Where to sleep near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?

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  • Is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol open at night?
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  • - De Pijp
  • - Hoofddorp
  • - Jordaan
  • Where to park at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?

Do you have a transit or a planned trip to Amsterdam? Here are our tips on where to stay at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport!

Are you landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or do you have an early connection the next day? Are you leaving the Netherlands early in the morning and looking for accommodation at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport? Between two connections, you may have to spend a night waiting between flights. The airport can also be difficult to reach by public transport from the city centre.

A flight may also be delayed or cancelled. Or one can still fall victim to overbooking, a common practice of low-cost airlines. All these reasons prevent you from taking the initial connection and may therefore involve sleeping at the airport. Are you in this case? Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located 17.5 kilometres south-west of Amsterdam, so it may be wise to sleep nearby. Here's our mini guide to where to sleep at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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Is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol open at night?

For starters, the lobby at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol does not close at night. So you can spend the night there, between charging sockets and free Wi-Fi access. If you arrive late, sleeping at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport can be a solution if your flight leaves early the next morning. But your sleep will not be of high quality at the airport.

Hotels to stay at near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

If you want to know where to stay at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you will - logically - find a wide range of accommodation options. You can book your hotel night online in advance. The budget for one night for two people, it is necessary to count between 64 € and 135 € for a hotel and between 52 € and 111 € for an accommodation on Airbnb. Here are some hotels where to stay at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (prices are for one night and for two people) :

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Sheraton has four stars on its porch. You can easily get there to sleep right next to the Amsterdam Schiphol: the access is direct. The hotel has 407 soundproofed rooms, a gourmet restaurant and a gym with sauna and steam room.

Hotel Mercure Schiphol Terminal

Located directly in the airport's Lounge 3 (opposite the KLM Crown Lounge), this hotel is suitable for passengers with a valid passport and airline ticket. Wi-Fi internet access is free of charge and rooms are air-conditioned and have en suite facilities. There is a self-service restaurant in Lounge 3.

citizenM Schiphol Airport

Want to sleep at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in a contemporary style hotel? The hotel is located within walking distance of the terminals. The rooms of the citizenM are connected and modern (adapters for American, European and British plugs), adjustable air conditioning and mini Ipad to change the lighting colour of the room. A bar-restaurant open 24/7 allows you to eat at any time.

YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol Transit Hotel

Located in Lounge 2 in the airport's transit area, this hotel is accessible to transit and check-in passengers for departing flights. The rooms are unusual: they present the design of the private first class cabins of the planes! They are equipped with deluxe bedding, ambient lighting, TV and free Wi-Fi internet access.

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Are you looking for a place to stay at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? This hotel is directly connected to the airport terminal. It is accessible via a covered walkway, which takes 5 minutes on foot. The hotel has 433 spacious rooms overlooking the airport. You can make your own meals in the restaurant! A spa offers travellers a whirlpool, sauna, hammam and body treatments. In addition, a gym open 24 hours a day allows you to let off steam before the plane!

In which city to stay near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?

Hotels located at Amsterdam Airport may be full or overpriced. It then becomes interesting to look at accommodation (hotels and private rentals) located in the surrounding cities. To stay at or near Amsterdam Schiphol airport, you can target several cities and neighbourhoods that can be reached by train.

Amsterdam Nieuw-West

This may not be the best area of Amsterdam from a tourist point of view. But it offers the advantage of being able to sleep close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Amsterdam Nieuw-West is a district built at the dawn of the Second World War. It has a lot of green areas to stroll in on sunny days. To get to the airport, head for Amsterdam Lelylaan station where you can take a direct train to the airport.


Haarlem is the historical capital of North Holland and has 158,395 inhabitants. It is located northwest of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It was founded in the 9th century. The breweries, the shipbuilding industry and the textile industry are the jewels of the historical heritage of this city that cannot be ignored. It is an ideal place to stay not far from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This area is 25 minutes by taxi from the airport.

De Pijp

This area of Amsterdam located south of the city centre is easy to reach from the airport by taxi (about 15 min drive). It's a popular and trendy area, popular with tourists less. The Cuypmarkt, the largest market in the Netherlands is located here, amidst many bars and restaurants to go out in the evening. Where to stay at or near Amsterdam Shiphol Airport? De Pijp is definitely a good choice.


If you are in transit at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you will probably find hotel rooms (or Airbnb at a local hotel) where you can stay. Hoofddorp is a small town of 75,597 inhabitants (2019) which is a compromise to sleep close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol while enjoying a last night on the town. The Hoofddorp district is 12 min by taxi from the airport.

Find an Airbnb at Hoofddorp


You don't necessarily want to sleep at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? In the heart of the city, Jordaan is Amsterdam's 'bobo' district. Surrounded by canals, it is artistic, trendy, bohemian, vintage and is gradually gentrifying itself. In the past, it was a working-class and protestant district (a district that welcomed Huguenots in the 17th century). Nowadays, it is a rather easy and arty area, close to the must-see places in the historic centre. To get to the airport, take tram line 13 or 17, then change at Amsterdam Central Station to take the Intercity Direct to Schiphol Airport.

Where to park at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?

If you are staying in Amsterdam itself and want to reach the airport by public transport, you can book your airport transfer to Schiphol directly online.

However, if you are travelling to Amsterdam Airport by car, you may need to book a cheap car park at the airport.

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