Cheap parking in Bruges: where to park in Bruges?

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If you are visiting Bruges, For Travel Lovers will show you where to find parking as close as possible to the sights. For that, we give you several alternatives where to find a parking place available and cheap. In this article you will find these topics:

  • Parking in Bruges: on-street parking for a fee
  • - How do I find my parking space?
  • - Cheap parking solutions in Bruges
  • Cheap parking in Bruges: park on the street for free
  • Parking in Bruges in a secure pay parking lot.

Find cheap parking in Bruges

Where to find cheap parking in Bruges The city is located in the northwest of Belgium and has a rich historical heritage. It is included three times in the UNESCO World Heritage, as well as its historic center, its beguinage, and its bell tower. This makes it the most touristic city in Belgium.

Bruges is a must for tourists planning to tour the northern part of Belgium . In addition, its canals make it a rather picturesque place. Frankly, it is not comparable to Venice but at least you can say that it has its medieval charm.

But finding a parking space in tourist cities is difficult, and the solution costs money. This is the case in Bruges: there the cost of parking is still expensive, but we have gone to investigate all the options for the cheapest parking.

Parking in Bruges: street parking for a fee

How do I find my parking space?

Users wishing to find parking in Bruges should do so through the Seety website. It provides very useful information on the four available parking zones: color, rates and opening hours. On the interactive maps you will find where all the zones are located:

  • Orange: means that on-street parking is subject to a charge and has a limited duration. Parking is limited to 4 hours, and is charged from 9 am to 8 pm. The rates in the orange and dotted orange zones are €2 for 1 hour, €5 for 2 hours, €9 for 3 hours. And the cost for 4 hours of parking, which is the maximum, is 14 euros.
  • Blue: it is a free parking zone, but limited to 4 hours.
  • Green: it is a free parking zone with no time limit.
  • Black: is a pedestrian zone, where parking is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise specified.

Cheap parking solutions in Bruges

To find cheap parking in Bruges, the other solution is to park at the Bruges train station parking lot:

  • Oesterparking (Koning Albert 1-laan). The price is €2.50 per day, but without the bus ticket to the city center.
  • In addition, there is also the parking at the Interparking Bruge station (Chantrell street). The cost per day is only 3.50 euros.

To pay for street parking in Bruges, there are three possible options:

  • First, pay at the parking meter. If you are not a resident of Bruges, we advise you to pay at the parking meter.
  • Secondly, you can choose to pay via a mobile application. The title of the application from the municipality is "4411". There are several fees for this: €0.25 for the transaction and €0.15 for SMS notifications. You can pay by bank transfer and credit card.
  • Thirdly, payment by SMS. There is an activation fee of €0.30, and €0.15 for SMS notifications. Payment is made through the telephone bill.

Cheap parking in Bruges: park on the street for free

To find a free on-street parking space, there are two zones in Bruges. The blue and green zones allow you not to pay for parking. However, parking is limited to a maximum of four hours.

  • In the blue zone, the parking disc on the dashboard is mandatory from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week. Even in free parking. A fine of €30 per day is imposed on parking violators who exceed the hourly quota.
  • The dotted blue zone: parking is free for a maximum of 30 minutes, with a parking disc. The amount of the fine is the same. In the dark blue zone, parking is free, limited to a maximum of two hours from Monday to Friday. The parking disc is also mandatory.
  • In the dark blue dotted zone, parking is free, limited to a maximum of two hours, 7 days a week, upon presentation of a parking disc from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Finally, the green zone offers free parking with no time limit. This is the best solution for cheap parking in Bruges. However, the parking spaces are likely to be occupied very soon. Go to the Bruges ring road, to Buiten Gentpoortvest for example. Buiten Boninvest, Via Katelijnestraat, Via Gentpoortstraat and Vaartdijkstraat are the streets where you can park for free.

But if you want to park for an unlimited period of time for free, where do you go? The city also has free public parking lots.

  • The P+R Park & Ride
  • P+R Steenbrugge
  • P+R Jan Breydel
  • P+R Boogschutterslaan

Parking in Bruges in a secure paid parking lot.

Don't like parking on the street? Afraid of vandalism? Although in Belgium, they are likely to be much lower than in a French city. Do you have to leave your car for several days?

  • Go to the Central Station parking lot. This is a secure public parking lot with 1,500 spaces, set up by the city council. Its rates are very affordable: 1.10 euros per hour up to 4 hours, then 5.50 euros maximum from 5 hours to 24 hours. Attention, nothing is planned to exceed 24 hours.

There are also three other parking lots in the city: Zand, Centrumparkings and Langestraat.

  • The first hour at the Zand parking lot is free of charge. Rates range from €3.40 for 2 hours to €14.40 for 9 hours.
  • In the Centrumparking and Langestraat parking lot, rates range from €1.80 for 1 hour to €14.40 for 8 hours.

However, we can always find a particular place to park our car, but if it is stormy and all spaces are taken, it will be complicated. We can stop in a public parking lot but this is expensive if we stay for several hours, not to mention that we will have to make a few bus stops to get to the city!

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