Tips for traveling Tallinn Helsinki

Tips for traveling Tallinn Helsinki

Welcome to, your source of information for planning your trips. In this article, we will give you tips, guides and recommendations for traveling to the cities of Tallinn and Helsinki. Discover the duration of the trip, the forms of transport between the two cities, tips for organizing your trip and visiting other nearby destinations such as Riga. We will also tell you about travel blogs and the experience of other travelers. Let's get started!

1. Duration of the trip

The travel time between Tallinn and Helsinki can vary depending on the means of transport you choose. If you opt for the ferry, the journey usually takes around 2 hours. On the other hand, if you prefer to fly, the flight time is approximately 30 minutes. Remember to take departure and arrival times into account to plan your itinerary appropriately.

2. Forms of transport

There are different transport options to get between Tallinn and Helsinki. The most popular is the ferry, as it offers a unique experience and beautiful views of the Baltic Sea. There are several ferry companies operating on this route, such as Tallink Silja Line and Viking Line. You can also choose to fly, since there are regular flights between both cities. Another option is the train, although keep in mind that there is no direct connection and you will have to make transfers.

3. Tips to organize your trip

Organizing a trip to Tallinn and Helsinki may seem overwhelming, but with these tips it will be much easier. First of all, we recommend planning your itinerary in advance, taking into account the places you want to visit in each city. Additionally, it is important to research transportation schedules and book your tickets in advance to ensure availability. Don't forget to review the visa requirements and documentation necessary to enter both countries. Finally, we advise you to wear clothing appropriate for the weather, as temperatures can vary depending on the time of year.

4. Other nearby destinations

If you have time during your visit to Tallinn and Helsinki, we recommend taking the opportunity to explore other nearby destinations. One of them is Riga, the capital of Latvia, which is just a few hours by ferry from Tallinn. Riga is known for its beautiful old town and rich history. You can also consider visiting other Baltic cities such as Vilnius in Lithuania or Stockholm in Sweden, which are well connected to Tallinn and Helsinki.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best time to visit Tallinn and Helsinki?

The best time to visit Tallinn and Helsinki is during the summer months, from June to August. During this period, the weather is warmer and the daylight hours are longer, allowing you to fully enjoy outdoor activities and charming landscapes. However, keep in mind that it is also the high season, so there may be more tourists and prices may be higher. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, consider visiting in spring or fall.

2. Is a visa necessary to visit Tallinn and Helsinki?

If you are a citizen of the European Union, you will not need a visa to visit Tallinn and Helsinki, as both countries are part of the Schengen area. However, if you are a citizen of another country, we recommend checking visa requirements before your trip. In most cases, a stay of up to 90 days without a tourist visa is allowed, but it is important to check the relevant embassy or consulate for updated information.


We hope that these tips and recommendations will be useful to you when planning your trip to Tallinn and Helsinki. Remember to research the duration of the trip, forms of transportation, tips for organizing your itinerary and other nearby destinations that you can visit. Don't forget to take into account the frequently asked questions we have answered to resolve any additional questions. Enjoy your trip and discover the beauty of these two charming Baltic cities!

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