Croatia – Travel guide and top destinations

A complete guide to planning your trip to Croatia. Write down the tips and enjoy a lot!

Croatia is a country with incredibly beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches and abundant nature. The scenery made up of vegetation, national parks and paradisiacal beaches in contrast to historic buildings make the place unique, and excellent for a trip.

Comprising more than a thousand islands, many of Croatia's most famous destinations lie along the length of its coastline, which is bathed by the Adriatic Sea and has incredible beaches – some even hidden. During the European summer (between July and August) the destination is packed with cruises and people willing to enjoy the best of the local sea.

Check out our tips in this complete guide for you to plan your trip to the country.

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What to do in Croatia

Croatia is a sunny country, especially pleasant during the summer. If you can choose, visit between June and September, when temperatures are more pleasant. Winter there is quite cold and leaves the country very empty (some attractions close during the period).

When putting together your itinerary, don't focus on Dubrovnik every day, because there's so much more to explore around the country. A good tip is to take a tour from north to south, or vice versa, to get to know the main places in all of Croatia, with incredible landscapes of lots of nature, beautiful beaches and historic buildings.

The cities have remarkable architecture and it is worth walking through the medieval scenarios. If you're a fan, you'll enjoy doing the tour de Game of Thrones em Dubrovnik, which was the setting of the series during the recordings. Another unmissable tour is to visit the Plitvice Lakes, a park with 16 lakes, waterfalls and wonderful views.

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Where to stay in Croatia – Our hotel recommendation

The main Croatian cities to make one or more overnight stays are Split and Dubrovnik, in addition to the capital Zagreb. There are also islands where you will want to spend the night, like Hvar, especially if you go during the summer. But there are some less popular cities that are also worth the stay – mainly because they are more economical – such as Porec and Umag.

In Dubrovnik, staying inside the medieval city is more expensive, so if you want to save money, look for a hotel on the outskirts of the wall. In Split it can be interesting to stay in an area between Diocletian's Palace and the beaches, as you are close to both places. In Zagreb there are hostels, but also hotels with great value for money.

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Croatia – Travel guide and top destinations

Croatia has some of the most incredible landscapes in Europe – Photo: Unsplash

Croatia – Travel guide and top destinations

O Valamar Riviera Hotel overlooks a beautiful landscape – Click on the photo to book

Croatia – Travel guide and top destinations

the pool of Meliá Coral Beach Club – Click on the photo and book your room

What to eat in Croatia – Restaurant tips

Being a country with an extensive coastline bathed by the Adriatic Sea, what you will find in lots of Croatian restaurants is seafood. The menus are full of fish cooked in the oven with lots of olive oil, as per the Mediterranean tradition, and accompany chard, potatoes and, of course, good wines.

Another super typical Croatian delicacy is truffle mushrooms, which make up great dishes all over the country – but they tend to be quite expensive. Finally, thanks to the Italian influence, the cuisine is also strongly linked to pasta, and there are good offers of pasta or pizza dishes there.

Internet chip in Croatia

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Croatia travel insurance

Hire a Croatia travel insurance it is indispensable. Despite not being part of the Schengen Treaty, the country is negotiating to join the group, and with that it will require insurance for all visitors.

But even without the valid requirement, to have fun and enjoy the best of the country's attractions without worrying, the best thing to do is to hire travel insurance with good medical and hospital coverage. So you can relax to enjoy the destination. ?

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Croatia – Travel guide and top destinations

The Adriatic Sea in Croatia is one of the bluest in the world – Photo: Unsplash

Croatia car rental

Renting a car in Croatia is a great idea. In addition to optimizing your time a lot, you will be able to enjoy it more without having to depend on public transport.

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Flights to Croatia

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Croatia – Travel guide and top destinations

Dubrovnik is a city call and one of the main destinations in the country – Photo: Unsplash

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