What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit

What to do in Morocco

Create a list with what to do in morocco with just 20 attractions it's almost an impossible task – after all, this colorful North African country is an eclectic destination that has something for everyone. 

Although small, it is home to beaches, deserts, vibrant metropolises, waterfalls, lakes, dunes and even mountains for skiing and climbing! Nature is exuberant, the architecture is rich in details, the distances are long and the climate is intense!

For three weeks, Vagner and I traveled more than 1500 km, absorbing all the sights, smells and sounds of this country and, of course, stuffing ourselves with couscous, tagine and lots of mint tea!

Traveling through Morocco was a unique experience, which we want to repeat many more times! Below, we share with you the best attractions, the ones that you MUST experience at least once and will mark you forever. 

Prepare to be surprised by the countless contrasts, go with an open mind and heart!


Why visit Morocco?

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Vince Gx on Unsplash
  • Traveling to this country and visiting the sights of Morocco is like stepping into a time machine that takes you straight back over a thousand years in human history.
  • It is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination, as it is a great option to experience the culture of northern Africa. Africa with a low budget. 
  • Located on the northwest edge of the huge African continent, it's just a quick flight from Europe, so it's very easy to fit Morocco into a European trip.

How to get to Morocco

Morocco has 12 international airports, the most important of which are those in Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Fez and, to a lesser extent, Tangier.

There are direct flights to Casablanca by the airline Royal Air Maroc. It is also possible to fly to Europe and, from there, to Morocco. There are daily flights from Lisbon by TAP lasting less than an hour to Marrakech. Low cost airlines like Ryanair fly to Morocco for less than $100. 

The Strait of Gibraltar (14km) separates Morocco from Europe. Regular ferries depart from Algeciras and Tarifa (Spain) to Tangier or Ceuta, and from Sète (France) to Tangier, Almeria and Malaga (Spain) to Melilla.

What to do in Morocco: best attractions around the country

1. Visit the tanneries in Fez

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Foto: fotografu on Unsplash

One of the highlights of any trip to Morocco is shopping for some amazing leather goods, so of course, this is top of our list of things to do in Morocco. But first of all, do you know how all that colorful leather is made, and most importantly, what is it made of?!

The best way to see this process in progress is to visit a tannery, the place where animal skins are processed to make leather. Tanneries have been in operation since medieval times and haven't changed much since then. 

One of the most famous is the Tannery of Fez, known as “Chouara Tannery”. This ancient outdoor workshop has been around for 1000 years! You'll find hundreds of pools of color, like an artist's paint palette, with men busy working in the sun.

The smell of the mixture of acids, natural pigments and cow urine used to soften the leather can be overpowering, but the sight more than makes up for it.

2. Hike through the amazing Todra Gorge

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Jose Javier Martin Esparza

The Gorges of Todra are 15 km from the town of Tinghir and are the gateway to the Atlas Mountains. More than 300 meters high, the gorges are fascinating for their orange color and immensity.

Between the gorges, the Todra River flows and there is a small asphalt road, where it is possible to walk between the beautiful walls.

There's no way not to feel tiny and, at the same time, completely fascinated by this place, which is one of the main tourist attractions in Morocco!

Hosting tip: 

Riad Sephora: located 3 km from the Gorges of Todra, this riad has a swimming pool and a terrace with incredible views from which to enjoy the landscapes of the region. The decor is beautiful and the riad offers 24 hour reception, Wi-Fi, air conditioning in the rooms and breakfast. A great accommodation option.

3. Visit Jemaa el-Fnaa Square in Marrakech

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: CALIN STAN on Unsplash

In doubt about what to visit in Morocco? Go to Jemaa el-Fnaa Square.

Marrakech was exactly what we imagined it would be: a modern mix of Moroccan and international culture, with a huge diversity of delicious food, and medinas with beautiful architecture. Undoubtedly, the most eclectic city of the trip!

The famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square really is the mess everyone describes: tens of thousands of people eating, shopping, getting henna tattoos, listening to bands and storytellers, and watching magicians (and snake charmers during the day!) . 

It is one of the busiest and most interesting places in the whole country (and I bet the world!) to watch people come and go. We were really impressed with how big and crowded the place is!

