New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

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  • New Year's Eve in Rome is all about light shows, religious traditions and shopping. The Eternal City is the best city to experience that festive Italian flair. After all, Rome is an important city for the Christian faith, so Christmas is an iconic time to visit the city. If you want to “do as the Romans do”, we've listed everything you need to know to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve in Rome.


    How to spend Christmas in Rome

    Rome is an important city for the Christian faith, so it makes sense that you would be interested in spending this special time of year in the Italian capital. A breathtaking city to visit at any time of the year, but at Christmas Rome has a particular magical element that takes the city to a whole new level.

    The Eternal City becomes an enchanting retreat with streets lined with lights and decorations adorning all the major sites. The restaurants are decorated and filled with locals looking to get in the festive mood. Nativity scenes and Christmas trees can also be found throughout the city.

    You may, however, be wondering what there is to do over Christmas and New Year's Eve in Rome and how best to enjoy it. In this guide, discover everything you need to know about how to spend a wonderful Christmas in Rome.

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    How is Rome at Christmas?

    The week leading up to Christmas will be quieter, with fewer tourists in the city. I would say things really start to pick up from December 26th until New Years. This makes sense because many tourists will enjoy Christmas with their families in their hometowns around the world and then venture out to the Eternal City for the New Year.

    So, surprisingly on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you won't find as many people as you will just a few days later. From the 26th onwards, the crowds really start to build and of course culminate during the New Year.

    But the atmosphere in Rome is magical. You'll find lit Christmas trees in all the main squares, Christmas markets and beautiful nativity scenes on display. The weather is also milder than you think, although you'll definitely need a jacket.

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    Christmas events in Rome

    The Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican is the most popular place for Christians. If you want to reserve a seat inside St. Peter's Basilica, you must book well in advance. These tickets are very hard to find. However, you will be able to sit (or stay) with people from all over the world gathering to watch the pope.

    You can also head back to St. Peter's Basilica on Christmas Day at noon, when the pope gives his Christmas Day Urbi et Orbi speech and blesses the crowd. He only does this at Christmas and Easter, so expect big crowds. Looking for fewer people? Head to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the oldest churches in Rome.

    A giant Christmas tree accompanies the huge nativity scene in front of São Pedro. Both are in the middle of St. Peter's Square, and are available for public viewing without security. To see the tree light up, arrive in Peter's Square before sunset to secure a viewing point. The tree is illuminated just after sunset.

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    Christmas trees

    Christmas tree in piazza Venezia and illuminations in via del Corso

    Until January 8, 2023 – This year, the festivities in Rome are inspired by the peace e in energy economy. The 1.400 meters of lights on Via del Corso are dedicated precisely to the universal theme of peace. Strings of lights create the effect of a starry sky, opened and closed by two artistic peace paintings located in Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo, which depict a dove that gives the letter “A” to the word “Peace”. On the other hand, the tree in Piazza Venezia is powered for the first time by a photovoltaic system installed in the square, which makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption of lighting in a historic moment characterized by the need to adopt virtuous behavior in the use of the resource.

    Pedal I know and light up or Natal. A árvore de Natal in Piazza del Campidoglio

    Until January 8, 2023 – Sustainability and energy savings are the basis of the message conveyed by the Christmas tree, which this year returns to light up the Campidoglio square. But with a twist: you can help make the star shine by riding a bike/generator that stays by the Christmas tree for the entire holiday period. The six bicycles in the square provide the necessary energy for its lighting. The tree is an “Abies Nordmanniana” and is over 6 meters tall. It is on the right side of the square in front of the Cordonata for the occasion.

    Christmas tree in Piazza di Spagna and illuminations in Via dei Condotti

    Until January 8, 2023 – A new season of lights and beauty shines in the most beautiful area in the world. For the sixth consecutive year, Maison Bvlgari turns on the Christmas lights, which, colored in yellow, gold and blue, reproduce the profile of the entrance threshold of the historic boutique on the famous luxury shopping street. For the third year, however, the iconic brand lights the tree in Piazza di Spagna with splendid stars. With special attention to environmental sustainability, it shines thanks to 47.500 LED micro lamps that consume 90% less than traditional systems. In line with the latest energy-saving guidelines, the lights and tree will remain on from 17:22 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm.

    The Christmas tree and nativity scene in St. Peter's Square

    Until January 8, 2023 – A white spruce about 30 meters high in Rosello, a small medieval mountain village in the province of Chieti, stands at the center of the Roman square symbol of Christianity. It forms the backdrop for the splendid nativity scene – by Sutrio in Friuli Venezia Giulia – and its large figures carved in larch wood. Over the past two years, eleven wooden artists have dedicated themselves to carving the evocative Nativity arranged in an area of ​​116 square meters with 18 statues illuminated by 50 points of light and the hemisphere dome, which acts as a grotto, reaches a height of 7 meters.

    Christmas tree on Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina

    Until January 8, 2023 – An evocative red Christmas tree sits in the heart of Rome. Adorned with energy-efficient LED lights, the installation is made from fully recycled material, in this case steel processing, and colored with red paint.

