On which island to stay in New Caledonia?

  • The Isle of Pines
  • Ouvea Island
  • Lifou Island
  • Maré Island
  • The island of Grande Terre

Are you going to travel to New Caledonia? Discover the best islands to stay in New Caledonia!

An archipelago and French island, New Caledonia is located in the magnificent Coral Sea in the South Pacific. Centred around Grande Terre, the largest of the islands, New Caledonia has a large number of more or less well-known islands such as the Isle of Pines, the Loyalty Islands or the Belep Islands. All of them offer dreamlike scenery, heavenly beaches and marvellous landscapes! Whether it is for a romantic holiday, to relax or to enjoy sports activities, you will find your happiness in New Caledonia!

To make sure you get the most out of your stay, it is important to choose your accommodation in New Caledonia carefully. Each island has its own atmosphere and atmosphere, different activities and varied landscapes. So where to sleep in New Caledonia? To help you prepare your trip, we have tried to list the best places to stay in this dream archipelago!

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The Isle of Pines

The famous Isle of Pines! Nicknamed the "island closest to paradise", it is the most famous and popular island in New Caledonia for its paradisiacal scenery. Every year, it is the flagship destination for couples on their honeymoon or for travellers in search of postcard scenery! No doubt, if you are one of them, then it is on this island that you will find the accommodation of your dreams... Breaking away from tourism, the island promises you a timeless interlude in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As far as activities are concerned, there again you will have plenty to do: swimming, lazing around, snorkeling, diving or excursions inland will be on the program!

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Ouvea Island

Wilder than the Isle of Pines, the Loyalty Islands include several islands, such as the island of Ouvéa, the island of Lifou or Maré. Ouvéa is a real little paradise in the heart of the Pacific. It is the main competitor of the Isle of Pines for dreamy postcard-sized decors! And above all, the Loyalty Islands Province offers a more authentic, rustic experience. For everything is very wild on the sleeping beauty, Ouvéa. It is also here that you will find the magnificent white sand beach of Mouli, more than 25 kilometres long! For a honeymoon, Ouvéa is probably the most magical island to stay in New Caledonia.

Finally, you will be able to approach more easily the Melanesian culture. Because the population, mainly Kanak, is very involved in most of the activities and attractions of the Loyalty Islands: touring the island, visiting the caves or hiking, fishing or sea outings... One thing is sure, you won't have time to get bored. For your accommodation in New Caledonia, we particularly recommend you to try a night in a traditional hut, in a local house!

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Lifou Island

For accommodation in New Caledonia, the island of Lifou is also a perfect right-of-way. Located in the Loyalty Islands like Ouvéa, it is however much larger than the latter.

It is certainly less paradisiacal than its sister island, but it has many other advantages. First of all, the number of diving spots is much more important, and its size offers you more possibilities for your hikes and excursions inland. Secondly, the accommodation is on average more comfortable. You will also have the same opportunities to discover the local culture and gastronomy! Unlike Ouvéa, Lifou offers more varied and interesting activities. For a good balance between authenticity and comfort, you now know where to sleep in New Caledonia.

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Maré Island

Tide is the wildest of the Loyalty Islands. If it offers fewer activities than the two previous ones, as well as less comfort, you will in any case feel like a real Robinson Crusoe when staying on this island. Dream landscapes and swimming or snorkeling activities await you.

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The island of Grande Terre

The island of Grande Terre is the main island of New Caledonia. Less paradisiacal than the Loyalty Islands, Grande Terre is nevertheless of great cultural interest.

If you wish to enjoy the beach, while discovering the cultural and natural wealth of the archipelago, we advise you to spend some time in Bourail or Nouméa, the capital. The latter is known both for its animation, its magnificent beaches and its many museums. For accommodation in New Caledonia before embarking for the dream islands, these two cities are perfect!

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Now you know where to sleep in New Caledonia! We hope that you now have all the information you need to choose your accommodation in New Caledonia. Enjoy!

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