4. Shopping in the Souqs of Marrakech

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

One of the great pleasures of Marrakech that you should include in your list of places to visit in Morocco is walking through its souks, haggling and people watching. 

This labyrinth of alleys is a feast for the senses: the mix of people, the variety of products, the colors, the smells, and the play of light and shadow through the ceiling can be incredible!

Take it easy on the first visit, starting with the main road. On your way back, remember that the great fun there is getting lost, so go into the side alleys, where there are small workshops where craftsmen make and sell traditional pieces.

The souks are at their liveliest around 16-17pm, when the temperature cools down, the locals head out for their evening walk and the tourists have already gone to the sights.

But it's worth going through them at different times, as the atmosphere changes throughout the day.

5. Spend a night in the Sahara Desert

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Parker Hilton on Unsplash

Spending a night in the Sahara desert is something that cannot be missing from the list of things to do in Morocco! Seriously, this is an experience everyone needs to have at least once in their lifetime.

Watching the sun sink behind the dunes to make room for thousands of stars will make you feel small and super lucky. It's impossible not to be enchanted!

For this, you can go on your own, and spend the night in one of the camps like Desert Camp Erg Chebbi and the Erg Chegaga Luxury Lodge, which offer comfortable tents, free parking and breakfast. 

But it is also possible book the tour "Marrakech: 3 Days and 2 Nights in the Sahara Desert” which includes transfers, camels, breakfast and dinner, plus 2 nights in luxury camps!

6. Relax on the beach in Agadir

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Louis Hansel on Unsplash

In the south of Morocco, there is Agadir, one of the most beautiful coastal cities and one of the main tourist attractions in Morocco. 

It was partially destroyed in the 60s due to a major earthquake, but it was quickly rebuilt and improved and now attracts people from all over the world.

The city has many beautiful beaches nearby, a vibrant nightlife, interesting museums and a zoo.

There are also some of the best coastal resorts and marinas in Morocco, luxury beachfront restaurants and cafes, spas and sophisticated hotels with panoramic ocean views. All this makes Agadir a great vacation spot and a romantic destination for couples and honeymooners.

Accommodation tip in Agradar: 

For a beautiful and cozy stay in Agadir, our tip is to stay at Le Riad Villa Blanche, a boutique hotel 400 meters from the beach. 

In addition to being meticulously decorated, mixing Moroccan and contemporary styles, and having beautiful, spacious and comfortable rooms, this riad has an indoor pool and a great restaurant. Order the lamb and vegetarian couscous. You will not regret!

7. Explore the colorful alleys of Moulay Idriss

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Foto: Selina Bubendorfer on Unsplash

The colorful little town of Moulay Idriss is another place that needs to be on your list of places to visit in Morocco.

It is considered the holiest city in the country, as the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss (descendant of the Prophet Mohammed) is located here.

It has a picturesque location, high on a hill surrounded by green valleys. It's a super nice place to spend the day!

8. Be impressed with Volubilis

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: VolubilisSubhros, CC 3.0

The millennial Volubilis, which is just 4 km from Moulay Idriss, is the best preserved Roman archaeological site in Morocco. So much so that it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997. 

In an area of ​​480 square meters, there are from original mosaics to an impressive wall with arcades from a 3rd century court.  

The tour, which costs 20 dirhams, takes about an hour and, as there is no shade and the sun tends to be strong, use sunscreen. Add it to your list of things to do in Morocco!


To get to know these tourist attractions in Morocco, while in Fes, you can book a day trip to Moulay Idriss and Meknes Volubilis.

9. Travel by road Tizi n 'Test

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

Tizi n 'Test is the road through the High Atlas Mountains, built in the 1920s to link Marrakech with Taroudant, 226 kilometers to the southwest. For anyone planning to drive in Morocco, this is a must-do road trip to add to your list of things to do in Morocco!

If the weather is good, you will be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes of mountains, which pass through sharp curves and cliffs that reach 500 meters high. However, be aware that sometimes, due to the high altitude, the pass is covered by clouds!

At some points, there are viewpoints with cafes, where you can make that basic pit stop for a coffee, go to the bathroom or rest.


To travel by Tizi n 'Test, you can rent a car with RentCars. There are several options and it is still possible to pay the rent in installments.

10. Photograph the famous blue alleys in Chefchaouen

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Kyriacos Georgiou on Unsplash

Chefchaouen is another tourist attraction in Morocco that cannot be left out of any itinerary. 