    The recycling tree at Bioparco

    Until January 8, 2023 – This year, Christmas celebrates the environment with an exceptional tree: an authentic installation made exclusively from waste, mainly plastics. The work is 7 meters high, made from 2.500 plastic bottles recovered from commercial activities, private homes and visitors to the Bioparco. Each bottle is handcrafted and attached to an iron structure salvaged from scrap manufacturing. The decorations, always made by recycling waste with plastic, industrial, construction and craft waste, reproduce some park guests, such as the animal species most affected by the impact of plastic on the environment: penguins, sea lions and turtles. Free entrance to Largo Vittorio Gassman

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve


    Few things describe Italy at Christmas better than nativity scenes or cribs. It is said that in 1223, Saint Francis of Assisi created the first nativity scene and since then, the tradition has remained strong. As the majority of the population was illiterate during this period, he was authorized by the Pope to physically construct the story of Jesus' birth with clever props.

    St. Francis included elements from all the gospel stories and used live animals to build his manger in a cave about 100 km north of Rome. This creative storytelling helped local people connect with the Nativity story and Christmas message vividly. Even miracles were associated with the first manger scene built by St. Francis.

    To better understand the birth of Christ, the manger is in an area that local Italians would recognize rather than traditional Belem. Some 800 years later, these teaching tools about the first Christmas can be seen all over Rome. They are often placed in squares and churches in Italy, just as St. Francis did.

    You'll see nativity scenes in every church during the holidays, as well as most shop windows and bakeries. For an impressive life-size display, head to St. Peter's Square next to the Christmas tree.

    The facades of San Gregorio Armeno in Parco Da Vinci

    Via G. Montanari snc – Fiumicino – Until January 8, 2023 – The famous commercial park is home to the nativity scenes of San Gregorio Armeno made by the historic families of Neapolitan artisans. The exhibition is spread over an area of ​​2000 square meters and faithfully and completely reproduces itself through San Gregorio Armeno, the famous “Via dei Presepi” of Naples. The exhibition is open every day from 10 am to 20 pm and, exceptionally, on Christmas Day, from 16 pm to 20 pm.

    Santa Claus DistrictSanta Claus District

    District of San Paolo, 48 Via Alessandro Severo – From December 3 to 24, 2023 – Within the Santa Claus District, you can admire a temporary exhibition of artistic cribs curated by AIAP – Associazione Italiana Amici del Presepio.

    100 cribs at the Vatican 2023

    Colonnade of St. Peter's Square – From December 4, 2023 to January 8, 2023 – Once again, the lights illuminate the Nativity in the 5th edition of the International Exhibition 100 Presepi in the Vatican. The cradles, executed with different techniques, styles and materials, come from all over the world to reflect different cultures and traditions. Each work is a small masterpiece made with passion and care and is the result of the imagination and creativity of artists and craftsmen. To make the exhibition even more impressive, the unique setting of St. Peter's Square and the grand colonnade designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini welcome you.

    Crib for the “netturbini” (garbage collectors)

    December 8-23, December 27-30 and January 2-14, 2023 – In 1972, Giuseppe Ianni, an ecological operator, with a few colleagues created one of Rome's most beloved nativity scenes. In limestone and masonry, it has grown over time, also thanks to gifts received from all over the world, such as more than 2.000 stones, including 350 from various corners of the planet. The Nativity faithfully reproduces, in miniature, Palestine 2.000 years ago and consists of scenes from daily life. From year to year, it gains new details. The Crib of Garbage Collectors takes you on a journey to discover a distant world. It houses a hundred illuminated houses built in tufa stone and flint slabs – the typical Roman parallelepipeds – fifty-four roads, three rivers, a total of 9,50 meters in length, seven bridges and four aqueducts made with marble from the colonnade of Saint Peter. Tickets with online reservations

    Monumental Neapolitan nativity scene from the Basilica of Santi Cosma e Damiano

    Surprisingly large Neapolitan nativity scene from the XNUMXth century, with figurines made of wood and terracotta: against the backdrop of ancient Rome, the columns of the Roman Forum are the ideal setting for the boy's cradle.

    Crib of the Church of Santa Maria in Via

    Made by the Associazione Italiana Amici del Presepio in Rome, this nativity scene with XNUMXth-century figurines created by Nicola Maciariello is set in XNUMXth-century Rome.

    Nativity Scene in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

    This artistic masterpiece created by Arnolfo di Cambio in 1291 has eight stone figures representing Mary, Joseph and the baby, the ox, the donkey and the Magi. The basilica also preserves the relic of the holy manger (according to legend, the precious fragments of wood from the famous manger that received the baby Jesus) and the pannaculum, recovered at Christmas 2007.

    Presépio of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli/Cappella del Presepio

    This ancient Roman crib, with a replica of the famous Capitoline Son (the original was stolen in 1994), features the spectacular Gloria of Father F. Codogno (1828) and life-size figures of Luigi Ceccon (1858).

