What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Not only the wonderful daytime tourist attractions can be found in the capital of Hungary, on the contrary, the night in Budapest is famous, magical, with options of bars, clubs, busy streets, pub crawls, among others.

It is a university city, which attracts many young tourists, which is sure to find a very lively nightlife and no end time. The options range from places with free admission (most of them) and there are also clubs that charge admission, but nothing too expensive and not worth it.

One of the main night attractions in Budapest are the pubs in ruins, old mansions restored and transformed into curious spaces; most of them with a decoration, let's say, extravagant or curious. They are located in the Jewish quarter, or District 7, which is considered the busiest neighborhood at night, ranging from the most alternative to the classic.

The local currency favors us, making the cost in Budapest, as well as throughout Eastern Europe, much cheaper compared to other metropolises in Europe, both in relation to the price to enter and in relation to the consumption of drinks. In this article, check out tips on cheap bars, pubs and clubs, with the best value for money and the top night spots in Budapest.


In this article you will see:

Where to enjoy the nightlife in Budapest?


Cheap bars and clubs in Budapest


What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Space resembles a garden | Photo: Anker't.

From the outside it is not a very inviting place, as are all pubs in ruins, but when entering the Anchored you will feel the incredible vibe that the place has.

It is a super valid option to enjoy the night in Hungary, common large open garden style space and screen for projecting games.

Admission is free, drinks and snacks are well priced and it's not as crowded as the other more famous ruin pubs in Budapest.

  • Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 14 pm to midnight and Thursday from 0 pm to 14 am; Friday and Saturday from 1am to 1pm.
  • Address: 33 Paulay Street, Budapest.



Doblo Wine & Bar

What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Bar presents great diversity of wines | Photo: Doblo Wine & Bar.

For those looking for a classic and a more refined environment, but without any frills, the Doblo Wine Bar it is the ideal request.

It is one of the most beautiful bars in Budapest, frequented by tourists and locals, without the crowd of pubs, but just as cool.

With live music from sunday to thursday from 20:30 pm, you can taste the most delicious hungarian wines of the most varied prices and tastes.

To reach this and other points of interest, understand how does transport work in budapest.

  • Opening hours: daily from 14 pm to 1 am.
  • Address: Dob u. 20, Budapest.



What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Venue is a typical Budapest ruin pub | Photo: Doboz.

O Box it's more of a ruined pub, being one of the biggest in town. With capacity for 1500 people, a curious gorilla statue and lots of fun await you there.

A night is rocked by local DJ's, a very lively atmosphere and a huge drinks menu, which serves in 4 bars (which helps to avoid queues).

  • Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday from 17 pm to 5 am; Friday and Saturday from 17 pm to 6 am.
  • Address: Klauzál utca 10, Budapest.


Best value bars and clubs in Budapest

Pub crawl

What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Meet people and have fun in the city's pubs | Photo: Pub Crawl Budapest.

O Pub crawl it is a very common event in Europe, which you must go to at least once in your life, where a group meets with a guide and they go roaming and drinking from bar to bar, almost always ending in a big ballad.

This is a great way to meet people, especially if you're looking alternatives to traveling alone; the “via sacra” through the bars is a lot of fun, in addition to the certainty that enjoyment is guaranteed.

Prices range from €10 to €20 (R$40 to R$80), depending on the number of places visited, whether entrance is included or if there is an open bar.


Morrison’s 2

What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Place has several environments for drinking and dancing | Photo: Morrison's 2.

One of the biggest and liveliest night clubs in Budapest, the Morrison’s 2 it's a ballad to literally get lost in!

The place has 7 dance floors, 10 bars, karaoke and the most diverse musical styles, serving all tribes; the drinks menu is quite varied and the price is not far from the average of Europe.

Opening hours: daily from 17 pm to 6 am.

  • Address: Szent István krt, 1, Budapest.



What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Concert hall is very large and hosts major events | Photo: Akvarium.

O Aquarium Club It's a huge space is located in the famous Elizabeth Square and which, in addition to being a nightclub, is also a restaurant, bar and is often the stage for both corporate and promotional events, congresses, etc. And be sure to read about the main tourist attractions in Budapest.

This place has capacity for 2000 people and is frequented by lovers of indie, rock, pop, that is, it is the eclectic and perfect point. The price varies according to the event, from R$30 for entry.

  • Opening hours: from Sunday to Tuesday from 12h to 1h; from Wednesday to Saturday from 12:04 to 30:XNUMX.
  • Address: Erzsébet tér 12, Budapest.


Best clubs in Budapest

Szimpla Kert

What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Local is a traditional ruined pub in Budapest | Photo: Szimpla.

Book a night to stop by Simple, which is a separate attraction in Budapest and it's no wonder that it's the most famous ruined pub in town and also the pioneer.

The space is huge, with several environments and a decoration that makes no sense and that's why it gives the place that charm.

There are several rooms with tables and chairs, but you can choose to stand in the middle of the crowd, having a drink in a car which is part of the decor. Also find out which best restaurants in budapest.

This is a very touristy bar, so it's always full, but it's worth visiting for its eccentricity and a tip is to get there early to avoid the long queue. In addition to being a pub, the space is the stage for cultural events, musical concerts and an organic market in the morning.

  • Opening hours: daily from 12 pm to 4 am.
  • Address: Kazinczy u. 14, Budapest.



What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Local mix bar and nightclub | Photo: Instant.

O Instant it's more of a pub in ruins, more ballad style and also considered one of the best in the city.

The place is a mix of bar with alternative style nightclub, with 7 dance floors, 26 rooms, 2 gardens, crazy decor and capacity for over 1500 people.

Now with the merger with the Fogas bar, another Budapest classic in terms of clubbing, things just got even better! The drinks menu is quite varied and the entrance is free.

The music style ranges from techno to rock, which invites all tribes to party until the wee hours.

  • Opening hours: daily from 16 pm to 6 am.
  • Address: Akácfa u. 49-51, Budapest.


Széchenyi Baths Night Party

What to do at night in Budapest: bars and nightlife

Hot spring parties are amazing | Photo: Széchenyi.

Budapest's famous thermal pool complexes turn into one big party on Saturday nights, winter or summer.

In the most famous of them, the Széchenyi Baths, the scenery is quite different from what we see during the day.

The party is filled with lots of electronic music, colorful lighting, loud music and the pool party (no make-up girls in high heels, but literally everyone in the pools) takes place on Saturdays, from 22:30 pm to 3:XNUMX am punctually; after that, the security guards literally take people out of the place.

The ticket is sold online from €50 (R$250), with more expensive options also available, which include a locker, slippers, special queue and other perks.

  • Address: Zoo krt. 9-11, Budapest.


Have fun at night in Budapest

It doesn't matter if it's Monday or Saturday, Budapest's nightlife is pure entertainment and will always surprise you with its movement and animation.

The nights in the “city that never sleeps” go on until the early hours of the morning and, unlike most European cities, it is very common for the party to end around 6 am, especially in the summer, when it is full of tourists.

Budapest is very inviting for night walks, which is also part of the culture of the capital of Hungary and the most curious thing is that in every corner there is a movement (many times bigger than during the day), with several groups of people in search of the perfect party , a pub and several of those little shops that are open 24 hours a day. You can start the night watching the sunset, walking through the streets and bridges, admiring the beautiful lighting and ending up in one of the famous pubs, meeting people from all over the world and drinking a froccs or a shot of pálinka!

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