Cycling holidays in Finland

Cycling holidays in Finland

If you are an adventure lover and passionate about cycle tourism, Finland is the perfect destination for you. This beautiful Nordic country offers a wide variety of options to enjoy an unforgettable cycling holiday. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need about routes, routes, tours, reviews, bike rentals and cycle touring experiences in Finland.

Tours and cycling routes in Finland

Finland has an extensive network of routes and trails specially designed for cycling lovers. From coastal routes that will allow you to enjoy stunning views of the Baltic Sea, to routes that pass through beautiful forests and lakes, there are options to suit all tastes and experience levels.

One of the most popular tours is the Archipelago Trail, which will take you through a stunning landscape of islands and bridges. This approximately 250 kilometer tour is perfect for those who want to explore the natural beauty of the Finnish coast.

Another interesting option is the lake route, which will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful lakes in Finland. This approximately 300 kilometer route will take you through picturesque landscapes and charming villages.

Cycle tourism tours and experiences in Finland

If you prefer a more organized approach to your cycling holiday, there are numerous cycle touring tours and packages available in Finland. These tours typically include accommodation, bike rentals, expert guides, and luggage transportation, allowing you to enjoy your trip worry-free.

Some of the most popular tours include the Lake District tour, where you can explore the area's beautiful landscapes and visit charming villages. You can also opt for a tour of the Lapland region, where you will have the opportunity to experience the magic of the Northern Lights while pedaling through snowy landscapes.

Bike rental in Finland

If you don't have your own bike, don't worry. In Finland you will find numerous shops and bicycle rental companies that will offer you a wide selection of models to choose from. Whether you prefer a mountain bike, road bike, or electric bike, you're sure to find the perfect option for your needs.

Additionally, many of these stores also offer delivery and pickup services, allowing you to start and end your tour wherever you prefer. Don't hesitate to consult with the experts for recommendations on the best routes and places to visit by bike.


Is it safe to go cycling in Finland?

Yes, Finland is a safe country for cycling. Roads and routes are well maintained and marked, and drivers generally respect cyclists. However, it is important to take basic precautions, such as wearing a helmet and reflective vest, and obeying traffic regulations.

What is the best time to go cycling in Finland?

The best time to go cycling in Finland is during the summer months, from June to August. During this period, the temperatures are warmer and the days are longer, allowing you to enjoy your cycling tours to the fullest. However, keep in mind that the weather can be variable, so it is advisable to wear clothing suitable for different weather conditions.


Finland is an ideal destination for cycle tourism lovers. With its beautiful landscapes, well-designed routes and organized tour options, this country offers everything you need for an unforgettable cycling holiday. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced cyclist or just starting out in the world of cycle touring, Finland awaits you with open arms. Get ready to live a unique adventure on two wheels!

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