    Nativity Scene in the Church of Santa Maria dell'Anima

    Crib with splendid wooden statues by Sebastian Osterrieder (1864-1932), made by the sculptor of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia (1888-1918).

    O “Pinelliano” crib in the Spanish Steps

    Created by the city of Rome on the Spanish Steps, the nativity scene is a recent reconstruction of the nativity scene developed at the end of the XNUMXth century by the decorator Vincenzo Confidati, with figures and settings inspired by the characteristic popular scenes portrayed by the painter and engraver Bartolomeo Pinelli.

    Nativity Scene in the Church of San Marcello al Corso

    This cradle, famous for its Roman setting, represents the shops of ancient Rome as a backdrop for the nativity scene.

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    Christmas Markets

    Via del Corso is fun to see for the endless Christmas lights, but there is more to explore! Good shopping is found in bustling squares such as Piazza Navona and Campo de' Fiori, where you can buy unique handcrafted gifts.

    One of the most popular Christmas markets in Rome is in the iconic Piazza Navona. It is also known as the Befana Christmas Market and opens in the first week of December and ends on the 6th of January.

    Other markets to check out are at the Borghese Gardens and Campo Dei Fiori. The Mercato Monti is another big market that Romans flock to during the holidays. See the extensive list of markets below or see in our text Christmas markets in Italy and other events: separated by region

    We've listed some options below:


    Ragusa Off – On weekends until December 23, 2022 – A place to find the perfect gifts and experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas. At Giftland – The city of gifts, the biggest Christmas market in Rome, hundreds of exhibitors from all over Italy await you in an area of ​​6.000 square meters: local crafts, artists and illustrators, vintage, home decor, design and stylists , vinyls and books, children's clothes and games, organic cosmetics, plants and flowers. To beautify every moment at Vintage Market, live performances of emerging realities and Christmas music in an independent version. Pleasant and relaxing background music will surround the great protagonist of the event: Santa Claus, who, in addition to walking around the market with his long, thick beard, will be available for photos/stories/tiktok in a photographic setting created for the occasion.

    Natal Park – Lunapark

    Parco Lido – Il Lunapark di Ostia – Piazza della Stazione Vecchia, Lido di Ostia Levante – Until December 23, 2022 – Christmas market created thanks to the partnership between artisans, itinerant vendors, youth networks and individuals. Themed artistic content, street food, craft beers, circus performances, themed animations and, last but not least: Luna Park.

    Mercado de Natal and Festa da Befana in Piazza Navona

    Until January 6, 2023 – The most famous Roman Christmas market offers stalls with traditional gastronomic delights, decorations, nativity scenes, lots of toys for the little ones, handicrafts and books for all ages. Special guests Santa Claus and Befana. Don't miss the puppet theater and incredible performances by street artists.

    The Fantastic Castle of Santa Claus

    Via della Tenuta del Cavaliere, 230 – Until January 6, 2023 – Every Saturday, Sunday and national holidays. Santa Claus has arrived at Castle di Lunghezza, along with his entire team of Elves, Fairies, White Bears and Santa Claus (Babbo Natale). He will welcome you into his magical kingdom, in a real ancient castle, among Christmas trees, incredible sleighs and magical characters. Visit Santa's apartments, meet the Snow Fairy bathed in a white dream and the Toy Elves at work fulfilling all the children's wishes. Meet Santa in person in the majestic Throne Room, write your little letter at the Post Office, be enchanted by the Flying Elf's chests, and experience the magic of Frozen and the Ice Princess.

    Natal no Cinecittà World

    Via di Castel Romano, 200 – Until January 8, 2023 – The magic of Christmas lights up in the Cinecitta World: Cinema Park becomes a large Christmas village with a market full of sweets and gifts, Santa's Home and Factory, Luminaria Trail and eight new themed attractions. The day starts with the Christmas Show. At 11 am, Cinecittà World dancers and actors will welcome you with a live show of Jingle Bells notes and the best Christmas carols. The festivities culminate with the Christmas Musical at Cinecittà World in the grand Theater 1. This season, the big addition is the Polvere di Stelle, the light show. The path will guide you between amazing animals, colorful trees, decorations and lighting effects to enjoy from afternoon until night. If you are a lover of tradition, don't miss a visit to the Santa Claus Factory House, where your children can send their little letters and meet Santa Claus in person. Authentic snow and North Pole-like atmospheres await you at Ice Kingdom, Italy's only indoor snow park. If your passion is Cinema, the giant water screen awaits you with Drops of Cinema: the most beautiful scenes from Christmas movies come to life on a wall of water that rises in the large Plaza del Parque. Real emotion and adrenaline, like on an exciting roller coaster, but without leaving the ground: put on the special visors of I-Fly, the Virtual Rollercoaster to fly in Santa's sleigh and deliver gifts to children all over the world, all 30 centimeters off the ground. On December 25th, Open Park with Christmas mass, Christmas lunches, shows and attractions for adults and children. On December 31st, New Year's Eve at Cinecittà World awaits with eight types of themed dinners, 40 attractions open until morning, 7 discos, concerts and live shows and midnight with fireworks. The 2022 season ends with Epiphany weekend, full of surprises for young and old alike.

