Morocco It is an exotic country with many cultural heritages, everywhere I went in the country I had no problems with security, I found it a peaceful country to travel. Casablanca is its largest and most important city, famous for its Casablanca movie, winner of 3 Oscars, considered the most romantic film.

It is a city with a good infrastructure, with some tourist attractions and most of the time it is the city where tourists arrive.

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The ideal is to stay 2 days to get to know the city's sights, to be honest if you don't have many days to stay in the country, I recommend taking the city out of Casablanca from your list, because of all the ones I visited, it was the one I liked the least, but that could be something personal, because I like smaller cities more to really get to know the local culture.


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In the country there are about 30 thousand mosques (temple of prayer) spread throughout the Moroccan territory. The most famous point of Casablanca is the Hassan II Mosque, is the third largest mosque in the world and the largest in the country, it is certainly the must-see for tourists passing through the city.

It is the only mosque in the world that allows non-Muslims to enter with guided tours that take place every day, except for certain times on Friday.


Hassan Mosque II

Another point to know is the Mohammed V Square, there is nothing special to see. There are some people dressed in traditional costumes who charge you to take pictures with them. Some interesting buildings surround the square, it's nice to spend some time resting and watching the world go by.


How to get and get around the city:

Inside the airport there is a train station, in the basement, from there you can go straight to the city center (Gare Voyageurs). It's the cheapest way to get from the airport to the center. To get around the two cheapest ways are: taxi or bus. Both are cheap but the bus system is not as developed.




Where to stay:

Movenpick Hotel Casablanca (Rond Point Hassan II, 212-5-224-880-00, rooms from 91 euros). The hotel offers all the amenities expected of an international chain of five-star hotels, what caught my attention the most about the hotel was the rooftop pool (terrace).

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