In which neighborhood to stay in Amman?

In which neighborhood to stay in Amman?

Are you going to Jordan to discover the charms of the Middle East? Discover without delay the guide of the districts where to stay in Amman!

The capital and largest city of Jordan, Amman is currently the oldest city in the world still inhabited. It is currently inhabited by more than 4 million people.

Capital of the Ammonites in the 13th century B.C., Amman was occupied by many civilizations during its multimillennial history, including the Nabateans and Romans. Named Philadelphia during the Roman Empire from 106 AD, it passed successively into the hands of the Ghassanids, Umayyads, Abbasids and Ottomans. Chosen as the capital of Jordan in 1921, the city was a land of refuge for people fleeing the conflicts in the region and fleeing the occupied territories (Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Kuwaitis).

Are you afraid to visit or sleep in Amman? Jordan is a pole of stability in a region in crisis. However, vigilance must remain the order of the day. Nevertheless, Amman is not Damascus or Baghdad and can be visited despite the tensions linked to Islamic terrorism in the Middle East. Moreover, the old city and its monuments have a rich history that is worth exploring. Here is our presentation of where to stay in Amman.

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The old town

The historic centre of Amman stretches over seven steep hills. It is also the most lively district of the city. The old town is built around the Citadel, the Odeon and the ancient Roman Theatre, in a maze of small traditional streets. These are the two monuments that most tourists come to see when visiting Amman, especially because they trace the Roman domination of the region. The Roman ruins and the citadel also offer a superb view of the lower city.

In this part of the city, there is a plethora of small shops worthy of the Counts of the 1,001 Nights. Here, merchants sell spices, clothing, gold, fruit and vegetables, toys and a variety of other goods. This is not the Great Bazaar of Istanbul, but the old souks of Amman. It's good to stroll around and feel the local popular life that swarms there. North of the Roman theatre, go through the Temple of Hercules, the Palace of the Ammonites, the Umayyad Mosque, the Byzantine church, then aim for Rainbow Street: it's the corner of restaurants and bars. It is a very central area to stay in Amman.

Finding an AirBnB in the old city of Amman


To the west of the historic city centre is the Weibdeh district. This area is essential if you want to see Jordanian life off the beaten track. Here, a small village life unfolds, set back from the big signs and tourist monuments. The district is home to the French Institute and an Italian cultural centre, which attracts many young intellectuals.

When coming to stay in Weibdeh, don't miss to stroll in Paris Square, a very pleasant pedestrian area, surrounded by small cafes and restaurants. Weibdeh is also dotted with small art galleries - such as the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art - and many terraces where you can relax while smoking hookahs. The neighborhood is often described as one of the best places to stay in Amman and one of the most pleasant places to go.

Finding an AirBnB in the Weibdeh district

Al Abdali

Al Abdali is a bit like the modern city of Amman, where shopping malls, businesses, shops and leisure facilities are bristling with life. A modern atmosphere is therefore palpable, in contrast to the old city. Al Abdali is one of the 27 districts of Amman, located west of the historic city centre and was founded in 1940, so it is a very recent area. If you choose to stay in Al Abdali, you should know that it is mainly a residential area, with government buildings and embassies as well.

Finding an AirBnB in the Al Abdali neighbourhood

Al Swaifyeh

Located at the level of Wakalat Street, a pedestrian area, the Al Swaifyeh district is home to shops selling fashion and luxury goods. There are also plenty of cafés and tea shops. However, the district is a little out of the city: you can take a bus from there to go on an excursion to the Dead Sea and to the archaeological remains of the city of Petra.

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