    Solara Garden Christmas Village

    Via di Macchia Saponara, 247/249, Casal Palocco – Until January 6, 2023 – The atmosphere of Northern European Christmas Markets arrives in Rome with the Christmas Village of Solara, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. A unique project that has been recreating the magic of the most fantastic time of the year since 1997 with incredible lights, sweet fragrances, trees, cribs and decoration and furniture elements from all over the world. The structure has ten themed areas that differ in color and style. A Christmas village certainly can't miss the art of nativity scenes with the giant Lemax Village for enthusiasts, collectors and the simply curious who want to try their hand at building a real miniature Christmas village. Finally, the Pine Forest is ready to surprise you with many green and snowy trees, with many types of lighting, in an exhibition that covers an area of ​​more than 4.000 square meters indoors.

    The Christmas Village

    Nuovo Tuscolo Sporting Club, via della Batteria di Porta Furba, 29 – From December 3 to 18, 2022 – The Village of the Elves awaits you with a magical path where you can meet Santa's assistants, the Elves! In addition, you will find Candy Workshops and Creative Workshops at the Christmas Post Office. At Casa de Natal you can meet Santa Claus, capture the moment and take it home with you thanks to Elf Photographer! Between magic lights and hidden characters, you will find Inflatable Rides, where fun and smiles come first. Every day, you can participate in Christmas, Theater and Magic Shows. You will see many characters from the enchanted world perform before your eyes. And then cotton candy, crepes, hot and delicious drinks, hot chocolate and sweets, tasty sandwiches and delicacies will brighten up your journey in the magical Christmas Village. The Ecological Skating Rink is new for 2022. Made from eco-friendly ice, it offers the same feeling as a classic skate.

    Santa Claus District

    District of San Paolo, via Alessandro Severo, 48 – From 3 to 24 December 2022 – The biggest Christmas Fair in Rome is coming, a themed village of 1300 square meters totally dedicated to Christmas. Crafts, gift ideas, home decor, traditional products and, for those with a sweet tooth, lots of sweets. A month full of ideas where the protagonists are art, colors, lights, shapes, music and Christmas scents, with spaces dedicated to activities and workshops for children.

    Christmas World at Villa Borghese

    Viale del Galoppatoio, corner of Piazzale delle Canestre – From December 3, 2022 to January 8, 2023 – The magic of Christmas for the first time on Villa Borghese Park with concerts, live performances and parades with more than 700 artists involved. Three stages, the big ice rink, the carousel in Piazza Navona, the House of Santa Claus and much more for a brilliant outdoor event that tells the story of Christmas in the World in 30.000 square meters. Massive installations, themed experiences, incredible photo opportunities, shows and events to relive your Christmas memories linked to the city of Rome. At Christmas World, you can also stroll through the heart of Berlin, get lost in the London market, be captivated by the magic of Paris and, in an instant, reach New York to spin on the ice rink under the Brooklyn Bridge. The unmissable destination is the North Pole, with an original scenario of Santa Claus village. Finally, a new stop in Tokyo, with a pavilion dedicated to oriental atmospheres.

    A magical Christmas in Luneur Park

    Via delle Tre Fontane – From December 3, 2022 to January 8, 2023 – The most beautiful party of the year magically invades the garden of wonders do luneur park, ready to light up thanks to many fantastic surprises. Once through the magic portal, you'll enter an enchanted world inhabited by fun creatures like the mythical pepperthe gingerbread manthe Igloo, the great polar bear and the Elves who will engage you in funny shows. Walk along the enchanted and snowy avenues of magic christmas land among majestic gift packages, funny snowmen, magical sleighs designed by reindeer, nutcracker soldiers, lights and much more. Do you want to transform yourself into an elf or a reindeer and be part of the magical Christmas characters? Don't miss the legendary service of face paint: real artists will create artwork to make you unique. Arriving at the highest point of the Park, cross the arch and plunge into the snowy paths, where trees, colored spheres and thematic decorations will take you to the mythical Santa's house, who expects you to receive your paper and take a souvenir photo.

    Ice Skating Rinks 

    • The Kingdom of Ice no Cinecittà World – Via di Castel Romano, 200 – At 8 January 2023
    • The Christmas VillageNew Tusculum Sporting Club, via della Battery di Porta Furba, 29 – From 3 to 18 de December 2022
    • World of Christmas in Villa Borghese – Viale del Galloppatoio, singing from Piazzale delle Canestre – From 3 December 2022 to 8 January 2023
    • A Magical Christmas at Luneur Park – Via delle Tre Fontane – From December 3, 2022 to January 8, 2023
    • To the magical Castle of Santa Severa – Castello di Santa Severa – From December 8, 2022 to January 8, 2023

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    Concerts and Christmas Lights

    Listening to classical music with local musicians in some of the most beautiful churches in the world is an unforgettable experience to have in Rome at Christmas. The main churches that hold concerts every year are Church of Sant'Antonio dei Portoghesi, Santa Maria ai Monti e St. Ignatius.

