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Are you planning to visit Copenhagen in Denmark? Don't miss the Tivoli Gardens, the capital's emblematic amusement park, scented with sweet nostalgia...

Lulled by Danish folklore, Andersen's tales and the fantasies of orientalism, the Tivoli Gardens take you on a journey into the heart of the 19th century! A modern theme park, while remaining authentic, it attracts a large number of visitors every year, who also come to enjoy the beauty of the parks and gardens it houses.

From their history to their opening hours, and the prices charged to discover them, here is everything you need to know to visit the Tivoli Gardens!

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History of the Tivoli Gardens

To visit the Tivoli gardens is to plunge right into the magic of the 19th century fairgrounds. There's nothing superficial about this outdated atmosphere, since the gardens are marked by nearly 180 years of history.

Indeed, they opened on 15 August 1843 on the initiative of the King of the Kingdom of Denmark, Christian VIII. The monarch was then confronted with the population's strong desire to move to a constitutional regime and he sought to protect the absolute monarchy. The founder of the Tivoli Gardens, Georg Carstensen, succeeded in convincing the king of the merits of his project. He is said to have told him: "when the people are having fun, they don't think about politics".

At the time, Copenhagen was a booming walled city with a population of 120,000. The success of the gardens was immediate! Copenhageners flocked in large numbers to enjoy the softness of the space offered to them, which was then outside the city. Today, due to urban sprawl, the park is located in the heart of the capital.

The success of the Tivoli Gardens is not left to chance. The project is ambitious and inspired by great models: the Vauxhall in London and the Tivoli Gardens in Paris. However, the Copenhagen gardens have their own identity... It is not for nothing that they are often considered as the first amusement park in the world! Roundabouts, exhibitions, pantomimes, concerts, costumes, Moorish buildings form a special atmosphere, inspired by fairy tales and tinged with orientalism, which fires the imagination of Europeans.

But not only: for the name of the park is a tribute to Tivoli, an Italian town located near Rome, famous for its sumptuous villas and above all for... their gardens! In particular the Villa d'Este, a true masterpiece of Italian architecture that marked the entire Renaissance with its ingenious and magnificent gardens.

Today, the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are a must-see on your visit to the Danish capital. They attract more than four million visitors each year, mostly Danish and Swedish. Why not you?

What to see and what to do at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen?

Would you like to visit the Tivoli Gardens? First of all, you should know that the date of your stay is very important. Indeed, Tivoli is punctuated by five seasons, each of which changes the face of the park:

  • Summer: April4th - September 22nd ;
  • Halloween: October 11th - November 3rd ;
  • Christmas: November 16 - January 5;
  • Winter: February 1 - February 24;
  • Easter: April 4th.

If each season has its surprises in store for you, you can enjoy various activities in the gardens all year round. Stroll through the 80,000 square metres of the park with friends, family or on a romantic getaway!


The Tivoli gardens combine picturesque rides and ultra-modern attractions.

Rutschebanen was built in 1941. This large wooden structure is said to be one of the first roller coasters ever built! Today, Tivoli has two other roller coasters, one of which is suitable for younger people.

Aren't you a little chilly? The Himmelskibet(boat from the sky) takes you up to 80 meters high. If it gives you a very nice view of Copenhagen, you will soon be back close to the ground at a speed of 70 kilometres per hour. Until 2010 it was the highest attraction in the world. Another record-breaking attraction is the Tivoli Speed, a gigantic pendulum that takes you up to 100 kilometres per hour!

The shows

Throughout the year, many shows are given in the Tivoli gardens. Pantomimes, dance, theatre, concerts... They draw their inspiration from fairy tales, Nordic mythology, and Italian Commedia dell'arte.

Much appreciated by visitors, Tivoli's Youth Guard sees dozens of children marching to music, mimicking the Danish Royal Guard!

The spaces

Tivoli's spaces are arranged by theme. You will find :

  • Green spaces richly decorated with flowers - the Tivoli gardens are aptly named! ;
  • An aquarium;
  • An orangery;
  • The Merry Corner, an area inspired by the Renaissance;
  • A theater;
  • Pergolas;
  • A bamboo forest with Chinese influences;
  • Vintage carriage garden;
  • An oriental space;
  • A replica of an old Danish street.

Tivoli's gardens by night

Visiting the Tivoli gardens is also done at night. Indeed, when the sun sets, the alleys of the gardens light up: thousands of lamps give Tivoli a unique atmosphere in the world. Ideal for a romantic stroll...

How do I get to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen?

You can visit Tivoli's gardens by taking the main entrance, which is in Vesterbrogade, or by taking the secondary entrance near the central station.

By bus or RER

To reach the main entrance you can reach Vesterbrogade via the bus station, Rhåduspladsen, which is served by the following bus lines: 2A, 5C, 6A, 12, 14, 26, 97N and 250S.

To reach the secondary entrance, go to Bernstorffsgade right next to the main station. The Danish S-Bahn, the S-Tog, takes you to the station from the capital and its suburbs. The Central Station is served by the seven train lines, which run daily from 5 a.m. to 12.30 a.m., with an average frequency of 10 to 20 minutes.

By car

Finally, you can reach the Tivoli Gardens by car. The following car parks are located close to the gardens, however they are not free of charge:

  • Saga Carpark, Vesterbrogade 25. 1620 København V ;
  • Axel Towers Carpark, Axeltorv 2, 1609 København V;
  • Nyropsgade Carpark, Nyropsgade 6, 1602 København V.

Tivoli Gardens Timetable & Prices


  • Sunday to Thursday: 11.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. ;
  • Friday and Saturday: 11.00 - 24.00 hrs.

Pleasenote : these times are subject to change according to seasons and events. We advise you to consult the official website before visiting the Tivoli Gardens.


Prices in euros are an approximate conversion from Danish pounds to euros.

  • Admission Monday to Friday, 8 years and older: 130 DKK / 18 €.
  • Admission Saturday and Sunday, 8 years and older: 140 DKK / 19 €.
  • Children's entrance (3 - 7 years old) : 60 DKK / 8 €.
  • Admission two days, 8 years and older: 200 DKK / 27 €.
  • Admission two days, children (3 - 7 years): 75 DKK / 10 €.

Now you know everything you need to make the most of your visit!

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