The 14 must-do things to do in Antiparos

The 14 must-do things to do in Antiparos
  • 1. The village of Antiparos
  • 2. The beach and the turquoise waters
  • 3. Go for a hike
  • 4. The stalactite cave
  • 5. Watching a sunset
  • 6. Recharge your batteries
  • 7. kastro
  • 8. Cycling
  • 9. The ancient temple of Apollo and Artemis on the island of Despotiko
  • 10. A boat trip
  • 11. A diving session
  • 12. Nightlife
  • 13. Local specialities
  • 14. Paros
  • How to get to Antiparos?
  • - Stage 1: Paris-Athens
  • - Stage 2: Athens-Paros
  • - Paros-Antiparos
  • How to get around Antiparos?
  • Where to stay in Antiparos ?

On a trip to the Cyclades? Take the time to visit Antiparos during your stay. Charming little sister of Paros, it holds many treasures.

Antiparos is located west of Paros, only about 30 minutes by boat. Covering an area of 35 km², the Aegean island is an ideal destination for travellers who wish to discover the atmosphere of the Cyclades, without having to endure hordes of tourists.

Despite its small size, visiting Antiparos is full of surprises. Indeed, it is an island on which you will not get bored. Between sports activities, nature activities and cultural treasures, there is something for everyone!

What to do in Antiparos? Let's take stock.

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1. The village of Antiparos

Come and stroll through the white alleys of Chora (or Hora), the capital village of Antiparos. Stop time and let your instincts and senses guide you. Between the subtle smells of Mediterranean cuisine, the calm and authenticity of the small squares, the lively main street, the century-old tree in Agios Nikolaos Square, the bright colours of the bougainvilleas, the charm of the marina and the immaculate white of the Aegean houses, you will be disorientated and conquered.

Shopping fans will find their happiness in one of the small shops of the main artery, the Karabia. Between clothes, souvenirs and sweets, you'll find plenty to lighten your wallet, provided you don't find your door closed, if you go there at siesta time! A little extra: the village is essentially pedestrian.

2. The beach and the turquoise waters

Visit Antiparos without lingering on one of its beaches? Impossible! If you are looking for clear water, beautiful yellow sand and a minimum of facilities, choose the beaches of Agios Georgios, Glyfa, Livadi or Soros.

You don't like beaches? You will change your mind! It is possible to combine calm and beauty on the beaches of Agios Spiridonas, Agios Sostis and Faneromeni. In Panayia, located on the east coast, snorkeling enthusiasts will be delighted!

For those without a car, paradise remains within your reach. Discover the beaches of Psaralyki and Sifneiko!

3. Go for a hike

Visiting Antiparos also means taking the time to get some fresh air. Considering the size of the island, it is obvious that a ten-day trek is hardly conceivable! However, walking enthusiasts will be able to stretch their legs a little by taking the coastal path from Agios Georgios to Chora, via Livadi, in about three hours.

If you want to cut yourself off from the sea for a few hours, try crossing the island inland!

4. The stalactite cave

What to do in Antiparos? Without a doubt: visit its famous cave! Known since antiquity, but inhabited since the Neolithic period, this natural curiosity is home to countless stalactites and stalagmites. Some famous visitors or witnesses of history have left their traces there. Inscriptions dating from the 18th century or the Second World War can be found here. Let yourself be charmed by the adorable little church of Aghios Ioannis Sipilotis, located at the entrance of the cave.

Location: The cave is located about ten kilometres south of Chora.
Hours: from 10 am to 3 or 4 pm between April and November. Dates and times to be checked on site.
Rates: 6 € for adults; 3 € from 6 to 12 years old; free for children under 6 years old.

5. Admire a sunset

The sun, the sea, holidays... All that's missing is a superb sunset that blends into the horizon! The beach of Sifneikos is a perfect spot for the occasion, especially as it can be reached on foot from the port of Chora.

6. Recharge your batteries

What to do in Antiparos? How about doing nothing? Antiparos is a destination for contemplation. If you choose the right place, you will be able to take the opportunity to reflect, take stock and refocus. The calm, the charm, the beauty of the landscapes, the kindness of the inhabitants and their optimism, everything is conducive to relaxation.

