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With more than 200 islands in Greece, it is difficult to choose your itinerary. Among so many, I chose Santorini and Milos. Get ready, because I'm sure you'll want to go back to Greece!

One of my favorite destinations in the world are the Greek islands, One more beautiful than the other. The luck of travelers is that there will always be a new Greek island there to come back and discover.

In 2015 I had the chance to return to the traditional Santorini island, and meet the wonderful Milos, both in the Cyclades – a group of islands in Greece south of the Aegean Sea.

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How to get to the Greek Islands

To reach the Cyclades from Athens, in addition to the air option, it is possible to take ferries from Porto Piraeus.

The main companies that allow you to buy tickets online, with a website in English, are: Hellenic Seaways, Jet Seas and Aegean Speedlines.

For logistical reasons, I chose to travel to the Greek islands: Athens – Santorini – Milos and from Milos we returned to Athens.

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Greek Islands Itinerary

Ready to discover the Greek Islands! Click on the links to go straight to the destinations, if you prefer ?

  • Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
  • Milos Itinerary 4 Days
  • Mykonos
  • Patmos
  • Zakynthos

Greek Islands – Santorini
4-Day Itinerary

On the map below are all the tourist attractions of Santorini that we know, so you don't miss a thing!

Day 1 – The most beautiful sunset in Oia

We arrived in Santorini around 13pm with the Jet Seas and we took a taxi to the Hotel Villa Rose, in Thira (or Fira), the capital of the island. Santorini is the perfect destination for couples, super romantic

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We had lunch at Ellis Restaurant, with a beautiful view and easy access from the hotel. Prices at Ellis are more expensive, like most of Santorini, which is aimed at tourists. However, it offers affordable options with starters, mains and desserts, and the food is really delicious.

At the end of the afternoon we got a ride with the Villa Rose van to the agitated heard (pronounced Ia), most famous sunset scenery in the world.

To close our day, we had good drinks there, enjoying the buzz of the region.

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Sunset in Oia. Photo: Stéphanie Moscoso

Day 2 – Exploring Santorini Island

On our second day we did a boat ride around the island with Pelagos Cruises, in a semi-private scheme, but in fact we only had the 5 of us on the boat.

The price is around 150 euros per person with aGreek barbecue-style lunch and drinks, including wine and ouzo (Greek cachaça), plus wifi (haha #addiction).

Ilias, captain of the boat, was extremely helpful as well as being a lot of fun, we loved it! We passed through all the main points of the island: the Areia Vermelha beach (Red Sand Beach), the Branca beach (White Beach), the indigenous rocks of Akrotiri, o farol, a Caldera with its hot springs, Oia and Thirassia.

In the evening, we decided to have dinner at Volcano Blue, in Fira, with a very pleasant atmosphere and good food, although the service left something to be desired.

White Beach em Santorini – Foto: Ernest McGray, Jr. via Flickr

Dia 3 – Explorando a Red Sand Beach

The next day we got up early and went to the red sand beach. This beach has very dark sand due to volcanic activities, and is a busy beach, with many visitors. From there we went to Oia for a walk.

We had lunch at Floga, an amazing restaurant, with a privileged view and modern cuisine – it was one of the restaurants I liked the most in the 3 weeks I spent in Greece.

A Red Sand Beach – Photo: dvq via Flickr

View of the Floga Restaurant in Santorini – Photo: publicity

Look at Santorini with its white houses – a dream! Photo: Michel Hincker via Flickr

Day 4 – Discovering the Wineries of Santorini

On our 4th and last day we went to Saint Wines, the most traditional winery on the island, to taste Greek wines. The view from there is unmissable, breathtaking.! And the super affordable price – 9 euros for 3 glasses of #pirei wine.

After a few hours there we went to the Nicholas Tavern in Fira, a restaurant that is deceiving for being very simple and small, but is one of the most respected. Both the food and the service are great. Mr. Nikolas is a sweetheart, super friendly!

After walking and seeing everything in Fira. We went to have our last drinks in Santorini at Two Brothers Bar. A bar that is super lively at night and has excellent drinks and great prices.

At the end of the day we took the hotel van to the port and headed to Milos, again with Sea Jets (52,50 euros).

The beautiful view of Santo Wine

Your Nikolas is a sympathy – this place is really worth knowing!

hotels in Santorini

Click on the image and make your reservation at Kokkinos Villas

Know which are the best hotels in Santorini can make planning your trip even easier. Therefore, below we separate indications of the best evaluated, in the most diverse prices, for you to know where to stay in Santorini. Check out:

  • White Pearl Knights – Daily rates from € 569 – Note 9,9
  • Kokkinos Villas – Daily rates from € 179 – Note 9,2
  • Luxury Resort Santorini Sky – Daily rates from € 432 – Note 9,8
  • Absolute Bliss – Daily rates from € 315 – Note 9,7

See all Santorini hotel options.

Greek Islands – Milos
Itinerary 4 Days

We arrived in Milos around 20pm and we did the entire tour with a rental car. Car rental on the island is cheap and REALLY necessary. There are few “buses” and it is very difficult to get around depending on public transport or taxi.