    Check out Conciliation Auditorium close to the Vatican for its holiday concert schedule. It is not uncommon for school groups or adult choirs to casually gather in the Navona Square. You might not find signs or timetables, but as you wander around the city, you're sure to come across a surprise show!

    And after your show, be sure to wander the city's main streets for amazing light displays. This year's theme for the holiday lights along Via Del Corso is hope. The beautiful display of light stretches from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo, the entire length of Via Del Corso.

    Let's make a party!

    Largo Gaetana Agnesi – From December 8, 2022 to January 6, 2023 – Shows, meetings, music, games and workshops. As old as the world are the celebrations of the return of light after the long winter. In ancient Rome, at the time of the winter solstice, the feast of Natalis Solis Invicti was celebrated, associated with the rebirth of Apollo and the Sun, after the darkest period of the year. It was from this feast that the idea of ​​December 25 as the birth date of Jesus took its example. In 350 AD, Christmas was established in Rome to give the growing number of Christians living in the city the opportunity to celebrate the rites of nativity. Facciamo festa!, organized by the Municipality of Rome.

    a christmas song

    Auditorium Conciliazione – December 10th and 11th, 2022 – The most famous Christmas novel by Charles Dickens arrives at Auditorium Conciliazione in an adaptation for musical theatre. Also known in Italy as Cantico di Natale, Ballata di Natale or Racconto di Natale, the novel belongs to the fantasy genre and is the most important of the series of Christmas books that the famous English author wrote in the 1840s.

    Vatican Christmas Concert 2022

    Conciliação Auditorium – December 17, 2022 – The incredible international voices of pop, rock, soul, gospel and opera perform to celebrate Christmas in a concert with the most classic and evocative holiday motifs. As every year, solidarity projects are combined with the event.

    light shows

    Incanto di luci in the Botanical Garden

    Until Sunday, January 8, 2023 – The highly anticipated winter season event, organized in collaboration with the Sapienza Museum Pole, showcases the artistic works of light designer Andreas Boehlke evocative of the melodies of composer and sound designer Burkhard Fincke. With the support of talented landscape designers, the two artists created a magical path that stretches for a mile and a half, surrounded by the most splendid nature. The installations have a limited environmental impact, thanks to LED lamps and extreme attention to vegetation and wildlife. In full compliance with the ecological transition, during the event, you can enter an imaginative and out-of-the-ordinary world for an enchanted walk among the shining palm trees of Avenida dos Galhos Cintilos, through the Cathedral of Light, to meet the Fairies of the Trees and then look up the Ladder to the Moon. Completing the journey into enchanted nature is the brilliant Christmas Rondo: among the decorated trees, a large sleigh with Santa Claus and large illuminated plots will amaze visitors. Reservation required.

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    Traditional Christmas Food in Rome

    It's not hard to find local Roman restaurants offering special menus during the holiday season. There is an idea that in the city everything closes at Christmas. This is really fake!

    Avoid the tourist traps and head to the small restaurants in the less busy streets of Rome that serve traditional Roman food. The different traditional Italian Christmas foods vary depending on the day of the celebrations. Christmas Eve is all about fish in Italy, while Christmas Day traditionally starts with tortellini soup followed by meat.

    Other dishes are also worth trying for an authentic taste. Broccoli is everywhere in Rome during the winter and is very hard to find out of season. Puntarelle is one of my favorite Roman vegetable dishes and it is seasonal. Chicory, usually thinly sliced, dressed as a salad with oil and vinegar, and topped with anchovies.

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    Panettone is ubiquitous across Italy at Christmas, and you'll find towers of boxed Panettone in every grocery store in Rome. The soft round Italian fruitcake is always a perennial favorite.

    Restaurants for Christmas dinner and lunch in Rome

    We have selected 15 mouthwatering options for you, from the most classic lunches and dinners to innovative and extravagant gastronomic experiences.

    Beverly no Hoxton

    Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220 (Parioli) – The food in this beautiful place is inspired by summer, so imagine fresh and inventive dishes that are bright and tasty, like seafood salad with red onion chutney or cod wellington with bitter oranges. This elegant nature-to-table restaurant has you covered on Christmas Day and even New Year's Eve, if you like, for €75 and €140 respectively. Beverly also offers Festive Brunch every day from Dec 25 to Jan 8, 2023. Menu here.

    The Marquis

    Via di Ripetta, 162 (centro storico) – Il Marchese offers a delicious Christmas lunch this year, classic and juicy. He tries his lamb, tortellini, but also his delicate rabbit wrapped in lard, and the infallible, evergreen, Roman puntarelle and Jewish-style artichokes. A bottle of wine is included, for up to 4 palates – all for 80 euros per person. Menu here.

