shakespeare's unknown london

shakespeare's unknown london


Welcome to our article on Shakespeare's unknown London. On this occasion, we will delve into the history and secrets of the city that inspired the famous English playwright. We will discover unknown portraits, the intriguing story of a missing young man, the role of co-writer Thomas Watson and how to visit London on a budget of 5 groats a day. Join us on this fascinating journey to the past!

Unknown portraits of Shakespeare

One of the mysteries surrounding Shakespeare is the lack of authentic portraits of the writer. However, a series of paintings have recently been discovered that could represent the famous playwright. In our article, we will show you these unknown portraits and analyze their authenticity. Could any of them be the true face of Shakespeare?

The story of the missing young man

In the London of Shakespeare's time, the disappearance of a young man named William Smithson shocked society. Although the case was never solved, there are theories that suggest that Shakespeare may have been inspired by this story to create some of his most emblematic characters. We will explore the details of this intriguing story and its possible relationship with Shakespeare's work.

Thomas Watson, the forgotten co-writer

While Shakespeare is known as the genius behind his works, few know that he had an important collaborator: Thomas Watson. Watson was a poet and playwright who worked closely with Shakespeare on several theater productions. In our article, you will discover the life and legacy of this forgotten co-writer, whose contribution to Shakespeare's work deserves to be recognized.

Visit London on a budget of 5 groats a day

Would you like to follow in Shakespeare's footsteps and explore the city where he was born? Don't worry if you have a tight budget, in our article we will give you practical tips to visit London with only 5 groats a day. From budget accommodation options to free attractions, we'll show you how to enjoy the city without spending a fortune.


1. What is the most likely portrait of Shakespeare?

Although the authenticity of any of the recently discovered portraits has not been confirmed, many experts consider the one known as the Chandos Portrait to be the most likely to depict Shakespeare. However, the lack of conclusive evidence continues to be a source of debate among scholars of the subject.

2. What is Thomas Watson's most famous work?

Thomas Watson is best known for his work Hekatompathia, a set of sonnets that was published in 1582. This collection of love poems was very popular in its time and had a significant influence on English Renaissance poetry.


In short, Shakespeare's unknown London is a fascinating world to discover. From unknown portraits of the famous playwright to the story of the missing young man and the contribution of Thomas Watson, there is much more than is commonly known about Shakespeare's life and work. Plus, we've shown you how to visit London on a budget, so you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city that inspired the literary genius. We hope you enjoyed this trip back in time!

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