The 9 best diving spots in Corsica

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  • 1. The Gulf of Sagone
  • 2. Calvi Marine Reserve
  • 3. The Lavezzi Islands
  • 4. The wreck of the Alcione
  • 5. The Gulf of Porto
  • 6. Propriano Bay
  • 7. The Cerbicale Islands Nature Reserve
  • 8. Campanina
  • 9. The island of Pietra

You have decided to go to the Mediterranean to practice scuba diving? Discover the 9 best diving spots in Corsica!

It is well known and it will not surprise anyone: if Corsica is nicknamed the Island of Beauty, it is not for nothing. This extraordinary territory is renowned for its spectacular landscapes and sublime panoramas. Endowed with unmissable tourist points of interest, the island is also known for its diving spots. They have nothing to envy, it's true, to the most beautiful tropical destinations!

Crystal-clear water, schools of multicoloured fish, breathtaking underwater fauna and flora. Yes, all this is to be found in Corsica, and much more! It is possible, in the four corners of Corsica, to benefit from the experience of numerous clubs and instructors. Eager to share their passion and to accompany novice or experienced divers.

Freediving using fins and snorkels? Or equipped with complete diving equipment including tanks, regulator and wetsuit? No matter: in Corsica, no doubt you will be able to discover the other side of the scenery. While leaving to discover the seabed and its exceptional natural wealth!

To help you make your choice among the best diving spots in Corsica, count on us. We have prepared a selection of the nine most incredible spots for you. Put on your wetsuit and let's go for it!

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1. The Gulf of Sagone

The Gulf of Sagone is located in South Corsica. If we tell you about it, it's because it is one of the must-sees when you love the exhilaration of the deep! In fact, it abounds in diving sites adapted to all levels. It is simply one of the best spots to dive in Corsica! You will be able to admire the splendour of the seabed and discover the wreck of a Canadair. Or shiver in front of the Punta Locca: a spectacular drop-off of almost sixty metres!

The luckiest ones will undoubtedly have the opportunity to come across schools of drum fish. Or even spend a few minutes in the company of groupers! Some are so little shy that it is possible to touch them... Go and meet them: it is the insurance to bring back unforgettable memories of your stay.

2. Calvi Marine Reserve

Calvi is a magnificent city by itself. But it's also one of the best spots for diving in Corsica! And especially on the peninsula of Revellata where the fishes are very numerous. As long as you take the trouble to go down to more than fifteen meters, the show is fabulous. The rocky walls offer breathtaking scenes to the lucky ones who come to approach them!

The divers undulate in the middle of an exceptional flora and fauna. Scorpion fish, groupers, red gorgonians, devil rays and moray eels will be there for the duration of the dive. What are you waiting for to put on your equipment and meet them?

3. The Lavezzi Islands

These islands are located in South Corsica, 10 kilometres from Bonifacio. But then, really in the south: this diving spot is the southernmost place in Corsica! Divers from all over Europe meet there, and you can quickly understand why when you look at the water. The water is completely turquoise when you get close to it, and crystal clear once you get in!

Snorkeling enthusiasts will find themselves on the coastline of the six Lavezzi Islands. Indeed, it is not necessary to dive deep to enjoy the show. But for experienced divers capable of reaching several dozen metres in depth, what a splendour! Fish and corals are part of the scenery and will convince you to return as soon as possible.

4. The wreck of the Alcione

In the Ajaccio bay, you can observe many types of corals and an exceptional marine flora. They form a disparate and beautifully coloured whole. But if the place is one of the best diving spots in Corsica, it is indeed for the Alcione. This Italian oil tanker has been lying at a depth of 35 meters since it sank there in 1943!

It is necessary to be an experienced diver to access the wreck but once there, what an atmosphere! The Alcione is in a pitiful state but that's precisely what makes the charm of this escapade. Nature has regained its rights and the sun is shining through the boat. The play of light thus created offers the visitor the unique sensation of being on another planet!

5. The Gulf of Porto

It is quite simply one of the best spots for diving in Corsica. Besides, we are not the only ones to think so. For those who would doubt it, know that the place has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The site includes, among others, the reserve of Scandola and the calanches of Piana. It is not allowed to fish or dive in this nature reserve but you can get close to its limits. And it is already very beautiful! Once arrived on the area, it's time to put on your equipment and go to discover the incredible animals present.

First of all, there are many sea urchins. If some of them are edible, it is strictly forbidden to pick them up! Then, by going into the depths, you can come across moray eels and scorpion fish. Day companions to make the most of your short stay below the surface!

6. Propriano Bay

Once again, an exceptional spot in an exceptional region: the Gulf of Valinco. Within the latter, the Propriano bay offers surreal scenes for those who accept to go down into the water. It's one of the best spots for diving in Corsica! Up to 25 meters deep, you can find the underwater richness specific to the Corsican coast, of course. But that's not all, as you will discover.

Here you will find strange bouquets of dark coral which are rather rare in the region. And at a depth of almost fifty meters, you can see a surprising geological curiosity! A tunnel seemingly dug in the rock, nicknamed "the Pyramids". If you are experienced enough, why not go and explore it?

7. The Cerbicale Islands Nature Reserve

This small archipelago consists of only four islands and islets. But this rocky, ultimately unattractive group of rocks is full of secrets! Off the coast of Porto-Vecchio, there are extraordinary scuba diving areas. In our opinion, it is one of the best diving spots in Corsica and you will quickly understand why.

The place is home to a very remarkable fauna and flora! In addition, the sea is often calm near the coast and offers a good diving experience. And this, whatever island you choose on the archipelago to indulge in the pleasures of discovering the sea bed! Our advice is to discover the island of Toro: a wreck awaits you in the area, just off the island...

8. Campanina

Close to Ajaccio, Campanina is an exceptional site. It is an exceptional underwater cave located at a depth of nearly forty meters. If the fish are rare, the mostelle, which lives in the rocky cavities, feels at home here. And even if you don't come across any, this geological curiosity remains a real pleasure to discover. It is certainly one of the best spots for diving in Corsica!

But not everyone is able to go down so deep. Either for lack of equipment or for lack of experience! But rest assured, there are other treasures to be discovered, closer to the surface. The shellfish present in the area are numerous: if we are lucky, we can find lobsters. It is an ideal meal to recover from your emotions, once you are back on the cows' floor!

9. The island of Pietra

This island is certainly one of the best diving spots in Corsica. And for good reason: it is not even necessary to equip yourself with oxygen tanks, a snorkel is enough! Snorkeling enthusiasts will be delighted to venture into its small cove, rather well sheltered from the waves. A whole new world can be observed there, just a few metres from the surface. Sea anemones, sea urchins, wrasses await you in this popular spot just a stone's throw from Ile Rousse!

The north of Corsica definitely abounds in spectacular places, each one more astonishing than the other. But here the authenticity of the place, still wild, is really worth the detour. We warmly recommend that you put on your flippers and enjoy a moment of relaxation where time stands still. So, when do you want to leave?

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