    The Garden at Hotel Eden

    Via Ludovisi, 49 (Veneto) – At Il Giardino Ristorante, mesmerizing views of Rome accompany your meal for dining experiences like no other. Expect to celebrate in style. On Christmas Eve, ravioli stuffed with tuna bottarga (tuna roe) and a turbot in a zucchini crust await you, among other dishes for 150 euros per person, excluding drinks (from 19 pm to 23 pm, live music: piano and vocal duo). On Christmas Day, the classic cappelletti and lamb chops, accompanied by a glazed artichoke or a sophisticated fillet of sea bass with a squid and lemongrass sauce, for €145 per person (12:30 – 14:30 pm, live music: jazz piano and double bass). Menu here.

    Hotel Aleph Roma

    Via di S. Basilio, 15 (Veneto) – At the Aleph hotel, this year, the Christmas Eve dinner puts us between the sky and the sea at the Sky Blu restaurant on the roof, with a menu based entirely on seafood, with lobster zeppola, seafood pasta and cod steak, beautifully enhanced by vegetables and various sauces and spices (€120 per person, drinks excluded). December 25th, begins with the special “Once upon a time” breakfast, with the presence of Santa Claus, and will continue with tea, scones and colorful cakes in the afternoon. Menu here.


    Via Jacopa de' Settesoli, 7 (Trastevere) – Next on our list of the best restaurants open for the Christmas party in Rome is Jacopa. This elegant restaurant located in the heart of Trastevere is inviting guests to join them for a traditional Christmas lunch of amazing Italian staples like tortelli cacio e pepe al guanciale or roast lamb, mashed potatoes with truffles and hazelnuts (cost €80 per person, beverages excluded). Menu here.

    Rome Cavalieri/Waldorf Astoria

    Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 (Monte Mario) – If you're looking for luxury this holiday season, look no further. Rome Cavalieri is excited to welcome its guests, offering multiple venues and spectacular menus. The festivities kick off with the Christmas Eve Dinner at Heinz Beck's La Pergola Restaurant with a star-studded menu starring tortellini stuffed in Genoese sauce with artichokes and black truffles, mullet with leek cream, mallow sauce and balsamic herbs and much more (price: €550 The next day, the chef returns with the guest of honor smoked capon consommé. Elsewhere, at Restaurante Uliveto, Chef Fabio Boschero at the Christmas Eve Dinner offers exquisite options between dishes traditional dishes such as tagliolini with light pesto and red prawns or roasted sea bass fillet accompanied by parsnips and mushrooms (price: €100 per person) Finally, on Christmas Day, the Rome Cavalieri Christmas Brunch returns, for a tasty celebration in name of the most authentic Italian culinary tradition, with Spritz and Franciacorta bubbles, local products and delicious desserts (€180 per person) Also check out their offers for NYE, January 1st and 6th.


    Via della Freazza, 64 (Centro storico) – For Christmas Day, Frezza, the new restaurant recently opened by actor Claudio Amendola in the center of Rome, offers a menu designed by chef Davide Cianetti, dedicated to the authentic Roman tradition and place of Christmas . A cartoccio of fried vegetables, meat cannelloni, ricotta and spinach ravioli with tomato and basil sauce and roast lamb with potatoes are among the main options and, to finish off, panettone and torone cannot be missing! Immerse yourself fully in the Roman tradition of Christmas for just €60 per person (wine and coffee not included). Menu here.

    Terrazza The Stars

    Via Benedetta, 10 (Trastevere) – For Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch, Terrazza Les Etoiles proposes new creations by Chef Anzidei, in addition to his à la carte menu. Expect pomegranate-marinated amberjack carpaccio and sweet and sour mini navettes, along with homemade fusilone, oyster and caviar for Christmas Eve dinner. Beef Sashi, Crispy Parmesan and Quail Egg along with Traditional Cappelletti with Fine Black Truffle on Christmas Day. Menu here.

    Coppelle house

    49 Piazza delle Coppelle – Casa Coppelle is getting ready for the holidays, starting with Christmas Eve dinner on December 24th and exceptionally open for lunch on December 25th and 26th. For the occasion, an à la carte menu designed by Executive Chef Gabriele Cordaro and Restaurant Manager Francesco Bertolini. Menu here.


    Piazza dei Quiriti, 20 (Prati) – Aqualunae stands out as a unique reality. They mix Italian regional food with international cuisine, finding the perfect harmony. This year, you won't want to miss Chef Emanuele Paoloni's extravagant paccheri with ombrina, yuzu and bottarga on Christmas Eve or his fagotti in truffle-flavored capon broth for Christmas lunch. Both menus cost €78 per person (wine pairings available for €34 more). Whether you prefer to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas lunch with the folks at Aqualunae, you are in for an exquisite experience, no doubt. Menu here.

    Osteria Fratelli Mori

    Via dei Conciatori, 10 (Ostiense) – Another of our favorites is this hidden gem in Ostiense. Created for those who love good authentic Roman cuisine and are looking for wallet friendly meals. This holiday season, they are offering a fixed price Christmas lunch for €55 per person, which includes antipasto, a first and second course, as well as a dessert handmade by pastry chef Nonna Giuliana. Trust us, you'll be back, if not just for their famous Ricotta Di Ambrogio. Menu here.

