specifying the characteristics of the vehicle you want, the number of seats, your preferred rental company, the type of pickup, and the price ranges for the deposit and deductible.

Several types of cars are offered to you, from the small four-seat city car to the seven-seat family minivan. Once you've made your choice, all you have to do is book! From there, all you have to do is enter the driver's details and select, or not, certain additional options, such as a GPS or a baby seat.

Once all this information is entered and to confirm the booking, an advance payment is required; this is part of the total amount calculated automatically.

The rest of the amount will have to be paid to the car rental agency when you pick up your car.

Advantages and disadvantages of Discover Car Hire


  • Rent a vehicle worldwide
  • Find reliable renters
  • Driving with well-maintained vehicles
  • 24/7 support in 15 languages
  • Travel in total freedom
  • Wide choice of vehicles
  • Insured vehicles


  • A security deposit is required upon pick-up of the vehicle (requested and retained by the car rental provider, not by Discover Car Hire). This may vary depending on the car, the provider and the country and covers damage in the event of an accident. If you have opted for full cover from Discover Car Hire, you can claim a refund from Discover Car Hire.
  • The total amount of your rental may increase if you choose Comprehensive Coverage.
  • Some cars have specific rental conditions. So pay attention to the type of insurance offered to you so that you don't have any surprises in case of damage or when renting a car.
  • Discover Car Hire being an intermediary between travellers and rental agencies, do not hesitate to contact the customer service in case of doubt or problem.

About Discover Car Hire Insurance

For any rental on the Discover Car Hire website, your rental car will only be protected by a so-called "basic" insurance, which means that in case of damage, you will be responsible for the amount of your deductible. Depending on the car you choose and the legislation of the country where you rent the car, there may also be partial collision, theft protection and/or third party liability coverage.

Be careful though, because in some cases the basic insurance may not be included. You will then be fully responsible for damages up to the total value of the car. To be sure that the car you are going to rent includes basic insurance, please consult the rental conditions (when searching for a car to rent). Then click on the "Rental conditions" link under the photo of each car.

Good to know: If you use your own car rental insurance, you do not need a basic insurance included in your reservation.

However, if you have chosen Comprehensive Cover, Car Hire will reimburse you a total of €3,000 for the costs you have been obliged to pay in advance in the event of loss or damage to the rented car.

What does Discover Car Hire Full Insurance cover?

  • Deductible excess / excess costs reimbursed for damage or theft
  • Repair Costs: Basic Damage Protection covers only the body, but Comprehensive Coverage covers the chassis, tires, wheels, roof, windshield, windows, mirrors and wheel covers.
  • Breakdown repair costs/taxi expenses: Towing costs ortaxi expenses (up to 100 euros)
  • Lost keys or unlocking fees
  • Administrative costs: All administrative costs and capital costs (The car rental company will have to compensate you for the unavailability of the car and the loss of profit during the repair of the car).

What is not covered by Discover Car Hire's Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive Coverage will not cover the following:

  • Extras (child seats, GPS, etc.), personal property or valuables
  • Any damage that occurs because you have not complied with the terms of the rental contract (drunk driving, use of the wrong fuel for the car, off-road driving, violation of traffic regulations, violation of a law, etc.).
  • Hotel or other incidental expenses
  • Cleaning costs or damage to the interior of the rental car
  • Any difference between exchange rates
  • Damages due to force majeure and unforeseeable or uncontrollable events such as war, revolution, invasion, terrorism or strikes

Good to know: To receive compensation, you must send your claim to the [email protected] email address within 28 days from the day the car is returned or the day the rental car broke down or was damaged, stolen or lost.

You will need to attach the following documents with your request :

- Rental agreement signed at the time of pick up (if you don't have it, ask for a copy from your rental company).
- Confirmation from the rental company of the condition of the rental car at the time of pick-up and return.
- Proof from the car rental company that you have been charged the deductible deductible deductible/excess charges or other fees
- Tenant's bank statement showing the payments corresponding to the charges invoiced
- The tenant's PayPal or bank details, including the name and address of the bank, account number, IBAN and SWIFT code, and any other information required for international bank payments.
- A detailed account of the incident (including photographic and video evidence, if you have it)
- Written gendarmerie report (if applicable)

Discover Car Hire: Editor's note

On the website, Discover Car Hire claims to have 12,774 reviews, with an average rating of 9 stars out of 10. The website's interface is quite easy to use: booking a car has never been easier. We particularly appreciate the possibility to refine the search by selecting certain criteria and for good reason, this simplifies the booking process.

The attractive prices highlighted on the site are very tempting, but we must nevertheless be careful about possible "undesirable" charges, especially concerning the car insurance.

In any case, we advise you to read all the conditions relating to the rental and do not hesitate to contact the customer service which is available 24/7 via chat, e-mail and on +33 756796 498 for calls from France (other lines available).

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