Cheap parking in Catania: where to park in Catania?

If you are planning to come to Sicily by car or to rent one, it is important to know where the cheap car parks are in Catania and where to park!

Are you coming to visit Catania by car? Whether you plan to rent a car or come with your own, having a car will make your discovery of the region much easier, especially if you want to stay more than 3 days in Catania.

To access certain tourist places or jewels swarming around Catania, it is even certain: using public transport will limit your possibilities. It is better to have your own vehicle to discover the Parco dell'Etna (national park where you can visit Etna), the beautiful beaches of the north of the city or the beautiful Taormina. With a car, the possibilities of visits are almost endless! You can even drive down to the south of Sicily, near Syracuse or discover the baroque villages of Ragusa, Scicli or Modica.

However, if you plan to come with or rent a car, you will inevitably ask yourself the question of parking. Where can you find cheap parking in Catania? And where to park? This beautiful Italian city is known for its parking difficulties and traffic jams. So to help you prepare your trip to Sicily, we have created a guide to the best car parks in the city!

Parking in Catania: parking on the street for a fee

As everywhere in Italy, free parking spaces are marked with white lines and blue lines for paid parking. The yellow lines are for reserved parking. Parking on these will result in your vehicle being impounded or in a heavy fine.

Please note that it is possible to park on the street in Catania for a fee. However, this parking option is definitely not the most convenient or economical. In the city centre, the majority of parking spaces are either paid or reserved for residents. On-street parking is generally limited to one hour. We recommend that you use paid street parking only to drop off passengers or suitcases near your accommodation in Catania.

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Cheap parking in Catania: free parking on the street

If you don't want to pay for parking in Catania, a second option is to park your car outside the paid parking areas, on the spaces marked by white lines. However, finding a free space on the street and in the centre is almost impossible, as they are so rare and popular with locals. On the outskirts of the city, especially in residential areas, you will however be able to find some of them. You can also park for free at a local train station car park and then take the train to the city centre. However, this option can be risky for your car.

The best option for free parking in Catania is, of course, to choose a hotel that includes free parking. Many hotels offer this option as parking in Catania can be complicated. If you use the car in Sicily, be sure to include this free parking option in your accommodation search.

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Parking in Catania in a secure paying car park

If you plan to park for a long time in Catania or are looking for a secure option - to avoid scratches or theft - there is fortunately an excellent solution for parking in Catania: public or private paying car parks.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to find cheap parking in Catania. The prices are generally reasonable, especially if you book your space in advance, for example via the Parclick website. You can expect to pay at least €20 for a day in a secure car park in the city centre. You can also choose to park at Catania airport and then take the shuttle bus to the centre.

In the city centre, you can park at the following car parks:

  • Catania Parking: Via Massaua 2
  • Blu Car Parking: Via Fischetti 18
  • Autoparking: Via Plebiscito 889
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