    Golden Grape Hosteria

    Piazza della Cancelleria, 80 (Campo de' Fiori) – Roman tradition reigns during the holiday season at Hosteria Grappolo D'oro. Entice guests with dishes like broccoli and arzilla soup and cuttlefish fettuccine with crispy artichokes on Christmas Eve and tortellini in capon broth or the artichoke flan with pecorino cheese and fresh mint on Christmas Day. We're sure this is a place you'll be glad you chose. Check out their menus from just €60 per person. Menu of the 24th – Menu of the 25th.

    Restaurante Acquolina

    Via del Vantaggio, 14 (Popolo) – The Acquolina restaurant inside The First Roma, which has just earned its second Michelin star, is gearing up for the holidays. For those who want to spend Christmas Eve under the banner of haute cuisine, chef Daniele Lippi's menu might be for you. On the menu: red mullet, tangerine, duck liver; lobster, squash, tonka beans; Tortelli pasta stuffed with amberjack, lemon, caviar; Spaghettoni pasta, chickpeas, lobster, rosemary; John Dory, oyster, borage; chestnut cassis, white chocolate. Menu here.

    Cook and Shirt

    Via di Monte Polacco, 2/4 (Monti) – This gem in Monti is one of those places that hits the spot every time. This is definitely thanks to Chef Riccardo Loreni, who is dedicated to the perfection of every dish that comes out of his kitchen. This year, he planned a fancy dinner on Christmas Eve. Oysters and champagne are followed by tuna sashimi, salmon caviar, the more classic tagliolini with clams and bottarga (roe), an earthy turbot, accompanied by cardoncelli mushrooms and truffles, and a luscious, delicious finish with chocolate, caramel, tangerine and popcorn (the menu costs 85 euros each, without drinks). Menu here.

    Village of mysticism

    Viale Marisa Bellisario, 300 (Torre Angela) – At Borgo della Mistica, Christmas is traditional, lively and welcoming. A cozy atmosphere and lunch with the classics: boiled beef salad, giardiniera and horseradish mayonnaise; artichoke alla giudia; cod with pecorino cheese crumble; traditional tortellini; roasted beef cheek, sweet potato and chives…. And a chocolate, hazelnut and tangerine mousse (50 € pp – drinks not included). Menu here.

    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    New Year's Eve Celebrations

    If you extend your vacation until New Year's Eve, Rome will not disappoint in terms of entertainment! The tradition in Italy is to have a special New Year dinner called cenone. For this reason, many restaurants will offer special menus and rates. It's best to call and reserve your favorite culinary experience in advance.

    After dinner and a few drinks, Romans usually go out to watch fireworks at midnight. The main places to see fireworks (from midnight onwards) are at Pincio tops from Piazza del Popolo, in the main squares, on bridges or on top of one of Rome's hills. Live outdoor music and dancing can be found in various places in Rome, starting around 20 or 21 pm and lasting until after midnight. The main spots to go are usually the Ccome Maximus, Piazza del Popolo and via dei Fori Imperiali, the street that runs through the Roman Forum to the Colosseum.

    Nightclubs across the city have music, dancing and special events. A classical music concert is usually held in Quirinale square at 23 pm and several theaters have symphonies or opera.

    To date, the Comune of Rome has announced the following artists:

    • a live concert “Rome Restarts 2023”, on stage in via dei Fori Imperiali: Elodie, Franco 126, Madame e Sangiovanni. The party starts at 21 pm and continues even after the toast to the new year with a special dj-set by Dimensione Suono Roma, to continue singing and dancing with the Romans and tourists even after midnight. 

    Parties and restaurants to celebrate the new year – New Year's Eve in Rome

    Thinking about where to spend New Year's Eve at a good party, we have some options below. Remembering that most of the restaurants indicated for Christmas dinner above have options for dinner on the 31st, so check the list above as well.

    Restaurante Les Etoiles | Via Giovanni Vitelleschi, 34 (Prati) – From 21pm | €420 for dinner (wine excluded); €490 (wine pairing included) – reservation required

    MICHELANGELO ROOM / BEL BRESPIRE TERRACE – From 21h | €190 light dinner (wine excluded) – reservation required

    Jantar de Ano Novo Shari Vari Club | Via di Torre Argentina, 78 (Centro Storico) – with 4 options:

    • VIP dinner @ MY MARTINI – CHAMPAGNERIA – Seafood or meat dinner + 1 bottle of wine for every 2 people + midnight toast with Moet Chandon champagne + entry to the disco – Price: € 250
    • Gala dinner at MY MARTINI – CHAMPAGNERIA – seafood or meat dinner + 1 bottle of wine for every 2 people + midnight toast + entrance to the disco – Price: € 180
    • BUFFET DINNER @ SHARIVARI'S BAROCCA ROOM OR BLACK SUITE – – Buffet dinner + 1 bottle of wine for every 4 people (or 1 drink per person) + entry to the disco – Price: €80 until 23:45 pm
    • New Year's Disco Party @ Shari Vari – from 23:30 pm | Price: varies – After dinner with reserved table:
      • PRIVEE PLATINUM (Barocca and Black Suite Superior) – €100 per person (minimum cost €1000)
      • PRIVEE GOLD (Hush Room and Black Suite Room) – €80 per person (minimum cost €800)
      • PRIVEE SILVER (Champagnerie Room) – €60 per person (minimum cost €600)
      • Disco Gold Entry – Club entry before midnight €50 per person
        toast + 1 drink – Entry to the Silver Disco – Entry to the Club after midnight €40 per person with 1 drink

