Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Among the many natural, cultural and historical wonders of Turkey, Mandarin Oriental Bodrum is an excellent stop for those who need to recharge in the midst of paradise.

In a quiet, private bay of the Aegean Sea, Mandarin Oriental Bodrum is a haven of exclusivity and serenity for the most discerning guest. 27 km from the bustling Bodrum Peninsula, the property is a balm in the midst of European summer.

O Mandarin Oriental goes beyond what is expected in a five star hotel. The hotel offers visitors spectacular views of the calm waters of Paradise Bay, two private beaches, top-notch service, a variety of dining options, complete infrastructure and unique experiences.

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O Hotel:

In addition to the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the property, Mandarin Oriental Bodrum deserves to be highlighted for its service. Despite this feature of the network already being awarded by numerous publications, the feeling of welcome and practicality of it are still surprising.

A butler at the disposal of each room brings ease and saves any effort required by the vacation. You can lose track of the days and hours enjoying everything the property offers: from massages in the hotel's fabulous SPA, lunches and dinners in various restaurants and bars, to days of pools, beaches, activities and water sports.

The hotel is an excellent choice for couples and families looking for a quiet day on the Turkish coast – but within easy reach of the action. I chose Mandarin as a break and rest during my Turkey trip, combining history and culture with the luxurious beach experience of Mandarin and the Bodrum region.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Welcome | Welcome to Mandarin Oriental Hotel

After a tiring journey, no one wants to stand in line to check-in at the hotel. It seems that the Mandarin Oriental understood this sentiment from travelers and turned a conventional hotel arrival into an exceptional welcome experience. Upon arriving at the Mandarin, your bags go straight from the car or transfer to your suite.  

You are directed to a living room to sit, relax, enjoy a warm towel, have a welcome drink and start living the exclusive hotel experience. At check-in, which is more like a chat in a comfortable environment, the hotel staff explain the concept of the chain, what the property offers and give you the phone number of your butler.

When you need the butler's help, just call by phone or WhatsApp: whether to change a reservation at a restaurant, unpack your bags, get that special newspaper or even to send you a golf cart so you don't have to walk from the beach to the bedroom.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum


With contemporary decor, the chain's oriental roots appear in the accommodations in the form of low sofas, elegant rugs, orchids and sophisticated furniture in the right measure. All this exclusivity makes up all of the hotel's 86 rooms and 23 apartments. Apartments are excellent choices for families with children.

In addition to the modern decor, the main highlights of the accommodations are the size (which starts at 35m2), the delightful balcony and the view of the Aegean Sea from all rooms.

The bathrooms have heated marble floors and the baths are designed to be on your best-ever list.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The hotel service is also very present in the accommodations. Linens are tidied approximately four times a day and the room's climate changes according to the time of day.

At night, for example, you arrive in the room and it already has ice ready to cool a bottle of white wine, the light is just right, the slipper is ready next to the bed and a treat always awaits you after a long day. of activities.

In the bedroom closet there is a small door to put clothes that need to be washed. The advantage is that you don't have to call any employee for this, just put on the clothes, press a button and wait for the laundry to be washed and ironed in the room after a few hours.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Mandarin Oriental Hotel


Coffee da Morning

Like all good hotels, breakfast time becomes a sacred routine. At the Mandarin Oriental, expect to have everything you can imagine in superb quality. There is a huge variety of options at the Buffet or à La Carte: from Turkish breakfast to several international varieties.

If you are with children, the hotel has an exclusive area for them in the restaurant, with low, colorful and modern tables.  


Mandarin Oriental Bodrum offers four restaurants and several bars and lounges. All restaurants are à la carte and need reservations. The good thing is that you don't have to leave the hotel to find gastronomic variety. From Italian to Japanese cuisine, the diversity of options to eat is impressive.

The quality of the dishes is very good and the environments improve the experience even more. The Italiano Asságio, for example, is on a deck above the sea. Dining with the sea breeze, drinking wine and delighting in the various menu options is one of the hotel's essential experiences.

Infrastructure and Services

The service of Mandarin Oriental it is so impeccable that the hotel has a greater number of employees to attend than the number of guests. In addition to the 24-hour butler, hotel staff are present at all leisure options on the property, elevating the guest experience to a very high level of exclusivity.

