Barbados – Complete travel guide

A complete guide to planning your trip to Barbados. Write down the tips and enjoy a lot!

Barbados is one of the Caribbean islands that is increasingly becoming popular with Brazilians. Filled with beautiful beaches, resorts, turquoise seas, historic sites and delicious rum-based drinks, Barbados is a great destination to enjoy a much-deserved vacation!

There are several ecological attractions, as well as a vibrant nightlife, festivals throughout the year and different types of extreme sports: such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. The island is ideal for family trips or as a honeymoon destination.

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What to do in Barbados

The capital of Barbados is Bridgetown, home to the island's airport and commercial centers with shopping, restaurants, bars and designer stores. Here you can find a busy and varied nightlife, with music and drinks at ease.

Of course, the main attraction of the island is the numerous beaches of white, fine and soft sand along with a calm, turquoise blue sea, ideal for families with young children. Some of the most popular ones are Accra Beach, Sandy Lane Beach, Bath Beach, Maxwell Beach and Bottom Bay.

In addition, other worthwhile tours are cultural and historical tours along the island, such as visiting Mount Gay or Saint Nicholas Abbey. Both are renowned distilleries in Barbados, known as the birthplace of rum production on the island. Or perhaps visit the National Museum of Heroes or the Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum that recount the history of Barbados over the last few centuries.

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Where to stay in Barbados – Our hotel recommendations

The island of Barbados offers a vast hotel network with luxurious resorts and very well-structured hotels, ranging from spas to golf courses. However, it is also possible to find other simpler accommodations, but equally charming. Or even rent a house or chalet to enjoy as a family in complete privacy and comfort.

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Barbados – Complete travel guide

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Barbados – Complete travel guide

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Where to eat in Barbados – Restaurant Tips

The island's specialty is based on fish and seafood, such as lobsters, tuna, flying fish, among others. But for beef lovers, don't worry! There is also the Caribbean barbecue with various grilled meats.

And, of course, the special emphasis is given to the different drinks made from regional rum, made from sugar cane grown in Barbados. Worth a try! ?

Internet SIM in Barbados

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Barbados travel insurance

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Barbados – Complete travel guide

Port Ferdinand Barbados

Barbados car hire

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Flights to Barbados

Barbados – Complete travel guide

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