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Opinions and Reviews on WiFi Map - the free wifi in the world!

Are you lost on the streets of New York? Are you looking for a restaurant to have lunch with your family during your vacation in Bangkok? Would you like to send your latest pictures of the Sydney Opera House to your loved ones? For that, you need an internet connection!

But here you are, your network is of poor quality and you don't dare to use your French package, because roaming charges make you sweat. So you're wandering the streets looking for a free connection. It's long and the connections you find are not always of good quality. It's not easy, is it? Why don't you try the WiFi Map application?

Thanks to the WiFi Map application, downloadable in a few clicks, you'll be able to instantly geo-locate the wifi connections closest to you, whatever continent you're on. A simple and effective way to save time and money.

But then, how exactly does the WiFi Map application work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let's discover together WiFi Map, the application that will revolutionize the way you connect.

What is WiFi Map?

The WiFi Map application is a real social network, based on the principle of exchanging information about available wifi and sharing connections. The WiFi Map application lists all unsecured wifi, but also secured wifi whose password has been previously shared by a WiFi Map user.

It can therefore be free hotspots, offered by municipalities for example, but also the private Wifi network of a hotel, a restaurant and even a private individual, who agrees to share his own connection and password.

Today, WiFi Map boasts more than 120 million WiFi networks in more than 200 countries, spread over the 5 continents. The application counts nearly 1billion connections and 100 million users worldwide. The assurance of finding a wifi connection wherever you are!

How does it work?

  • Download the application

The WiFi Map application can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play. You will have the choice to use the free limited version, or to subscribe to the pro version for €4.99 per month, which will give you access to other features.

  • Navigate in the application

Beforehand, you will need to activate the geolocation of your phone so that the application shows you, on a map, all the unsecured wifi, as well as private wifi shared by other users. The application also provides you with the password necessary for your connection. Please note that this is in no way a hacking, since the connection shares and passwords are perfectly voluntary or concern public wifi.

If you are using the free version of WiFi Map, you will need to connect to a network (3G, 4G or wifi) to access the features of the application, including the list of wifi available nearby. The pro version of WiFi Map allows you to access the wifi in the vicinity without being connected. The maps and the available wifi being previously included in the application.

Please note: the free version gives you access to connections available within 2 kilometers. In order to benefit from a larger search radius, it will again be necessary to subscribe to the paid version of WiFi Map.

  • Access the wifi network of your choice

Select the wifi network that suits you, enter the corresponding password and you're done! You are connected to a wifi network, completely free. To make your choice between the different networks, the WiFi Map application provides you with the speed of each of the wifi networks available. An interesting feature that avoids spending hours trying to send your latest holiday photos when the connection you have is insufficient anyway.

  • Share your own connection

You can also share your personal wifi connection with the WiFi Map community. A good way to help foreign tourists find a free connection while on vacation in France.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Be able to connect for free anywhere in the world
  • A feature allows you to share your wifi cards
  • A point system gives youfree access to the pro version of the Wifimap application (2000 points required).
  • Atrue community based on the exchange and sharing of information


  • Obligation to subscribe to the paid version to access the Wifi cards and the corresponding passwords even offline.
  • Ubiquitous advertising on the free version. You will have to pay 4,99€ per month to buy the pro version and get rid of these ads.
  • Beware of free networks! It is always advisable to avoid checking your bank account or making a payment from an unsecured network.

WiFi Map: Editor's note

No more roaming charges and the hassle of connecting on vacation! The WiFi Map application is the solution for travelers addicted to their smartphone and all those who use the internet to organize their trip. The number of connections offered makes it possible to be sure to find a wifi, whatever country you are in.

None of your favourite cities in Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East are forgotten. The interface, for its part, is particularly user-friendly . The WiFi Map application is extremely easy to use and you will have no difficulty in taking it in hand. WiFi Map is sharing to better connect, a great idea of solidarity 2.0!

Note also that WiFi Map allows you toinstall a free VPN, to secure your connection and your data. This feature is automatically included in the pro version of the application.

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