Open streetxo london

Open streetxo london

Good news for food lovers! StreetXO, the famous restaurant from renowned chef David Muñoz, has opened its doors in the vibrant city of London. This opening has been one of the most anticipated culinary events of the year, and without a doubt, it has caused a great stir in the London gastronomic scene.

A new chapter in the history of StreetXO

With its main headquarters in Madrid, StreetXO has managed to conquer the most demanding palates with its unique and avant-garde culinary proposal. Now, David Muñoz has decided to bring his gastronomic concept to the British capital, offering Londoners an unparalleled culinary experience.

The opening of StreetXO in London

The long-awaited day finally arrived. StreetXO opened its doors in the heart of London, more precisely in the exclusive Mayfair neighborhood. The restaurant is located in an elegant two-story establishment, with a modern and sophisticated decoration that perfectly reflects the essence of the brand.

The StreetXO menu in London has a selection of iconic dishes from Asian and Spanish cuisine fused with touches of creativity and innovation. Diners will be able to enjoy an explosion of flavors and textures in every bite, accompanied by a careful presentation that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The closure of the restaurant in London

David Muñoz and his team have made this difficult decision with the aim of guaranteeing the safety and well-being of both their employees and their clients. Although the temporary closure has been a hard blow for the restaurant, they are confident that they will soon be able to welcome diners again and continue offering their unique gastronomic proposal.


1. When is StreetXO in London expected to reopen?

Currently, no exact date has been set for the reopening of StreetXO in London. This will depend on the evolution of the health situation and the restrictions imposed by the authorities. However, the StreetXO team is working hard to be able to welcome diners back as soon as possible.

2. Will the same menu of dishes be maintained when StreetXO in London reopens?

Although it has not been officially confirmed, it is likely that StreetXO's menu in London will undergo some changes when the restaurant reopens its doors. This is because David Muñoz is known for his creativity and constant search for new gastronomic proposals. Therefore, it is possible that new dishes will be included and changes made to the culinary offering to surprise diners.


The arrival of StreetXO in London has been a major milestone in the city's food scene. Although the restaurant has had to temporarily close due to the pandemic, its opening has generated great expectations and has made it clear that David Muñoz is a chef who is not afraid to take risks and take his culinary proposal to new horizons.

We'll be keeping an eye on the reopening of StreetXO in London and can't wait to enjoy their delicious dishes and unique atmosphere again. Until next time!

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