7. Kastro

Built to protect the inhabitants from pirate attacks, the 16th century Venetian fort is located in the village of Antiparos. The castle is surrounded by several charming houses and houses three Venetian churches.

8. Cycling

Better than by car or scooter, the bicycle is the occasion to visit Antiparos while taking the time to contemplate the landscapes, to stop at the bend of a path and to muscle your calves!

Bikes are available for rent in the biggest villages of the island. Try the crossing of Antiparos by the coast or discover Kampos and the interior landscapes.

9. The ancient temple of Apollo and Artemis on the island of Despotiko

In the Cyclades, you never stop discovering new islands or islets! The island of Despotiko, a sort of miniature Delos, is little known to the general public and yet is home to an interesting archaeological site. At the heart of this open-air museum are the remains of the temple of Apollo and Artemis.

10. A boat trip

To visit Antiparos is to discover it from the inside, from the beach, but also from the sea. Indeed, the island is surrounded by curious rocky formations that can only be really appreciated by observing them from the open sea. If you don't have time to stay in Antiparos, give yourself a day to discover the island from an unusual angle. Don't miss the opportunity to take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea!

11. A diving session

Antiparos is not the number one diving spot for diving enthusiasts. However, your stay can be the opportunity to organize an outing to admire a rich biodiversity, many underwater caves or some wrecks. You have never dived before? Take advantage of your stay in Antiparos to pass your baptism or other levels. For more information, you can turn in particular to the Blue Island Divers center, located in Chora.

12. Nightlife

You are in need of animation? If Antiparos is an island where it's easy to find peace and quiet, nightlife lovers will find what they need in the streets of Chora. There is no shortage of bars and clubs. Visiting Antiparos also means enjoying the festive atmosphere!

13. Local specialities

As in most of the Cycladic islands, it is better to enjoy fish and seafood! Traditional taverns will delight lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. Don't miss the local speciality: dried octopus! Also try the local alcohol, tsikoudia. For the less adventurous, pizza or Greek salad remain a good alternative.

14. Paros

If you have preferred to settle in Antiparos rather than Paros, in order to escape the summer crowds, it would nevertheless be a pity not to discover the beauties of Paros. To visit Antiparos is also to honour your big sister! Between the picturesque harbours, the beautiful beaches, the hills in the centre of Paros, the nightlife of Naoussa and the many monasteries, you shouldn't struggle to find something to feed your day of visit!

How to get to Antiparos?

Stage 1: Paris-Athens

Knowing what to do in Antiparos is one thing. Now it's time to ask yourself how to get there! To get to Antiparos, you will have to be patient. From Paris, there are no direct flights to Paros, and even less to Antiparos. First step then: Paris-Athens! Be warned and book in advance. Depending on the season, and especially in the middle of summer, the prices go up in the direction of Athens. To avoid paying full price, turn to a flight comparator like Skyscanner. You will be able to select different departure dates/locations and get the best rates.

Stage 2: Athens-Paros

Once you're in the Greek capital, you have two options: air or ferry. By plane, the flight takes forty minutes. By ferry, the journey takes between three and four hours. To help you find a ticket at the best price, there are comparators, such as Direct Ferries.

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To reach Antiparos from Paros, you will have no other choice than the boat. Two connections are proposed.

  • Parikia-Antiparos: 30 min, 5 €. 10 connections per day. Do not take cars.
  • Punta-Antiparos: 10 min, 1,30 € for pedestrians and 6,30 € for a car and its passengers. Connections from 6 a.m. to midnight, every half hour.

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How to get around Antiparos?

Despite the small size of the island, it is difficult to get around by walking alone, unless you are a hiking enthusiast! For the less sporty, there are buses that take you to the most famous sites, such as the Antiparos cave. If you want to be autonomous, it is better to rent a car or a scooter.

Where to stay in Antiparos?

Where to stay to visit Antiparos? The easiest place to stay is in the village of Chora. However, it is not impossible to find accommodation in Glyfa or Apandima on the east coast, Kampos inland, or St Georgios in the south of the island. For

Ready to visit Antiparos?

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