How to Celebrate the New Year in Berlin

See how to celebrate the New Year in Berlin. Traveling to Germany, or its capital, Berlin, at the end of the year is a really cool experience that everyone should indulge in. Just as every city has its place to celebrate the New Year on the street, in Berlin, the turn of the year is celebrated in the illustrious Brandenburg Gate, one of the main tourist attractions and also one of the city's postcards.

How to Celebrate the New Year in Berlin

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Brandenburg Gate

Since Victory Column until the Brandenburg Gate, the area is closed and is the place where locals and tourists gather to celebrate the arrival of the new year. At the Brandenburg Gate, a large screen is used to broadcast the countdown, made by the country's main TV. There's only one detail to remember: it's winter. This small difference with Brazil is one of the main attractions of spending New Year's Eve in a city in the northern hemisphere.

How to Celebrate the New Year in Berlin


As in almost everywhere, in Berlin there are also fireworks celebrating the turn of the year. They take place on Strasse des 17, where there are also food and drink stations. Another tradition in Berlin is to buy fireworks, which people spend at home with friends or family. When it's time for the countdown, everyone leaves the house and sets off fireworks.

How to Celebrate the New Year in Berlin

clothes color

Over the years, people are increasingly using other colors that symbolize what they want: green for hope, red for love, and so on. In Europe this tradition doesn't exist, so you'll see that many people even wear black on New Year's Eve. Another detail is the climate, as it is quite cold, people end up dressed more elegantly and with very warm and charming coats, regardless of the color.

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