Between them:

  • 24-hour Butler Service
  • Bars
  • Fitness Center
  • Laundry
  • Pools
  • Room Service
  • Spa
  • Beach Service
  • Kids Club
  • Parking
  • Restaurants
  • Sauna
  • Wi-Fi
  • Accessible for the disabled
  • Beach Club with several water sports options.

Leisure and Experiences

Private Beaches, Beach Club and Water Sports

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum has two private beaches with crystal clear turquoise water with great temperature, white stones, delicious comfort area and water sports. They are the perfect place to rest or enjoy a day of activities.

The hotel's two beaches have different characteristics: Olive Beach has calm waters for children and is mostly frequented by families.

The nearby beach, which offers access to all kinds of water sports, is frequented by young guests or those looking for a good dose of excitement. At the end of the day, this beach hosts a DJ who packs a delicious lounge to enjoy the sunset.  

It is possible to choose between several water sport activities, such as: speedboat ride, wakeboarding, stand-up paddle, diving, fishing, jet ski and canoeing.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum


The hotel's swimming pools are an oasis of tranquility. There is a set of pools with different sizes and shapes. The gym's Olympic-sized indoor pool is perfect for swimming. The outdoor pools are a good option for those who want to relax, enjoy the bar service available at the hotel and still be dazzled by the beautiful view of the bay.

In addition, there are several options for children's pools. All of them have towel service, water, bar and have a perfect temperature.


During our stay in the middle of the European summer, we had an exclusive experience with one of the most famous Celebrity Coaches in the world, the personal Ruben Tabares. In addition to him setting us up a workout to follow after the season at the hotel, we had a nutrition, injury prevention and exercise class in a private class that was well worth it.

Or technician travels from LA to or Mandarin Bodrum the entire European summer. Renowned for training Hollywood stars for movies and training celebrities like P Diddy, Rubens offers his services to guests during the summer. In other seasons, your team is at the hotel available to serve hotel visitors.

The gym itself has a beautiful view of the garden and is very complete, with state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of classes, such as pilates, yoga and spinning.

Tea Ceremony, Tai Chi class and Kung Fu demonstration

Another worthwhile experience at the hotel is the Tea Ceremony with Tai Chi Master Master Hu. With him, we had a holistic experience in a very interesting Zen tea ceremony, which also gave us the right to a Tai Chi class and Kung Fu demonstration.

In the experience worthy of an oriental hotel chain, Master Hu explained more about the history of tea, told about the culture of China and painted Chinese ideograms with our names. It's a nice pastime for anyone staying at the hotel, as well as being an exclusive experience for the Mandarin chain.

Spa and Beauty

The SPA complex is one of the hotel's great strengths. With three well-designed floors, the SPA has a sauna, Turkish bath, manicure, an indoor pool and a gym filled with the latest equipment. Only the SPA requires a full day to enjoy all it has to offer. Among the treatments, massages with precious stones or bamboo are one of the great requests.

The SPA covers an area of ​​2,700 square meters on three floors, in a continuation of the gym area. The modern decor is impressive, with a huge structure of rooms with oriental design to relax with views of the garden and ocean. The SPA massage can be done in VIPS suites or for couples. The experience, in addition to excellent, is indispensable.

The SPA also has a manicure service with a very renowned French professional in the middle. The simple activity of doing the nail is taken to a level of another world: with music and aromas composing a relaxing and delicious atmosphere.

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum

Location and How to get there:

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum is approximately 40 minutes from the airport on the Bodrum Peninsula. We rented a car at the airport to explore and discover more of the region, but the hotel provides transfers to the hotel.

The Bodrum region is one of the busiest in Turkey during the summer. The season fills the lively town, filling the streets with people to delight in the city's restaurants, take boat rides and discover the beautiful beaches of the region.

And after Mandarin, where to go?

After a few days of pampering and sophistication, it is possible to travel to other regions of Turkey and Greece. We took the great roads in the region towards Ephesus, Turkey. It is also possible to take a ferry to the island of Kos, in Greece, and get to know the neighboring country from there.

Flávio Antunes stayed at the invitation of Mandarin Oriental Bodrum and XMART.

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