In which city to stay in Samos?

In which city to stay in Samos?

Which coast to choose and in which city to go to sleep in Samos? Here is our overview of where to stay in Samos!

Situated only 70 kilometers from the Turkish coast and Izmir, the island of Samos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea among the closest to Asia Minor. With only 30,800 inhabitants, the island has been world famous since ancient times for the production of red pottery, arts and crafts, jewellery, timber, tobacco and wine (Malvasia grape variety), fruit, roses and olive oil. So you will enjoy yourself, but where to book accommodation in Samos? The main cities of Samos are Vathy - the capital -, Pythagoreio and Karlovasi, but you can also choose to stay in other places, such as the smaller villages typical of an authentic Greece.

To help you, here is our presentation of the cities and villages where to stay in Samos.


Vathy is the main town of the island but it's being called more and more Samos. It shelters the port from which you will probably disembark. It is besides near the port that one finds the main part of the offer of accommodation to stay in Vathy. The locals of this town of 10,000 inhabitants perpetuate their morals, customs and traditions as if time had no hold on the island. The city consists of two districts: Kato-Vathy (the lower city) and Ano-Vathy (the upper city). Around the harbor's roadstead, there are taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy terraces with sea view. If you choose to stay in Vathy, don't forget to go into a shop to taste the island's specialties, which are numerous: natural sweet Samos wine, ouzo, honey, natural soap... On the heights, the archaeological museum of Vathy is a must to visit.


This small seaside town in the north of Samos, between Samos and Karlovasi, will seduce all lovers of small Greek villages, between sea and mountains. If you like beaches, this is the place to stay in Samos. The beach of Kokkari and that of Tsamadou (further west) is worth a stop to relax a little. The restaurants, bars and hotels where to sleep in Samos are concentrated along the beach, to offer you a stay with a guaranteed change of scenery!


Staying on the north coast, head west and find the ancient city of Karlovasi, populated by 9,855 people on 100 km². It is a student city with the department of the Faculty of Science of the Aegean University. A student city also means a festive city, a young population that you will find in the bars and cafes near the port. Staying in Karlovasi is a good starting point to explore one of the jewels of Samos: the
Potami beach. Then, the Oros Kerkis massif offers itself to you for beautiful hikes!


Second city of the island, facing the Strait of Mycale separating Samos from Turkey, is the birthplace of the famous Greek mathematician Pythagoras: Pythagorion. The population is established there at 7 996 inhabitants but the offer of accommodation is abundant considering the small size of the city. Near the port, you will find most of the bars and restaurants, where crowds gather day and night. It is an ideal stopover to sleep in Samos if you arrive by plane: the airport is nearby, a few kilometers to the west.

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