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We continue towards the Milos Achivadolimni Camping, which, despite its name, is also a hotel with suites with minibar, air conditioning, swimming pool, etc.

The Achivadolimni region is far from the center, where the port is located. Adamas, on a beach that bears the same name. As a car is indispensable in Milos, the location made no difference to our stay.

The hospitality of Efi, the owner of the hotel, was simply spectacular. Despite not having breakfast included in our rate, the Efi offered us complimentary coffee and cake every morning.

>> Read our hosting tip Where to stay on Milos Island, Greece: Perla Rooms 

The pool overlooking Achivadolimni Bungalows and Camping – Photo: publicity

The rooms at Achivadolimni Bungalows and Camping – Photo: publicity

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Day 1 – Discovering the Famous Beaches of Milos

On our first day we went to the renowned beaches of Tsigrado e Firiplaka. Accessing with a physical map is kind of complicated, I ended up using GoogleMaps on my cell phone.

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Despite this, driving in Milos requires some caution as it has unpaved and very narrow stretches, but we had no problem. We left very early in the morning, around 7:30 am. It was ideal because the beaches were completely empty, most tourists only arrive after 10:30 am.

#Tip: bring water bottles and other things to drink and eat, as I went in mid-June (off season) and there was absolutely nothing there!

Tsigrado and Firiplaka beaches

A Tsigrado beach It's beautiful, but it's a little difficult to access, you have to go down a ladder – the same layout as Sancho beach in Fernando de Noronha – with a narrow passage and a rope. It's a really nice beach, crystal clear water and wilder look.

A few minutes away by car, is the beach of Firiplaka, which, in my opinion, it's one of the most wonderful beaches I've ever seen in my life., and empty! It is an extensive beach, with huge rocks forming its shore.

>> Bruno our columnist also visited Milos and told everything What to do on Milos Island in 2 days

Tsigrado Beach – Photo: Rui Pedro Vieira via Flickr

Firiplaka Beach – one of the most beautiful of my trip

We left Firiplaka and went to Paleohori, where we had a late lunch at the excellent restaurante Sirocco. The menu is focused on seafood, with super cheap prices (much better than in Santorini), we even had a bottle of local rosé wine for 4 euros. That's right, 4 euros!!

It is a beautiful and “younger” beach with several water sports being offered, as well as taverns and restaurants. We enjoyed the beach for the rest of the afternoon and ended up going to the Adamas region, at night, to have dinner and visit the shops.

Paleohori Beach in Milos

Day 2 – Discovering the beaches north of Milos

The next day we left early to discover the beaches of Sarakiniko, Papafragas, Firopotamos, Agia Kiriaki e Paleohori. The first three are in the north of the island and we chose to start with the most famous, Sarakiniko.

Sarakiniko It's quite different from any other I've been to. It has a “lunar” shape, thanks to the action of the wind and waves on its volcanic rocks. Despite the sun, it was very windy and tourists were already there.

The next stop is the beach of Papafragas. It was a super saga, since its access consists of a very discreet entrance and we had to ask several people on the street how to get there.

It's like an “open cave”, with a hole in which you can swim in the crystal clear Greek water, but it's quite small and you have to walk downhill to get there. It's nice to visit but not to spend a lot of time.

Sarakiniko Beach in Milos

Details of the Sarakiniko Beach stones – Photo: Balázs Reich via Flickr

Papafragas Beach – Photo: Andrew Rayner via Flickr

And the journey continues! Soon after we went to Firopotamos. Access by car is very bad, as it is very narrow and in a certain stretch only one car passes, be careful. We arrived there around 12:XNUMX and I was a little disappointed in relation to the other beaches, besides being a minimum extension, it is an area where there are many fishermen.

We decide to continue to Praia de Agia Kiriaki, not sul from Milos. This was one of my favorites, the color of the water was just unbelievable. A real pool in the middle of the sea, I've never seen anything so transparent.

Despite having some restaurants and bars close by, the beach was practically empty. A paradise!

Firopotamos Beach -Photo: jpeggg77 via Flickr

Agia Kiriaki – my favorite!

Day 3 – Boat trip in Milos

On our third day in Milos we did the tour I wanted most of the entire trip: a day by boat around Milos and visiting other more distant islands and islets.

We made the “Route 2” of Milos Adventures Sailing Excursions, which goes around Milos and goes to Polyegos.

Polyegos it is without a doubt the place that took my breath away: the color of the water is fluorescent blue, I have never seen anything like it. I think it's the same thing you have in the Ionian Islands, but in the middle of the Cyclades.

In this itinerary we also pass through the Milos main attraction, the famous Praia de Kleftiko, which can only be accessed by boat. With crystal clear waters, caves and rocks, Cleft girl sums up the stunning natural beauty of Milos well.

The tour costs 80 euros per person and includes a snack (sandwich, fruit, snacks), drinks (including wine and ouzo), a rich seafood lunch and even ice cream for dessert.

