Petra – Travel Guide

Visiting Petra is an incredible experience in every way: its historical and cultural relevance, its beauty and its energy are just some of them. Discover another face of the Middle East and be enchanted by Jordan!

A Jordania enchants its visitors in several aspects: its incredible desert landscapes, its friendly and welcoming people, its political stability amid so many conflicts in the Middle East and so on. If you are planning to spend a few days in Israel, Egypt or in another country in the region, you cannot fail to include a visit to Petra in your itinerary.

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Petra – Travel Guide

Photo: Clarissa Moliterno

Visiting Petra

Petra is, without a doubt, the must see of Jordania, as well as being one of the seven wonders of the world.

There are no words to describe this place and its energy, you have to visit it to understand. The city, founded around the 2th century BC, was carved, in a grandiose and detailed way, by the Nabateans, an Arab people who inhabited it for more than XNUMX thousand years.

During this period, Petra it was an important point on the silk and spice routes that linked ancient peoples. However, the city was forgotten for almost 1200 years, until it was rediscovered by a Swiss explorer in 1812.

The entrance to the city is made by the Siq, a narrow path of just over 1 km in length surrounded by immense rock formations that give a very special charm to the expectation of arrival.

Petra – Travel Guide

After traveling this route, arriving in the city is breathtaking: soon we are faced with the immensity of the Al-Khazneh, treasure in Arabic, 30 meters wide and 43 meters high, carved at the beginning of the 1st century to serve as a mausoleum for a king nabataean.

Petra – Travel Guide

From there there are several options for routes and everything will depend on how much time you have to visit Petra. It is estimated that to know the entire archaeological site would take 4 to 5 days.

As most visitors usually have, on average, a day or less, it is customary to visit the most important attractions, such as the Roman amphitheater with its 3000 seats, and the surroundings of the Al Khazneh.

On the way back, for those who do not want to go through the Siq again, it is possible to hire the services of the various carts that are stopped there – since motorized vehicles are not allowed in the place.

#dicainsider: Bring lots of sunscreen, water, a hat and whatever else you think is convenient to protect yourself from the heat!

Other attractions around Petra

For those coming from Israel, it is common to enter Jordan via Aqaba border, a spa in the Mar vermelho. The place is very popular for those who practice windsurfing and diving and there are several options of resorts in the region.

Petra – Travel Guide


Wadi Rum: this is the biggest desert in the Jordania, 60km from Aqaba. Don't imagine finding the typical desert with golden dunes; Wadi Rum, on the other hand, is famous for its rock formations and wonderful landscapes.

The best way to explore it is by hiring a 4×4 tour, and for those who have more time, it's worth sleeping a night under the desert stars. More information can be obtained on the website.

Petra – Travel Guide


Where to stay in Petra

I stayed in EilatOn Israel, and I booked a one-day tour there Jordania (On average, such a tour costs around USD175,00, but visa and entry fees are not included).

If I could go back, I would stay more days in Jordan and, especially to meet Petra, I would stay in Wadi Musa, city with a good hotel complex and a few kilometers from Petra.

When staying on site, you can take the amazing tour Petra by Night, which allows you to visit Petra completely lit by hundreds of candles. More information on the website.

Petra – Travel Guide

Petra By Night – Fonte:

Best time to visit

I dared to visit Jordania in August and it was a very hot experience. If you can choose, the best times are autumn and spring. Winter there is usually quite cold, especially at night.


Although the country requires a visa for Brazilians, entry is relatively simple: it is possible to apply for a visa in advance, by contacting the Jordanian consulates, or request it only when entering the country, either in the amman international airport or at border warehouses.

In 2016, a single entry visa cost USD 56,00 and a multiple entry visa cost USD 170,00. To leave the country, except at the airport, a new fee of USD 13,00 is paid. Attention: it is always good to check in advance the values ​​and general information about the visa, as they tend to change constantly.

I crossed the southern border between Israel and Jordan, which connects the cities of Eilat (Israel) and Accept (Jordan). The output and input control in Israel it is much more demanding than entering and leaving Jordan, but, in any case, the procedure is very simple and the border is crossed on foot.

Important tip! Be aware that the border you choose to cross issues visas on time. For those who want to cross the border Ponte Allenby/Rei Hussein, for example, you will need to apply for a visa in advance. It's always good to check before you go.

Petra – Travel Guide

Have you already convinced yourself to travel to Jordania and visit this treasure called Petra? Comment here.

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