This sacred “blue city”, with quiet streets and friendly people, exudes an air of calm and mystery. The great thing here is walking through its blue alleys in the medina, discovering new corners and taking lots of pictures. In fact, it is one of the most photographed settings in Morocco!

Located 55 km from the city of Tetouan, and 100 km from Ceuta, it is a good option for an overnight stay if you intend to explore the north of the country. 

Take a break at the many sidewalk cafes on place Uta el-Hammam and have a snack while watching the people go by.

11. Relax in an authentic hammam

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Naji.fatemeh, CC BY-SA 3.0

In any town or city in Morocco, no matter the size, you will find a public hammam (bathhouse) where you can bathe in varying temperatures of water in buckets, then lie on a hot stone and receive a thorough scrub by an employee wearing a kiis (a rough glove). 

This is the authentic way to experience the country's beach tradition and is well worth including on your list of things to do in Morocco! These baths offer different environments for men and women (or simply different hours) and the entrance has a symbolic price of less than dh10

But if you want something quieter (read: more tourist-oriented!), then go to The Baths of Marrakech or the O-Spa by Kenzi Tower Hotel in Casablanca. Regardless of the choice, you will leave feeling refreshed and refreshed. 

12. Hike in the Atlas Mountains

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Alexandra Borovova on Unsplash

The Atlas Mountains, one of Morocco's top tourist attractions, stretch for 2.400 kilometers from the west coast of Morocco to Tunisia, and are an increasingly popular hiking destination.

Most hikes start in Imlil, a mountain village that is an hour's drive from Marrakech. The paths are well traced, particularly from Imlil to Jebel Toubkal, and are suitable for all levels of fitness.

There are simple accommodations along the route, and the best time to attempt the summit is in April or May, when the weather is pleasant and rainfall is minimal. If you don't want to climb the peak, there are other easy hikes nearby.


There are many options for tours to discover the Atlas Mountains with a guide. Here are some we recommend:

  • From Marrakech: Full Day Hike in the Atlas Mountains
  • From Marrakech: 45-Minute Horseback Ride in the Atlas Mountains
  • Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert Private 4-Day Tour

13. Sleep like a Moroccan king in a luxurious Riad

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Jessica Kantak Bailey on Unsplash

If there's one thing worth including on your list of things to do in Morocco, it's staying in a riad. The main reason is the incredible feeling you get when you walk through the door in the medina and enter a kind of “secret oasis”! 

With its fountains, gardens and tranquility, each riad is a refuge from the scorching heat and the hustle and bustle outside! 

Most riads are located in Fez and Marrakesh and are architectural masterpieces, boasting intricate mosaic work, tiled floors and graceful arches. Furthermore, in Marrakesh are two of the most beautiful hotels in the world

14. Visit the largest mosque in Africa in Casablanca

For those in doubt about what to visit in Morocco, this is another good option. There are many beautiful mosques in the country, but Casablanca's Hassan II Mosque is one of the most impressive. It is the largest in the country and, at 180 meters, its minaret is the tallest in the world. 

With a relatively modern structure, it was completed in 1993 by order of King Hassan II, who wanted to create a historic landmark in Casablanca that could be recognized worldwide. 

The mosque took seven years to build and required the participation of 10.000 craftsmen. Today, non-Muslims can take a tour of the breathtaking interior of the building outside of prayer times. Alternatively, you can admire the beauty of the building and its waterfront setting from the outside.

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Hamza Bouchikhi on Unsplash

15. Discover the UNESCO Center of Tétouan

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Kamal Bilal on Unsplash

In the North of Morocco and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is the city of Tétouan, another tourist attraction in Morocco.

Walking through the streets of Tétouan, which has a Spanish influence that dates back to the period between 1912 and 1956 (when it was the capital of Spain's protectorate in the country), is to feel like you are in a mixture of worlds, between Arabic and Spanish, with a strong ancestry for the latter.

Although it has more than 380 inhabitants, in the city – which has white as its characteristic color – the place retains an air of tranquility, even in the medina (old city), which is one of the cleanest and least crowded in the country, being a heritage site. World Heritage Site since 1997.

