In which neighborhood to stay in Surabaya?

  • The old city, or "Old Surabaya"...
  • Chinatown
  • Gubeng
  • Kenjeran
  • CitraLand
  • The Arab Quarter

You don't know where to sleep in Surabaya? Here are the best places to stay in this modern, vibrant and bustling Indonesian city.

Indonesia is a dream holiday destination par excellence! At the crossroads of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, this archipelago abounds with different cultures, treasures and landscapes. Among its islands, Java is a volcanic territory located between Sumatra and Bali. It is home to half of the Indonesian population. Jakarta is the capital of this island. It is also the most populated city.

With 3.5 million inhabitants, Surabaya is the second largest city in Java. It is the ideal pied-à-terre to discover East Java and its must-see sites, such as the Bromo and Ijen volcanoes. The city offers a wide choice of quality accommodation for all budgets. To be sure to enjoy the city and its charms, you will find here the best places and districts to stay in Surabaya!

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The old city, or "Old Surabaya"...

As you know, every major city has its historic district. Often picturesque, the historic centres are areas that are full of authenticity. Surabaya is no exception to the rule. As if frozen in time, "Old Surabaya" has managed to preserve magnificent colonial-style buildings and monuments. It is here that you will be able to see some of the city's emblematic sites, such as the Mandiri Bank or Sampoern House. The old town is a pleasant area to sleep in Surabaya, ideal for strolling through the streets, which are full of small, cosy and very cheap guest-houses.

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Are you looking for an accomodation in Surabaya ? Think Chinatown! As a port city, and because of its history and essential role in international trade, Surabaya has a large Chinese community. As a result, even though the Chinese community is present throughout the city, the Chinatown is well established, lively and authentic. Architecture, temples, restaurants... No doubt, you are in Chinatown! Discover its narrow streets, its famous fish market which opens in the evening, the Pasar Pabean. It connects Chinatown to the Arab market. Above all, don't miss to visit the Kong Co Kong Tik Cun Ong temple, which is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Indonesia. You will find many affordable accommodations in Chniatown, if you want to sleep in Surabaya.

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Looking for a place to sleep in Surabaya? Gubeng is THE backpacker district par excellence! It has become one of the most lively areas of the city in recent years. It is therefore very popular with travellers looking for outings and meetings. Numerous restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping malls have sprung up over the years all around Gubeng railway station, making the district a convenient point of entry and stay to visit and sleep in Surabaya. It is also here that one of the city's must-sees is located, the Pasopati, a Russian submarine that joined the Indonesian Navy in 1962. Known as the Monumen Kapal Selam, you will discover a museum that traces the history of Dutch domination in Indonesia.

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Surabaya is a seaside town, and its district of Kenjeran is very pleasant, especially if you travel with your family and are looking for a quiet and popular place. Ideally located on the coast, you will be close to amusement parks, the beach and the beautiful Sanggar Agung temple. You will see the famous Suroboyo Bridge or Kenjeran Bridge which crosses the coastal area from East Surabaya to Kenjeran Beach. Kenjeran is the perfect place to sleep in Surabaya.

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For accommodation in Surabaya, there is also the elegant Citraland district. An upscale residential area, Citraland aims to become "the city of tomorrow" in Surabaya. Chic, posh, trendy... Many adjectives could define this architectural ensemble, which is very pleasant to visit. You will easily be able to stay there but the budget will be a little higher. Its cleanliness and modern design have earned it the nickname "Singapore of Surabaya". You will find beautiful hotels, numerous shopping malls, the famous and lively G-Walk culinary centre, a water park, and magnificent monuments to visit. For your accommodation in Surabaya, Citraland is one of the most pleasant districts.

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The Arab Quarter

To stay in the Arab quarter of Surabaya is to escape for an evening in the land of 1,001 nights... Its people, architecture, food, monuments... Everything here is reminiscent of the Middle East! If you're wondering where to stay in Surabaya, the Arab Quarter can be a good place to enjoy shopping, authentic cuisine and historic and must-see places to visit, such as the Ampel Mosque.

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Whether you travel alone, as a couple, with family or friends, you will have an incredible experience at Surabaya! Whatever your budget, you will find the right accommodation in Surabaya: from cheap youth hostels to luxury tropical-style hotels, small colonial hotels or cosy guesthouses, there is something for every taste and budget!

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