    The Hoxton | Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220 (Parioli) – from 20 pm | Price: €30 (dinner) – €140 (dinner + after party) – €175 (admission after 50pm)

    New Year Party at The Hoxton Hotel, Rome – from 20:30 | Price: €175 (dinner + after party) – €50 (admission after 23pm + 30 drink) with Dj-Set

    New Year's Eve 2023 in Baja Rome – Baja | Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia (Popolo) – from 20 pm | €30 – Party from 180:23 |Price:€30 – Midnight Toast + DJ Set + Open Bar

    Flora Rooftop Terrace no Hotel Marriott – from 20:30 | Price: €260 wines included

    Tiziano Terrace by Monti View Rooftop & Cocktail Bar – from 17:30 pm to 2 am | Price: €200 per couple (appetizer), €350 per couple (New Year formula). 30% discount for children under 14 years old. ONLY 50 SEATS AVAILABLE. RESERVATION REQUIRED WITH PREPAY PAYMENT

    Exclusive party at The Speakeasy – The Race Club Speakeasy | Via Labicana, 52 (Colosseum) – Included: buffet dinner + Christmas desserts, Prosecco Open Bar, Open Bar Cocktails, table all night, membership card – from 20 pm |Price: € 30 (until December 200); €11 (from December 250th) – ONLY 12 SEATS AVAILABLE UPON BOOKING – Tables of 35, 4,6 or 8 people. Couples will share a table with other couples of similar age if possible

    The Marquis | Via di Ripetta, 162 (historic center) – from 20pm | from €30-180

    NYE no Alexander Platz Jazz Club -Alexander Platz Jazz Club | Via Ostia, 9 (Vatican) – dinner starts at 21 pm (concert starts at 30 pm) | Price: undisclosed

    EVENT at Palazzo dei Congressi NYE – Palazzo dei Congressi | Piazza J.Kennedy, 1 (EUR) – from 22 pm | price varies – Line up: ADIEL – KOBOSIL – LEN FAKI – LILLY PALMER – PAUL RITCH – REINIER ZONNEVELD – Prices: Regular Ticket €55 // VIP Ticket €90 with 3 drinks

    New Years @ Illuminati Circle -Circle of the Illuminati | Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1 (Ostiense) – from 20pm €30-240 – JANTAR AND CLUBE • 4 MUSIC ESTÁGIOS • Start at 20:00pm – 20:00pm GALA DINNER with Open Bar (140€) – 21pm :00 BUFFET DINNER with Open Bar (65€) – H 23 PM ENTRANCE Open Bar until Midnight (00€) – H 45 AM ENTRANCE (€00)


    New Year Festivities in Rome: what to do, where to go and what to eat at Christmas and New Year's Eve

    What to do on January 1st

    January 1st is a Catholic holiday called the Solemnity of Mary. On this day, you can attend the midday Angelus in St. Peter's Square. Most shops, restaurants and venues will be closed on New Year's Day. However, there are some musical performances that you can watch.

    Check out Rome's official tourism website for the most up-to-date information on your New Year's Eve plans.

    Lights, decorations, gifts, sweets and a dash of magic: this is the fairytale atmosphere of Christmas in Rome, a unique city made even more irresistible by its majestic, festively decorated fir trees and twinkling illuminations!

    The entire city continues to come to life with nativity scenes, light shows and innovative installations.

    Rome Parade 2023

    January 1, 2023 at 15:30 pm – After two years, the Rome Parade returns to Rome. O big free event to celebrate the arrival of the new year presents a spectacular musical parade which, for three hours, will see the participation of about a thousand artists, including American high school bands, Italian folk groups and majorettes, touch the heart of the roman trident. The musical process will begin and return to Piazza del Popolo, touching Via del Corso, Via dei Condotti, Piazza di Spagna and Via del Babuino.

    The ChiaraStella

    Ennio Morricone Music Park Auditorium – January 5th and 6th, 2023 – Orquestra Popolare Italiana and Coro Popolare propose ChiaraStella, an original project by Ambrogio Sparagna now in its 16th edition, which this year expresses, with the power of music and popular music, a strong desire for Peace and Communion among people. Sparagna pays special attention to sacred repertoires internationally Popular, hosting influential musicians from geographic areas scarred by the horrors of war. After exploring the significant repertoire of Italian Christmas carols through a fascinating journey through songs from the Alps to Sicily and Sardinia and with original musical instruments, such as bagpipes, ciaramella, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, torototela, tofa, the artist celebrates the places where music and popular music count with great intensity. But ChiaraStella is also the opportunity to sing Christmas together again, in the midst of shepherds and bagpipe sounds, amid stories of the cradle and sacred joy.

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