16. Visit Ouarzazate, in Hollywood Marroquina

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: OUAJBIR on Unsplash

If you love cinema, Ouarzazate probably needs to be on your list of things to do in Morocco!

Here it is possible to visit the set of great productions, such as the series 'Game Of Thrones', and the films "Babel", "The Mummy", "Prince of Persia", "Alibaba and the 40 thieves", among other classics. and recent.

You will also be able to visit the cinema museum, which has a spectacular collection of equipment, accessories, clothing and sets created for filming in Ouarzazate.


If you are in Marrakech, you can book a day tour to Ouarzazate with a guide, which includes lunch (the dish is the famous Tajine)!

17. Enjoy the sunset in Essaouira

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Anastasia Dimitriadi on Unsplash

Our favorite city in Morocco, Essaouira is located just a few hours from Marrakesh on the Atlantic coast and is a popular beach destination for European tourists as well as one of the best tourist spots in Morocco.

This charming blue and white city harmoniously mixes Arab, Berber, African and European influences. We love the relaxed atmosphere, the lack of harassment in the streets, the charming cafes, the sea breeze and the fresh fish!

Be sure to visit the city's wonderful fish market, where fishermen sell their catch of the day. Afterwards, stop by the small fish stalls, close to the main square, and taste fresh and very cheap seafood.

We, along with our friends, splurged on a meal here: for $50 in total, the four of us shared eight tiger prawns, two fish weighing over a kilogram, and a pound of squid. All this with bread, salad, drinks, bread, tea and dessert. (We ate there every day, and meals afterwards cost about $15.) Check out stalls 5 and 11 for the best fish!

18. Ouzoud Waterfalls

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Anastasia Dimitriadi on Unsplash

With a height of 110 m, the Ouzoud Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural beauties in the country and one of the most incredible tourist attractions in Morocco.

The best thing is that in addition to enjoying it, you can bathe it, as long as you can withstand the icy water!

To discover this wonder, there are several tours departing from Marrakech, these are the ones we recommend you include in your list of things to do in Morocco:

  • 1 Day Ouzoud Waterfalls with Boat Trip.
  • Ouzoud Waterfalls Tour.
  • Full day private trip to Ouzoud Falls.
  • 1 Day Trip to Ouzoud Falls.

19. Diving or surfing on Moroccan beaches

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Louis Hansel on Unplash

Although the first image that comes to mind when we think of Morocco is the measured souks or the starry nights of the Sahara Desert, the country also has more than its fair share of paradisiacal beaches! 

There are two coastlines to choose from: the relaxed Mediterranean, with its safe swimming beaches and warm water temperatures, or the wild beauty and rich culture of the windswept Atlantic coast. 

For surfers, the best destination is Taghazout, a small fishing village located north of Agadir. But Point Anchor is also famous for its right-hand break, which stretches 500 meters during a powerful northwest swell.

If the idea is to include surfing on the list of things to do in Morocco, try to schedule your trip during the winter season, from September to April, when the waves are at their best.

20. Eating too much couscous and tagine

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit

Last on our list of things to do in Morocco, the tip is that you eat a lot of couscous and tagine! During our two weeks traveling in Morocco, we dove headfirst into eating as much as possible. After all, one of our goals when traveling is to taste the typical flavors of a place and learn how each meal is prepared. 

And you will eat extremely well in Morocco! With remarkable flavors and smells, the moroccan cuisine it is delicious and rich in spices and textures, bringing typical flavors from Arabs, Mediterranean countries and the peoples of northern Europe, in addition to combining very fresh ingredients common in the country.

The Tagine (cooked with meat, dates, walnuts, cumin, cinnamon and saffron in a clay pot) was by far my favorite Moroccan dish!

Vagner, on the other hand, loved the couscous and the Berber omelette, which is egg, tomato, onion and herbs, also cooked in a clay pot.

food in morocco

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Annie Spratt on Unplash

There is a lot to do in Morocco and also a lot to eat! Seriously, you will eat very well in this destination! All over the country there are several restaurants, catering to all tastes and budgets. For something exotic, head to the medina, where restaurants tend to be cheaper. Moroccans tend to master their own cuisine better than international cuisine.

Moroccan food is traditionally prepared by women and recipes are passed down from mother to daughter. It is up to the men to make the tea, but it is not customary for them to be intimate with the stove. The best food is homemade, but if no one invites you to their house, the alternative is to ask the riad to prepare your meals.

