In which district to stay in Utrecht?

In which district to stay in Utrecht?

You don't know where to sleep in Utrecht? Here are the best places to stay in this charming medieval city!

Located a few dozen kilometres from the Dutch capital, Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. It is located in the centre of the country, making it a popular and active city. This beautiful medieval city is constantly bustling with life: many festivals, creative and cultural events take place in Utrecht throughout the year.

In addition to its cultural effervescence, the city has an exceptional historical heritage. Monuments, magnificent buildings, churches and courtyards stand in the city centre. In spite of its constant bustle, Utrecht is a city with unsuspected charm and a gentle way of life. Its canals perfectly represent this Dutch fullness!

To make the most of your stay in this picturesque medieval city of the Netherlands, we suggest that you confine yourself to the wide city centre, Binnenstad. We've listed the best areas in the centre of the city for you to stay in Utrecht!

Dom District: the authentic district to sleep in Utrecht

Right in the heart of the city centre is the district called Dom District or Domkwartier. It stretches all the way around Utrecht's St. Martin's Cathedral, or Domkerk, and from the Pieterskerk church to Mariaplaats square.

This is the best place to stay in Utrecht. This neighbourhood is considered the heart of the Old Town, and also the most authentic and charming. You will find many terraces and shops in the Domkwartier. What could be better than to enjoy a café by the canals of Utrecht? Finally, at night, the district lights up and the impressive historical monuments too. Which makes this Dom District even more charming!

Museum District: your home in Utrecht in the heart of history and culture.

This area is perfect for all travellers, whether they like museums or not. It occupies the southern part of the city centre, between the Dom District and the beautiful Nicolaïkerk church. Its heart is the district called Lange Nieuwstraat. We recommend that you choose your accommodation in Utrecht in this area. Here everything is history and culture.

In addition to the many museums, housed in the heart of old monasteries and universities, this area has many old medieval buildings, hidden and picturesque inner courtyards, as well as small parks and alleys with century-old trees! The canals increase the charm of this area tenfold. For those with a sweet tooth, the Museum District has many typical restaurants and cafés. After a long day of sightseeing, there's nothing better than a good hot local meal, isn't there?

From Nobelstraat to Breedstraatbuurt: Utrecht's sleeping quarters!

These districts are also known as the University District. They're perfect places to stay in Utrecht! Around the lively Nobelstraat district you will find many typical bars, cafés and restaurants. These are also the best neighbourhoods to get in touch with the locals. We particularly recommend that you take your accommodation in Utrecht in the streets of Voorstraat, Nobelstraat or Janskerkhof. These are the liveliest and most beautiful of these areas! Moreover, they are very close to the Domkwartier: the best of both worlds.

Wijk C: accommodation in Utrecht near the train station

For accommodation in Utrecht, we also recommend the Wijk C district. Situated to the northwest of the city centre, bordering the canals and close to the train station, this is a very quiet and charming area. Although it is less lively than the previous areas, it is still very close to the historic centre on foot. You won't have any trouble reaching the various attractions of the Old Town or the Museum district!

Now you know where to stay in Utrecht to make the most of the city's charms. Don't forget that choosing the right accommodation in Utrecht is essential for a good stay!

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