Amsterdam – Complete city guide

A complete guide to planning your trip to Amsterdam. Write down the tips and enjoy a lot!

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is famous for its charm along the canals that cut through the city and for the charming buildings in its surroundings.

Here you can find several museums, parks, art galleries, designer stores and delicious cafes and restaurants along a canal at sunset. If you were curious to know everything there is to do in the city, just scroll down and check out our essential tips for your trip:

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Amsterdam Weather

One of the best ways to start your tour of the city is to hop on one of the tourist boats that pass through Amsterdam's main canals and tell you a little more about the capital. It is a peaceful walk, steeped in history and beautiful landscapes.

The city is world renowned for its many museums. Some are more famous than others, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. However, there are other locations that are worth a visit, such as the Nemo Science Museum and the Anne Frank House.

Another iconic spot in Amsterdam is the Vondelpark, which welcomes millions of people every year. The beauty of this place will impress any nature lover, as the seasons can be well highlighted in its leaves. A good tip is to rent a bike and enjoy the day to get to know every corner, including a picnic! ?

Where to stay in Amsterdam – Our hotel recommendations

with great hotels in Amsterdam, some neighborhoods close to the center are ideal to stay, as is the case of Jordaan, Pijp and Museumplein. The first, Jordaan, is right in the center, cut by canals and close to cafes, restaurants and shops.

Pijp, on the other hand, is more alternative, with outdoor spaces and funky spots, as well as hosting Amsterdam's biggest street market: the Albert Cuyp Markt.

Finally, there is the Museumplein, which is located in the museum area and has several cultural programs in the region, such as concerts, theater and free concerts. There are also cinemas, an ice rink and it is also close to the largest park in the city, Vondelpark.

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  • hotels in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam – Complete city guide

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Amsterdam – Complete city guide

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Amsterdam – Complete city guide

Canal Prinsengracht

Amsterdam travel insurance

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Amsterdam – Complete city guide

Museum Rijksmuseum

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Amsterdam – Complete city guide

National Maritime Museum

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Amsterdam – Complete city guide

Nemo Science Museum
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