What to do on New Year's Eve in Dublin 2023

There are several excellent options to spend New Year's Eve, but for those looking for a destination rich in culture, with very welcoming people and full of lively music, there is no better city to spend the night. new year's eve in dublin 2023.

In this article you will learn about the main characteristics of this special time of the year and how the Irish enjoy New Year's Eve in Dublin.

Is it worth spending New Year's Eve in Dublin?

Dublin is one of the friendliest cities in the world. Residents there usually welcome tourists with open arms and are always willing to have a coffee or a pint with visitors.

The city is so receptive to tourists that it even has a program especially dedicated to them. Called the City of a Thousand Welcomes (City of a Thousand Welcomes), the traveler only needs to register and will automatically receive a friendly guide who will show him around the city for free.

To start the day in Dublin, there is no better place than the Pepper Pot Café. It serves hearty homemade food and offers quality Irish ingredients. There you can try everything from scones to Irish soda bread, scrambled eggs and delicious sandwiches.

The best restaurants in Dublin mix the best of modern and contemporary cuisine with traditional home cooking. So the recommendation for lunch is the L. Mulligan. Tendero, where copious soups are served accompanied by main courses based on wild boar, among other typical meals.

What to do on New Year's Eve in Dublin 2023

What is New Year's Eve in Dublin like?

Like other festivities and celebrations in the Irish capital, the big New Year's Eve events usually take place in Dublin's famous taverns.

New Year's Eve in Temple Bar

The main pubs are located in Temple Bar, generally described as Dublin's Bohemian Quarter. Almost every visitor to Ireland passes through the area and it's not hard to understand why.

The neighborhood is full of different entertainment options, art and gastronomic delights. The place also often hosts Dublin' s top attractions and is one of the best places to hear live traditional Irish music.

All this makes the must-sees in the early part of the evening are to visit the Temple Bar Pub , one of the oldest pubs in the neighborhood that also gives its name to the district, followed by The Oliver John Gogarty Street, a tavern that houses a hostel upstairs and is very popular with the younger crowd.

Interestingly, Temple Bar was not always the famous Dublin tourist destination it is today. Located on the south bank of the River Liffey, the area was once a marshy area and has been transformed over the centuries to become today's bar-filled neighborhood where locals and tourists spend the night.

New Year's Eve at The Brazen Head

Another excellent option for New Year's Eve in Dublin 2023 is The Brazen Head. One of the oldest pubs in Ireland, the establishment is housed in a building dating back to 1198. The building has recently been renovated, but the historic pub has been bustling with Dubliners for over 100 years.

In addition to the excellent food and drink, another factor that makes this pub one of the best choices in town is its literary connection. This is due to the fact that Brazen Head is one of the main pubs mentioned in the classic novel. Odysseus by author James Joyce.

What to do on New Year's Eve in Dublin 2023

The Brazen Head - Dublin - Ireland

Dublin New Year's Festival

Now with over 8 editions, the festival has several programs and events for the end of 2023. Located in the heart of Dublin, the iconic Customs House will be the centerpiece of the New Year's Eve countdown to Dublin 2023.

Three main events filled with sparkling lights and music will be presented to the audience attending the venue. The Liffey Moment of Lights Matinee, the New Year's Concert and the Liffey Moment of Lights Midnight.

New Year's Eve on the River Liffey

All the attractions are excellent, but as usual on New Year's Eve, the highlight is the midnight event. It is an incredible symphony of lights, music and daring acrobatics on the River Liffey that marks the passing of the year in a wonderful and unique way.


There are countless excellent options to spend New Year's Eve, but for those who enjoy Irish traditions and the lively atmosphere of the pubs, Dublin City is definitely one of the best and deserves to be reviewed.

And you, thinking of spending New Year's Eve in Dublin 2023? What did you think of the proposal for the end of the year? Leave your comment! A hug and see you next post!

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