Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel em Puerto Vallarta

“Everything thought out to the smallest detail!” This is a phrase that will surely come out of your mouth at some point during your stay in Puerto Vallarta at Villa Premiere.

Staying in a boutique hotel is to be sure of a personalized and special service in every moment and in every detail – at Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel & Romantic Getaway – this is even more evident and I’m sure I couldn’t have had a better choice. of hosting in Puerto Vallarta.

From the moment of arrival until their departure, the hotel makes a point of leaving its guests wanting to come back – and it is no wonder that the hotel public ends up becoming quite loyal in their visits to the hotel. Puerto Vallarta.

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The hotel

While your room is being prepared with the essence and pillow of your choice, a masseuse welcomes each guest with a welcome massage and a delicious cocktail to get you into the Villa Premiere mood. There you have every right to be spoiled by all these pampering, as this will be the mood of your entire stay in Puerto Vallarta.

Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel em Puerto Vallarta

Villa Premiere facade

Villa Premiere is one of those hotels that makes you feel at home, but with the comfort of a luxury hotel. The hotel is for adults only and is relatively compact, with few rooms to prioritize an intimate atmosphere and exclusive service, but without leaving anything to be desired in leisure areas such as a spa, gym, two excellent restaurants and swimming pools.

Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel em Puerto Vallarta

Swimming pool overlooking the sea

The modern decor, the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and the privileged access to the beach with an exclusive view of the beautiful sunset of Puerto Vallarta These are just some of the many benefits of choosing Villa Premiere as their accommodation in Puerto Vallarta. All this at a very affordable price.


The service is impeccable: formal, but with just the right amount of relaxation, compatible with the style and quality of the hotel. All staff speak English and Spanish and are willing to help with whatever you need.

The hotel's service already wins the customer at the moment of check-in, when the guest is welcomed with a menu of the most varied types of pillows and scents to leave the room the way they like best. After check-in, a brief welcome massage gives you a good idea of ​​the exceptional spa service that the hotel also offers.

All Villa Premiere services are perfectly synchronized. A few minutes after check-in, the massage and welcome drink, when I arrived at my room, the room was already prepared and scented according to my preference at the time of check-in. The messenger who accompanied me to the room was extremely friendly and cordial, offering personalized service 24 hours a day and was available for any request (even via WhatsApp).

The hotel also offers several very exclusive services, laundry, 24-hour reception, restaurant and bar. The restaurant is exceptional, compatible with most restaurants in the city – Puerto Vallarta It is known worldwide for its strong gastronomic tourism, so every meal there is a pleasant surprise and this could not be different during your stay in the city.

During the night, when the guest leaves for dinner, the room is again prepared according to their preferences for aroma and pillow, with everything arranged for sleeping: with the covers loose, a mild temperature, a soft light and some chocolates on top. the bed.

Upon check-out, Villa Premiere continues to win over its guests so that they return with the best memories of their stay in Puerto Vallarta and offers a treat with a little good-trip message for each guest. (Ooops, I spoiled the surprise! hehe)

Location and how to get there

Although little explored by Brazilians, Puerto Vallarta It is a very touristy place, especially among Americans and Canadians, which is why most international flights arriving in Puerto Vallarta are of North American origin. I traveled on United Airlines with departure from Guarulhos, a stopover in Houston, United States, and arrival at Puerto Vallarta International Airport (Licensed Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport).

The Hotel Boutique Villa Premiere is just a few minutes away from the airport, another excellent point for your stay in Puerto Vallarta, and you can request a transfer at the time of your reservation. If you choose to rent a vehicle, the hotel is very well located and easy to find. The most common and most advisable means of transport for traveling by Puerto Vallarta is by car or hiring the service of a tourist agency with transport included.


The breakfast is quite extensive and with a la carte service. I, who am completely in love with breakfast, regretted not having enough days to taste all the delicious options on the menu.

If you don't have any dietary restrictions, I recommend that you let the chef surprise you to start your day off right. You will definitely not be disappointed!


All rooms at Villa Premiere have a sea view. I stayed in the standard room and I really liked it. Spacious, with a small private balcony and very comfortable. The bathroom in the Standard Room is not large, but it is of a satisfactory size, and L'occitane products are offered in all rooms.

I paid a visit to see the other rooms in the hotel and I was totally delighted with all of them! Although I didn't stay in the superior rooms, I'll leave some photos here so you understand what I'm talking about.

TV and Internet

All rooms have cable TV and the internet worked very well throughout the hotel, with no fluctuation and no limited amount of devices per guest.


Write down the contacts there:

  • Address: San Salvador St. 117, Col.5 de Diciembre, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
  • Phone Number: (322)226-7040
  • Instagram: @villapremiere

With these tips, you can't help but get excited, have you already decided where you're going to stay in Puerto Vallarta? Tell us here!

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