Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

You know when people ask what your favorite place in the world is? It is normally a difficult question, but after I visited the Garden Route na South Africa, it was easy to answer.

I'm always asked about this on @japisei (my travel channel on Instagram) and I can never have an answer on the tip of my tongue. After all, each place has its grace, its history, its energy… And, in addition, for each trip there is a specific budget and different number of days. But, there is always that place that marks our lives the most. Mine, so far, has been South Africa

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Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Garden Route in South Africa

South Africa

The first impression you get when you hear about a african country is a destination full of exoticism, wildlife and nature. But that's just the beginning of what you can enjoy during your visit.

lady of a ric fauna and flora, Brazilian-style tropical climate, country of two oceans (Atlantic and Indian), three capitals (Pretoria, the administrative one, Cape Town, the legislative one, and Bloemfontein, the judicial one), winding along a paradisiacal coastline almost always surrounded by a mountain range and, obviously, holder of the Big Five: lion, leopard, elephant, hippopotamus and rhinoceros.

A Garden Route in South Africa offers so many attractions that the most difficult part of this trip is to define the best itinerary.

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Leopard in Kruger Park South Africa

Planning for Garden Route in South Africa

I only had 11 days and a huge list of everything I wanted to live there. So I decided to go through the whole Garden Route.

An incredible road that runs along the south coast of the country, from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, and allows you to discover each town from the beginning to the end of this journey. In Porto Elizabeth I flew to Johannesburg, from where I started towards the Kruger National Park, the highlight of this trip.

For planning this itinerary it is important that you know that the South Africans drive in the English hand! so at the time of rent a car, pay attention to that, as an automatic would be very welcome and would make the process easier! ?

It seems difficult at first, but in the first few hours you will already be adapted. Eventually making mistakes only in the arrow and windshield wiper commands. 

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Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

I started to Garden Route venturing through Cape Town, known as “Mama Africa” and famous for its charming wine route, seaside mansions and beautiful beaches.

One of the main points of the city is the table mountain (from the English Table Mountain), a mountain range that has this name precisely for its top in the shape of a table.

Nearby is the Cape of Good Hope, the point where the Indian and Pacific oceans meet. There you can enjoy the journey and take a break from Boulders beach, a colony of the cute African penguins. 

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Cape of Good Hope

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

penguin colony

There are many museums, great shopping centers and great restaurants with typical foods in this region. The multicultural facet is another attraction apart from this former colony of the English, Dutch and French, many still remaining in the region.

WARNING: On this route of Garden Route, you will want to park several times to admire the beautiful landscapes. There are many tourist beaches, such as Jeffrey's Bay, considered the Mecca of South African surfing. And even more interesting cities, for example:

Plettenberg Bay on África do Sul

Nearby is the Elephant Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center whose objective is to reintroduce the animals to the local forests.

The animals receive all the necessary care and become a tourist attraction, as we can interact with all of them, walk hand in hand and trunk, feed them and get emotional.

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Elephant Sanctuary in South Africa

Monkey land e Birds of Eden they are free animal sanctuaries, with species native to the area and others brought in from outside. The two locations are side by side on the Garden Route, but have separate entries. 

Part of the native forest in the region was fenced and closed with a screen at a height as far as the eye could see, forming gigantic natural nurseries.

O Birds of Eden covers an area of ​​two hectares, being considered the largest free flight sanctuary in the world.

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Monkey land

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Monkey land

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Birds of Eden

And for the bravest, the Garden Route in South Africa still offers in this region the biggest commercial bungee jump in the world on the bridge Bloukrans River!

The jump is taken from a platform under the bridge and the height from there to the valley floor is 216 m (709 ft). I jumped and I can say that I will never forget the adrenaline and feeling of freedom I felt at that moment.

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Bungee Jump to Ponte Bloukrans River

Gansbaai to África do Sul

This is a fishing village, close to Hermanus. A popular destination for diving with white sharks. On this tour, the animals are observed in their natural habitat, without putting their lives at risk and contributing to education and conservation projects for ancient species.

I confess that I felt a little scared while I was inside the cage and saw the sharks approaching with all their teeth bared! But it all went well.

Kruger National Park in South Africa

The grand finale of the journey Garden Route it was on Kruger National Park. Simply the best in the country for safaris, which I arrived after a 6h drive from Johannesburg.

A faster and more practical option (and consequently more expensive) is to travel by plane. But it is necessary to book tickets well in advance, as there are few flights and always on small aircraft.

>> I told you all about this experience in a separate post – it's too amazing an experience to sum it up. You can check it here!

I opted for a three-day closed tour, which included accommodation, food and three safaris per day. I advise you to research a lot about the companies that offer this service, as many resemble large farms and end up frustrating visitors, who expect to see real wildlife.

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Safari at Kruger Park South Africa

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

National Kruger Park

Garden Route itinerary in South Africa

Motswari Lodge

I chose the Motswari Private Game Reserve and I have nothing but praise for this logde, which provided me with one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Oh! And I still managed to find the famous Big Five and many other animals.

Doubts remain about the reason for the trip Garden Route in South Africa be unforgettable?


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