Where to go out in Cluj-Napoca?


Nightlife in Cluj

With more than 100,000 students in 11 different universities, Cluj is a city that never sleeps. And the best thing to know about the nightlife in Cluj-Napoca, apart from the fact that there are always plenty of students ready to party, is that most cafes, clubs and bars are all located close to each other, in the picturesque narrow squares or streets that make up the historical centre of the city in northwest Romania.

Where to go out in Cluj?

Several squares and streets are home to Cluj's nightlife. Bars and clubs are concentrated in the old town, i.e. in the heart of Cluj. Here are the streets, squares, and neighborhoods where you will find the best bars and clubs:

Strada Piezișă

Right in the student quarter (or campus) of Haşdeu, this street is full of bars. It is even called the "thirst street". It's full all year round, and it's a great place to talk to local students and meet people easily.

Piața Unirii

This is the nerve center of Cluj. Many events take place in this square all year round, and the bars and clubs around it make it another place for parties and celebrations here in Cluj.

Piata Muzeului

This square is close to the Piata Unirii and also offers good places to go out.

Other streets

On Bulevardul Eroilor and the streets Strada Potaissa and Strada Baba Novac, you will also find some bars, pubs, and places to go out. Below is a list of all the nightlife places in Cluj.

The best bars and clubs in Cluj


  • Sisters (Strada Universității)
  • Casa TIFF (Universităţii St 6)
  • Insomnia Café (Str. Universităţii, nr. 2)
  • Capriccio Bistro Restaurant (Strada Horea 32)


  • Le Général Café-Pub (Bulevardul Eroilor 18)
  • Irish & Music Pub ( Strada Horea 05)
  • Solas Cafe (strada Piezisa 16)
  • Republic Public House (Strada Emil Isac 25)
  • Spatiu Cafe-Pub (Strada Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu 7-9)
  • The Shelter (Piata Unirii 25)
  • Bermuda Shorts Pub (Ion Ratiu nr.2)


  • Booha Bar (Strada Piezișă)
  • Biblioteca Centrală Janis (Piata Unirii, nr. 19)
  • Berăria Ursus (Piața Unirii 20)
  • Chelsea Cigar Lounge (Strada Constantin Brâncuși)
  • Shto College Bar (Strada Memorandumului)
  • Jaxx - Garajul cu Rock (Str. Emil Isac nr. 25)
  • Godfather's ( Strada Baba Novac)
  • IHP 18 - Students' Club & Cafe (Strada Republicii 110)
  • The Soviet (Franklin D. Roosevelt colt cu Gerorges Clemenceau)


  • Fabrica de Bere Ursus (Calea Manastur, 2-6)
  • Klausen Burger (Strada Sextil Pușcariu)
  • Berăria Boema (Tasnad St 4)


  • Club Midi (Strada Berăriei 6)
  • Diesel Club (Piata Unirii 17)
  • Club Obsession (Strada Republicii 108)
  • Club Bamboo (P-ta Mihai Viteazul, Multiplex "LEUL", etaj 2)
  • Kharma Emotion Couture (Piata Lucian Blaga 1-3)
  • After Eight Club (Strada Brassai Sámuel)
  • Flying Circus Pub (Iuliu Maniu 2)
  • Boiler Club (Henri Barbusse 59-61)
  • The One Club (Piata Unirii, nr. 2)
  • Euphoria Music Hall (Strada Ploieşti 51)
  • Caro Vintage Club (Piața Muzeului)
  • Neo Caffe Club (Vasile Goldis,nr 4)

Gay Bars

  • Zig Zag Club (Bdul 21 decembrie nr 8)
  • Delirio The Club (Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989)

How to get to Cluj?

From France, you can get a direct and cheap flight to Cluj from Paris-Beauvais with the company Wizzair, via the Skyscanner comparator. You can also go to Bucharest, the capital and then take another flight or a train, at your choice.

Where to sleep in Cluj?

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