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A complete guide to planning your trip to Costa Rica. Write down the tips and enjoy a lot!

Do you know the term “Pura Vida”? Well, there's a reason it applies so perfectly to Costa Rica. The small country of just over 50 thousand km² has almost half of its territory in forests, beaches, parks and national reserves that house about 5% of all the biodiversity on planet Earth!

It is the perfect place for ecotourism practitioners who want to venture into more than 30 national parks and eight biological reserves. Not to mention the countless beaches bathed, either by the Atlantic or by the Pacific, and the active volcanoes that help to frame the beauty of Costa Rica.

If you are passionate about nature and good waves, then this is your destination! See below all the tips you need to visit Costa Rica:

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What to do in Costa Rica

There are more than 1200 km of coastline to explore, in addition to national parks and biological reserves that house a rich flora and fauna typical of the country.

Some of the main tours in the country are visiting the city of Tamarindo, one of the most structured tourist centers in the region – especially for surfers who want great beaches – climbing the Arenal volcano, visiting La Fortuna in the province of Alajuela and doing some marine ecological adventure. .

See below some of the experience in Tamarindo:

Tamarindo Beach

Located right in the center of the city, it is perfect for those who want to learn to surf or paddle stand up. The waves are small, making learning easier, and there are several schools on site.


The access to this beach, 12 km south of Tamarindo, is on a dirt road, but the waves are of excellent quality and make up for the journey. On dry tide days, however, care must be taken, as the sea floor has a lot of rocks and sand.

Black beach

Located 6 km south of Avellanas, this is one of the main beaches in the region. The waves are stronger and the ocean floor is also stone. In other words, a wave for more experienced surfers.

After enjoying these days in Tamarind, I prepare to continue my journey towards the extreme south of the country, where I will meet the second wave of “left” – when the wave formation starts from left to right – the longest wave in the world, called Pavones.

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Where to stay in Costa Rica – Our hotel recommendation

The region has many hotels and inns with daily rates ranging from US$ 40,00 to US$ 200,00 for two people. I opted for the Backpackers hostel, where the daily rate for a shared room for eight people costs US$ 15,00.

However, the country has a vast hotel network, from resorts and family hotels to more romantic and cozy inns for newlyweds. You can check out more hotel options below.

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Where to eat in Costa Rica – Restaurant Tips

One of the main typical dishes of Costa Rica is the gallo pinto, which comes with rice, black beans and chicken meat with sausage. All well seasoned with pepper! And detail: Costa Ricans have the habit of tasting this wonder first thing in the morning.

Tamarindo, for example, offers several restaurant options. It all depends on the traveller's taste and budget. A fast food is, on average, for US$ 10,00. Restaurants specializing in Italian and Japanese cuisine, for example, can range between US$ 20,00 and US$ 40,00.

Internet Chip in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica travel insurance

Buying travel insurance for Costa Rica is an excellent way to ensure a smooth trip and avoid worries. Having the assistance of insurance gives you the peace you need to enjoy your destination and know that you have support if you need it. Also enjoy our Insurance Promo discount coupon. - SEE PRICES

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Arenal Volcano

Costa Rica car rental

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Flights to Costa Rica

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Sunset on the black beach

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