The 8 most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese

  • 1. Gythio
  • 2. Monemvasia
  • 3. Gerolimenas
  • 4. karyes
  • 5. Vàthia
  • 6. Kalavryta
  • 7. Pylos
  • 8. Methoni

If you are exploring Greece, discover the 8 most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese. This emblematic region will make you discover the incredible History of this country!

The Peloponnese is one of the most important regions of modern Greece. Particularly appreciated by tourists, it is in fact home to many historical sites. From North to South, travellers can indeed discover the most beautiful ancient remains of the country. Between the famous Mycenae, Tyrinth and Argos, they can easily retrace the history of Greece. Also, this fascinating territory is one of the main sites of Homer's famous epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey.

However, the Peloponnese is also renowned for its fabulous cultural heritage. Like the south of the country, it has long been conquered by many peoples. It has therefore developed under Ottoman, Venetian, Roman and Byzantine influences. Today, it is thus rich in all these particular identities and traditions, including many customs specific to Greece.

However, the best way to explore it is to visit the most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese.

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1. Gythio

In the south of the Magne peninsula, Gythio is one of the most emblematic villages of the Peloponnese. This historical town was indeed home to the port and the arsenal of the famous Spartans. During Ancient Greece, it was therefore a strategic place for the soldiers of Sparta. A few centuries later, its port status made it a commercial town of the Roman Empire. Nowadays, it has fortunately been able to preserve vestiges of its legendary past and its many influences.

However, this cosmopolitan hamlet is not only characterised by its history. Gythio is indeed one of the most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese. Its cobbled streets and colourful houses give it a warm atmosphere. Therefore, it naturally invites its visitors to take a walk and relax.

In the evenings, they can linger on the quays of the port to get drunk on the unique breezes of the Aegean Sea.

2. Monemvasia

The municipality of Monemvasia is one of the most amazing villages of the Peloponnese. It is in fact a fortified town at the foot of a thousand year old rock. In fact, its unusual structure has sometimes earned it the name of the Gibraltar of the East. However, this atypical hamlet was built in the 6th century A.D. on the initiative of a Roman population. Its first inhabitants were indeed from Laconia and were fleeing the Slavic invasions. Over the centuries, numerous fortifications were built to protect the town.

Nevertheless, Monemvasia is not only famous for its magnificent historical buildings. This Peloponnesian village is indeed a real must-see stop for tourists. The latter can enjoy its splendid wild creeks and its exceptional architecture. Also, its cobbled streets invite you to stroll and discover the local traditions. Its visitors also appreciate the delicious specialty restaurants of this emblematic city.

3. Gerolimenas

If you are exploring the most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese, you certainly cannot miss the beautiful Gerolimenas. To the east of Cape Matapan, this hamlet stretches along the bay of the same name. Several centuries ago, it was an unmissable landmark for the pirates of the region. Today, it is characterized by historic buildings and a magnificent marina.

But the main asset of this amazing Peloponnesian village is undoubtedly its peaceful atmosphere. Away from the crowds of tourists, its traditional buildings invite you to relax and get away from it all. Also, its inhabitants are particularly welcoming to visitors. It is therefore with serenity that you will walk along its unusual cobbled streets and its exceptional beach.

Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of it to refresh you and grant you a pleasant afternoon of idleness. You will be able to regain your strength before visiting other villages of the Peloponnese.

4. Karyès

Your visit of the most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese will certainly have to continue by Karyès. However, this municipality is somewhat different from the others. It is indeed part of the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos. It is therefore made up of monuments and a mainly religious population. In 2011, there were only a little more than 150 lay inhabitants in this unusual hamlet.

Also, this town will be a place not to be missed for history buffs. Pilgrims will also be able to appreciate its unique atmosphere and its exceptional tranquillity. For their part, visitors will enjoy this immersive dive into the heart of Greek traditions. They will be able to admire the city's emblematic buildings and discover local customs.

In the evening, they will be able to stroll through its quiet streets while the mist of the mountains settles over the town.

5. Vàthia

During your trip to Greece, you will undoubtedly explore the beautiful villages of the Peloponnese. However, none of them will surprise you as much as the historic hamlet of Vàthia. It has stood for centuries on the western flank of the beautiful Saggias Mountains. However, it is not its extraordinary natural setting that characterizes this unique municipality.

Vàthia is indeed an abandoned village, with only a few ruins of its medieval buildings. When you explore the valley, it seems to come out of nowhere, like a mirage. However, visitors appreciate being able to wander through its deserted streets and admire its historic buildings. Needless to say, this is one of the most unusual villages in the Peloponnese. This ghost town will make you feel as if you have crossed the centuries, in its atmosphere almost frozen in time.

6. Kalavryta

Your journey through the most beautiful villages of the Peloponnese can continue through the beautiful hamlet of Kalavryta. In the heart of the peninsula's massif, it is particularly appreciated for its pleasant climate in summer. In the winter, it dons a white coat and welcomes skiers from all over the region. However, it is its extraordinary natural setting that gives it its unparalleled charm.

This Peloponnesian village is indeed in the heart of a wild, almost heavenly setting. In the summer, it invites visitors to take the mountain paths to discover the fabulous landscapes of the region. In the course of their steps, they will enjoy the extraordinary climate of southern Greece.

Also, they may come across some endemic species. One thinks in particular of purple herons, passerines or reed harriers.

7. Pylos

The extraordinary villages of the Peloponnese will allow you to retrace the history of this emblematic region of Europe. Also, of course, you can't miss the beautiful town of Pylos. In the south-west of the territory, this legendary hamlet occupies an important place in Homer's epics. It is also considered as Nestor's Kingdom and has several palaces from the Mycenaean period.

Nevertheless, it is also known that Pylos played an important role in the Ottoman and Venetian conquests. It has also long been a strategic place for these armies, enemies of the region. Nowadays, visitors can discover the fabulous fortress of Navarin or the ancient palaces.

They can also be amazed by the architecture of the town's Orthodox churches. The town centre is a testament to its many historical influences. Pylos undoubtedly shelters the most beautiful monuments and vestiges of the villages of the Peloponnese.

8. Methoni

In ancient times, Methoni, or Modon, was one of the seven Peloponnesian villages that Agamemnon offered to Achilles. The municipality took its name from the rock Mothon which protected the port and from the daughter of Oeneus. It is also known that it housed one of the most beautiful temples of Athena Anemotis in the region. Today, unfortunately, only a few vestiges of its sumptuous era remain. Nevertheless, its travellers can still appreciate its emblematic monuments.

Also, this village of the Peloponnese is also emblematic by its atypical architecture. Its cobbled streets are indeed an invitation to stroll and relax. Moreover, its legendary port will plunge you into the heart of Greek traditions. In the evening, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the town by strolling along the quays. In the evening, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the town as you stroll along the quayside and enter one of the famous taverns in the town centre. Here you can enjoy a moussaka or a yemista.

So, amazed by the villages of the Peloponnese?

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