Cheap parking in Avignon : where to park in Avignon ?

Cheap parking in Avignon : where to park in Avignon ?

Parking in the City of the Popes isn't easy. Find out where to park in Avignon and how.

Welcome to Avignon. The city we call La Cité des Papes and its surroundings have so much to offer. The historical, architectural and culinary treasures are immediately obvious.

The city centre invites you to take an exquisite stroll through the ages, and the small surrounding villages, full of history, do the same. Until, finally, you take the plunge and dance on the famous bridge. In order to take full advantage of the treasures of Avignon, the car is particularly practical. Whether rented or not, it is the simplest means of locomotion to move around freely.

However, once in town, the question of parking inevitably arises. So you are looking for a place to park in Avignon. If possible, in a car park that doesn't break your holiday budget and that is secure. Follow our guide to the best parking lots in the City of the Popes. We help you to find a cheap car park in Avignon, even free, and under surveillance.

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Parking in Avignon: parking in the street with payment

First of all, it is quite possible to park in Avignon, in the street and by paying at the parking meter. The places being regulated, don't take any risk and bet on the places with ground markings. This type of parking is more suitable for a short visit.

You are therefore in the so-called orange or yellow zone, in the heart of the city or at the border (allées de l'Oulle, Mérindol or Jacques Tati). You pay by the quarter of an hour. Three means of payment are possible via the ticket machines installed in the historic centre: coins, credit card (including contactless) or via Paybyphone.

For your convenience, you can also pay with your telephone. Go to the Paybyphone application and even receive an alert when the ticket expires. You also have the option of extending the parking period by up to four hours.

In the orange zone, parking spaces are charged from Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) from 9 am to 7 pm. Free of charge between 12 noon and 2 pm in the yellow zone. Count from 20 centimes to 1 € per quarter of an hour. The rate increases with time.

The advantage of parking in Avignon and shopping in the shops of the Cité des Papes? By consuming locally, you capitalize hours of free parking. Ask your shopkeepers.

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Cheap parking in Avignon: park on the street for free

Free places within the city walls in Avignon are extremely rare and widely acclaimed by the locals. In order to find a cheap and even free parking, you will have to move away from the centre.

However, the Avignon City Hall has planned it! If you have at least the day ahead of you, opt for the car parks. Located in Piot and Les Italiens, they have a total of 2,500 free spaces. The ideal way to park in Avignon, without paying anything.

All you have to do is take the shuttle bus, also free of charge, which takes you to the city centre. These run every five to ten minutes on average. They transport you from 7am to 00am maximum, depending on the day, from the Italians. And from 7 am to 8.30 pm maximum from the Piot.

Otherwise on foot, count a quarter of a walk from the Italians and five minutes from the Piot to get to the inner city.

Finally, the Parking de l'Epi, ten minutes from the city centre on foot, is also free. The only drawback is that it is not served by shuttles and has less than fifty spaces. It's worth a try, but you have to be lucky.

Parking in Avignon in a secure paying car park

To park in Avignon, as close as possible to the centre, without risking a post-parking fee or damaging your vehicle, paid and guarded car parks remain the best option.

Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, they are the best options for a long stay. You can also take advantage of the advantageous "evening and night" rates, which guarantee a lower price from 8pm onwards.

The car parks in the heart of the city cost an average of €20 per day.

  • Popes' Palace
  • Central Station
  • Les Halles
  • Jean Jaurès
  • The Oratory
  • Saint Charles

The car parks outside the ramparts are immediately more accessible in terms of rates. Count between 5 and 15 € per day. They are all a fifteen minute walk from the historic heart of Avignon. Except the last one which is forty minutes away. These cheap car parks in Avignon are all secure and offer advance booking (except the last one).

  • Hotel Première Classe Avignon Courtine, 255 Chemin de Ramatuel
  • Parking Alterpark, 65 Rue du Grand Gigognan
  • Parking Le Clos des Crillones, Avignon TGV station
  • Hotel Kyriad Avignon Courtine, 2 Rue Mère Térésa
  • Parking Effia Gare Avignon TGV, 45 Route du Confluent
  • Parking immeuble, Rue Jean Marie Tjibaou

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