Enjoying the blue of Poliegos, Greece. Photo: Barbara Tigre

Rochas de Kleftiko – Photo: fulan zhang via Flickr

Day 4 – Discovering Plaka – Capital of Milos

On our fourth and last day in Milos we went to visit Plate, the island's capital, located 220 meters above sea level. To get there beyond the limitations of access – the streets are very narrow – we also don't find parking easy.

Despite this, it is worth the visit as it is possible to have beautiful panoramic views of Milos and neighboring islands. On the hill at the top of Plaka is the Castle (Kastro), with walls that served to observe pirates and prevent attacks in medieval times.

It is also where the most famous church in Milos is located, the Assumption of the Virgin, from the 13th century.

View of Milos Island from Kastro Castle in Plaka

And there are still many more beaches and beautiful places in Milos. See more sights in Milos in the video below:

Greek Islands – Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the best known Greek islands, next to Santorini and also in the Cyclades. Unlike Santorini, where the romantic spirit prevails, Mykonos is known for its funky vibe and guaranteed fun for young people with lots of parties and nightlife.

With its picturesque architecture, Mykonos offers activities for people of all types:

  • kick in Chora
  • See or sunset in Little Venice
  • swim in Super Paradise, Psarou – the beach of the highly disputed club-restaurant Nammos
  • Discover the Beach Kaio Livadi
  • Discover the famous restaurant Kiki's na Praia Agio Sostis
  • Beyond Mykonos Town's bars and clubs

Nammos – one of the trendiest beach clubs in Mykonos – Photo: @nammosmykonos via Instagram

Hotels in Mykonos

Click on the image and make your reservation at Lithos by Spyros & Flora

If you are going to pass through Mykonos during your trip to the Greek islands, check below for the best hotels in Mykonos for you to have a perfect stay at the destination.

  • Mykonos Riviera Hotel & Spa – Daily rates from € 332 – Note 9,5
  • Lithos by Spyros & Flora – Daily rates from € 157 – Note 9,9
  • Palladium Hotel – Daily rates from € 360 – Note 9,6
  • Corfos Hotel – Daily rates from € 141 – Note 9,1

See all Mykonos hotel options.

See also:

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Greek Islands – Patmos

Maybe this is one of the most unknown greek islands of this post. Patmos has become a guaranteed destination for jetsetters from all over the world, thus deserving its place in the sun.

This beautiful island is located in the Dodecanese, near the coast of Turkey, it is considered the “Jerusalem" of the Aegean – it was there where John wrote the book of Revelation.

That's why the attractions on the island are the St. John's Monastery, on top of a hill in Chora and the apocalypse caveInter Chora e Skala.

The outstanding beaches are the exclusive Psili Ammos, accessible only by boat 45 minutes from Skala. The beach Sapsila, known for having the warmest waters on Patmos and Agriolivadi.

São João Monastery – Photo: magellano via Flickr

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Greek Islands – Zakynthos

To close this post with a flourish, I left it for the end Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is the island of the famous Navagio Beach.

The main one of the Greek Ionian Islands, Zakynthos receives almost half a million tourists each summer – including many who leave for the area of Lagging, known for having 24-hour parties.

the dizzying Navagio Beach it can only be accessed by boat, although it can be seen from a viewpoint with a panoramic view. Originally called Agios Georgios, around 1981 Greek authorities chased a ship allegedly smuggling wine and cigarettes, the “Panagiotis”, and it ended up running aground on the beach.

Hence the new name: Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) or Shipwreck Beach (Stranded Ship Beach). The ship is still abandoned on the white sand of the beach, making up the magical scenery of Zakynthos.

Depending on the time of year, unfortunately the beach is full of tourists, and there is no bar structure or chairs. Try to go in the morning so you can see the beach in its best light.

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The amazing Navagio Beach in Zakinthos with no Filter! – Photo: Flavio Antunes

Hotels in Zakynthos

Click on the image and make your reservation at Lesante Blue

Zakynthos is another little piece of Greece that every traveler dreams of meeting during a trip to the Greek islands. If you are going to pass through this region, also know the best hotels in Zakynthos which we list below:

  • Lesante Blue – Daily rates from € 404 – Note 9,3
  • White Canvas Boutique Studios – Daily rates from € 130 – Note 10
  • Olea All Suite Hotel – Daily rates from € 360 – Note 9,3
  • Balcony Hotel – Daily rates from € 110 – Note 9,4

See all hotel options in Zakynthos.

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And you, did you like our Roadmap Greek islands? Tell us?

Athens hotels

Click on the image and make your reservation at Hotel Great Britain

Many travelers pass through the capital before departing for the Greek islands. Knowing this, we are going to leave you some indications of hotels in Athens, in case you are going to spend a few days in one of the oldest cities in the world.

  • Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel – Daily rates from € 971 – Note 9,3
  • Elia Ermou Athens Hotel – Daily rates from € 191 – Note 9,2
  • Ergon House – Daily rates from € 211 – Note 9,2
  • Nlh Fix Hotel – Daily rates from € 118 – Note 9,2

See all hotel options in Athens.

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Note: We highly value the credibility of our information. All the sites we recommend above are sites we already use, we have good experiences and feedback from readers!

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