Airbnb Corsica : the best Airbnb rentals in Corsica

Airbnb Corsica : the best Airbnb rentals in Corsica

Here are our best Airbnb in Corsica, an ideal way to explore this earthly paradise of the Mediterranean landscape.

Breathtaking backcountry and intoxicating waters. Landscapes nibbled by the sea and historic lanes. The island of beauty tickles the imagination of travellers from all over the world. Rent an Airbnb in Corsica and explore this Mediterranean pearl on your own.

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1. Exceptional villa and private sea access

Budget : €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: the Corsican magic that inhabits the place

Our first Airbnb in Corsica offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. The magic works instantly in this luxurious and voluptuous setting. Indulge yourself in a holiday like in your wildest dreams.

2. Horizon Corse

Budget : €€€€
The plus of accommodation: a silent paradise, in a setting of pleasure and greenery

Nestling in the make-up heights, this luxurious villa offers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Valinco and the village of Propriano. An ultra-modern Airbnb in Corsica, with an infinity pool, for eight travellers who want to treat themselves to a memorable stay.

3. A shepherd's hut in Ajaccio

Budget : €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: the incredible charm of the old Corsican stone and a breathtaking view of the mountains.

To live in Ajaccio, there is nothing better than sleeping in a small renovated sheepfold, perched in the scrubland. In this Airbnb in Corsica, ideal for two people, wood, stone, olive trees and authenticity call you.

4. Two hundred metres above the ocean

Budget : €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: a sumptuous hilltop retreat with panoramic sea views

This Airbnb in Corsica is located in the heights of Porto-Vecchio. This magnificent house invites you to absolute luxury while preserving a rustic and wooded imprint. It also offers a breathtaking view. A breath of fresh air out of the ordinary for fourteen people.

5. Picturesque chalet in the middle of the mountains

Budget : €€€
The plus of the accommodation: a chalet in the trees, in the centre of Corsica to combine the unusual with nature.

On the side of a fragrant mountainside, pricked with aromatic and wild plants, is the small village of Venaco. This atypical chalet bathes in a warm decor. This Airbnb in Corsica is located in a central region of Corsica, which is particularly popular with hikers.

6. In the picturesque centre of Porto-Vecchio

Budget : €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: a beautiful drop-off point, ideal for discovering Porto-Vecchio and its activities.

Discover this apartment in Corsica: a beautiful T2 in the heart of Porto-Vecchio. Cosy decoration, bright interior and private terrace with nice view. We also love the beauty of the old stone and the life of the district which is in full swing all around.

7. Luxury retreat in South Corsica

Budget : €€€€
The plus of accommodation: luxury

This magnificent stone sheepfold style house combines traditional architecture and luxury. It offers top-of-the-range services, bay windows that flood the interior with light and a resourcing setting. You are, moreover, not far from Porto-Vecchio.

8. Diving view on Ile Rousse

Budget :
The plus of the accommodation: a villa nestled between the breathtaking hills and the sumptuous coastline of Ile Rousse

Île-Rousse is a popular destination for its heavenly beaches, sparkling hinterland and joyful atmosphere. This pretty villa, for four travelers, is ideally located to discover this dream archipelago.

9. An air of rustic end of the world

Budget :
The plus of the accommodation: trapper ranch style cabin, in an old, authentic and unusual style.

This Airbnb in Corsica invites four travellers to a traditional and green break. The Gozzi hut is set in the heart of a place full of natural beauty. It offers a relaxing and atypical stay. The wood is everywhere, the sound of the stream lulls you, the vegetable garden delights your taste buds.

10. The splendours of Ajacian Bay

Budget : €€€
The plus of housing: close to the hectic life of Ajaccio but in a green setting.

This Airbnb in Corsica nestles on the bay of the unmistakable city of Ajaccio. This Mediterranean jewel shines by its traditions, its exceptional nature and its gastronomy. It is all the more magical to discover it from an apartment a little out of the way.

11. Close to Proprianio beach

Budget : €€€€
The plus of accommodation: luxurious and fairy-tale retreat on the island of beauty

From the vast infinity pool of this dream home, the horizon is enchanting. The lush hills of Corsica dominate. Stroll through the gardens, they guide you to Propriano beach. This luxurious villa, for ten people, will give you chills.

12. Charming house

Budget: €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: five minutes from a beach with amethyst waters

This beautiful house is set in a wooded property. Built in a modern style and bathed in light, this Airbnb in Corsica is ideal for five travellers. Enjoy, in complete tranquility, the authentic Corsican heritage.

13. Casa Corsa: Sciroccu

Budget : €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: in the heart of the charming village of Sainte Lucie, enclosed between the maquis and the Mediterranean Sea.

A pleasant den in South Corsica, situated between sea and mountains. Everywhere, the soft mountains burst in the sun. This charming little studio in the centre of the village is home to two travellers who are sure to remain speechless.

14. Small stone apartment

Budget : €€€
The plus of housing: studio for two in Santo-Pietro-di-Venaco: a Corsican village full of infinite peace and quiet.

This apartment in Corsica opens its doors to two lovers of nature and mountain landscapes. It offers a panoramic view of the valley and an unparalleled calm. The terraces and the flowered garden combine marvellously with the stone walls.

So, are you ready for an unforgettable stay?

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