Airbnb Marrakech : the best Airbnb rentals in Marrakech

Airbnb Marrakech : the best Airbnb rentals in Marrakech

Find in this guide the best Airbnb rentals in Marrakech: for a stay with the locals worthy of Moroccan hospitality.

Welcome to Marrakech: perfect escape for a few days for a total change of scenery. Its Medina, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is sure to charm you. Its Jemaa el Fna square can pride itself on being one of the most exhilarating open-air theatres. Its souks are full of masterpieces and hidden secrets. Its gardens and palaces transport you to the land of miles and one night. Not to mention that the Red City is also the kingdom of the taste buds: tagines, couscous, pastille, gazelle horn. Aren't these words enough to whet your appetite? Then let's not forget how much the Marrakchis' sense of welcome is as innate, warm and respectful.

What do you need to pack your suitcase and escape under the sun of this tourist capital, evocative of dreams and pleasure? Perhaps you need some ideas for accommodation where to spend your nights in the Orient? Here are for you the 10 best Airbnb rentals in Marrakech! They are mainly located in the districts of the Medina (the unmistakable historical heart and effigy of the city) and the Palmeraie (for a more luxurious and idleness atmosphere).

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In which district to stay in Marrakech?

1. Inside Medina: in the heart of the Medina

Budget :
The plus of housing: at the heart of everything and accessible to small budgets

Nestled in an oriental building with red bricks, curved and sculpted with details, Riad Calista offers a sensational experience in the heart of Marrakech's Medina. This family home is typical: arches carved into walls of sparkling white lime, columns of meticulous detailing, delicately shaped wrought iron, a marble swimming pool, a roof top offering a bucolic view and an immersion in life on the rooftops of the imperial city.

The warm-hearted inhabitants will open the doors of their lounges, rooms, suites with a smile as only Moroccans know how to display. The main monuments of Marrakech are just a few minutes walk away, including the Jamaa el Fna square (10 minutes).

2. Medina Rose: the land of the distant sunset with modernism

Budget : €€€
The plus of the accommodation: location close to the main attractions and swimming pool

Among the best Airbnb in Marrakech, some know how to mix the traditional Moroccan style with the more westernized modern style. It is towards this perfect balance that the riad Medina Rose tends towards. Pure but ornamented with purely oriental decorations, spacious thanks to its huge bay windows but melted into the blushing medina, this accommodation offers an experience as authentic as it is refined.

The plus: ideal for group travelers.

3. Villa Kristy: facing the Atlas Mountains

Budget : €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: a breathtaking view and in the middle of nature

Even if you're looking for an Airbnb in Marrakech, perhaps you'd like to sleep away from the teeming and inexhaustible lungs of the medina? Just 30 minutes from the heart of the red city, facing the Atlas Mountains and surrounded by olive trees, stands a typical Moroccan villa. Here, the environment is calm, soothing and ideal to recharge your batteries.

The two contemporary villas, also with a traditional oriental imprint, are perfect for large groups. Indeed, when renting with Airbnb in Marrakech, the price of the accommodation does not change according to the number of holidays. So the more you are, the less you pay, even in sumptuous villas.

4. The Aïcha room at Riad Birdy : Airbnb alone

Budget :
The plus of accommodation: all the Moroccan charm for solo travellers

Morocco is a popular destination for solo travellers. Riad Birdy thinks of them! This Airbnb in Marrakech offers several rooms and among them, the one with the name of Aïcha, designed to accommodate one person. Bathed in blue and the subtleties of the Orient, the room opens onto the red-hued corridors leading from the outdoor pool to the roof top with a view over the whole of Marrakech.

In addition, the Airbnb system promotes encounters with locals, authentic cultural immersion and observation of real local life. If you are travelling alone, this proximity with the family can be a real asset to break the solitude and open up to the country.

5. Riad Christelle : the luminous riad

Budget : €€€
The plus of the accommodation: a bright and family dwelling in the heart of the medina

All in white, Riad Christelle is a luminous pearl among the best Airbnb in Marrakech. The decor transports and brings a feeling of great purity. The touches of decoration are refined and discreet. Ivory blooms from floor to ceiling and invites you to a gentle retreat.

Although it is only a few minutes away from the major centers of interest in Marrakech, this riad is located in a neighborhood that has preserved all its authenticity and local artisans. Here, take advantage of the wise and secret advice of the inhabitants to discover some of Marrakech's confidential places.

6. Riad Bamileke: housing with African accents

Budget :
The plus of accommodation: in the heart of the Medina and in the middle of the African savannah

Marrakech is above all an imperial city located on the African continent! This is indeed the reason why the family of Riad Bamileke decided to highlight the decoration and the African atmosphere, in the broadest sense, to welcome travellers from all over the world. The touches of oriental decoration then rub shoulders with portraits of animals from the savannah, African masks, tribal sculptures, curtains with rock drawings and rustic wooden furniture.

Our favorite: we particularly like the Yoruba, a room for two people, which is particularly rooted in the Afro and safari style.

7. Riad Chamili : Marrakech for lovers

Budget :
Accommodation's plus: location close to the main attractions and everything thought for two

In our ranking of the best Airbnb rentals in Marrakech, it is impossible to overlook those who have thought of the many couples who put down their suitcases in Marrakech.

Close to the emblematic palaces and the famous lively districts of the red city, this elegant Riad is a haven for lovers. Each of the rooms has its own identity, its own colours and its own definitely honeyed atmosphere. By candlelight and in an intimate setting, you and your sweetheart will love this romantic experience.

8. Riad Eden Palm : Airbnb in an oasis

Budget : €€€€
The plus of the accommodation: a group stay, in a quiet area, in the palm grove.

Some will like to stay in the Palmeraie of Marrakech during their stay in the imperial city. Without being far from the historic centre and the main monuments, the Palmeraie offers more greenery and rest. Here you will meet the typically Mediterranean Moroccan fauna and flora and the famous camels.

In this case of endemic nature, Riad Eden Palm opens its doors to the large group of travellers. Balconies, garden, swimming pool, barbecue, this 300 m² Riad has all the essentials for a relaxing and exotic holiday in the land of the faraway sunset.

9. Villa Anahita: Idyllic Holidays

Budget : €€€€
The plus of accommodation: the chef who cooks all your meals

If luxury were a Riad, it would definitely be this one. Villa Anahita presents a modern interpretation of the traditional architecture of Moroccan riad style. Both the interior and exterior of this Moroccan Airbnb are breathtaking. Indeed, the five rooms are decorated with style and modernity, without forgetting to be comfortable. As for the garden, you will be amazed. Indeed, decorated with palm trees, with a panoramic view of the nearby mountain range, without forgetting the magnificent swimming pool, the garden alone is a luxurious place to live.

What are you waiting for to taste the palace life? Don't hesitate to share this experience in a group, as the villa is so huge!

10. Villa Kallaris: Breathtaking airbnb

Budget : €€€€
Theplus of the accommodation: the magnificent swimming pool

Looking for a top-of-the-range Airbnb in Marrakech? Well, you've found a nugget! Villa Kallaris offers all the services you need for a heavenly holiday. Indeed, in addition to a swimming pool, a garden and a stylishly decorated house, you will benefit from a cook, a maid and a gardener. These holidays are only made for you to relax on a deckchair by the pool in the sun. This luxury residence can accommodate up to 8 travellers, i.e. 4 couples, who will each have a suite with an en-suite bathroom.

Very well located, the villa is close to the Majorelle garden and the Yves Saint Laurent museum. Only a few steps away, you will also find restaurants, shops and souks. Enjoy your stay!

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