Morocco itinerary suggestions

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Raul Cacho Oses on Unsplash

What to do in Morocco in 4 days (start and end in Marrakech):

  • 1 Day: Arrival in Marrakech + full day guided tour to visit mosques, walls and stroll through the medieval streets of the Medina, which are tourist attractions in Morocco.
  • 2 Day: Discover: Ait Ben Haddou – Ouarzazate – Dades Valley.
  • 3 Day: Dades Valley – Toda Gorge -Tinjdad – Touroug – Erfoud – Merzouga (spend the night in a camp in the middle of the dunes of the Sahara Desert).
  • 4 Day: Return from Merzouga to Marrakech + transfer to the airport (night flight).

What to do in Morocco in 9 days (start and end in Casablanca):

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Aymane Idbouhadou on Unplash
  • 1 Day: Arrive in the morning in Casablanca to travel to Chefchaouen
  • 2 Day: Chefchaouen: Discover Volubilis – Meknes – Fez, tourist attractions in Morocco.
  • 3 Day: Made: Make a Fez medina guided tour
  • 4 Day: Fez – Ifrane – Cedar forest – Ziz Valley – Merzouga (overnight camp in the Sahara desert)
  • 5 Day: Merzouga – Rissani – Todra Gorge – Dades Valley
  • 6 Day: Valley of Dades – Ouarzazate – Ait Ben Haddou – Marrakech
  • 7 Day: Marrakech: Have a lively day and book an ATV tour or a classic balloon flight
  • 8 Day: Marrakech: On the last day in Marrakech, book a sunset camel ride
  • 9 Day: Travel to Casablanca + visit to Hassan II Mosque + transfer to Casablanca airport.

What to do in Morocco in 13 days (start and end in Casablanca):

  • 1 Day: Arrival in Casablanca and journey to Asilah
  • 2 Day: Asilah e Chefchaouen
  • 3 Day: Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Meknes and Fez
  • 4 Day: Fès
  • 5 Day: Explore Fès, Ifrane, Cedar Forest, Ziz Valley and go to the Sahara Desert
  • 6 Day: Sahara Desert (Stay Overnight in Luxury Camp)
  • 7 Day: Deserto do Saara, Rissani e Dades
  • 8 Day: Take one to discover the Atlas Mountains Trek, one of the main tourist attractions in Morocco.
  • 9 Day: Dades, Road of the Thousand Kasbah, Ouarzazate, Ait-Ben-Haddou and arrival in Marrakech
  • 10 Day: Marrakech: To seize the day book a Sunset Quad Bike Desert Tour with Dinner
  • 11 Day: Marrakech - Essaouira
  • 12 Day: Essaouira – El Jadida – Casablanca
  • 13 Day: Casablanca: Before leaving, discover Casablanca on a 4 Hour tour with local resident

Plan your trip - best time, how to get around, how long to stay, etc.

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Photo: Annie Spratt on Unplash

Best time to visit Morocco 

To get to know everything this wonderful country has to offer and the main tourist attractions in Morocco, avoid the summer! The best time to travel to Morocco is in autumn (October and November) or spring (March and May).

It is during these seasons that the temperature is milder, and you will be able to visit the attractions that we mentioned in the list of what to do in Morocco, both on the coast and in the desert, with peace of mind.

Another important point is that these are low season months!

How to get around in Morocco

In general, public transport works well in Morocco. An efficient rail system connects the main cities in the North with Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech. You can get to other places by bus, grand taxi, community taxi or by renting a car. 

  • The best and virtually only means of exploring the Medina is on foot, but visiting more distant tourist spots in Morocco may require some transport. 
  • Petit Taxis they can only circulate within the city and take a maximum of three people. They are relatively cheap and have a meter, but insist that this is only turned on after departure. The normal rate doubles after 20 pm. It is common, particularly if there is only one passenger, for the taxi driver to pick up more people on the way.
  • grand taxis they operate like normal taxis, but as they don't have a meter, you have to negotiate the price before boarding. 

Tourists rarely take the buses, as the taxis are cheap and it is possible to do most activities on foot. The guide indicates where it is worth taking the bus.

What to do in Morocco: 20 Amazing Tourist Points to visit
Extra tips for driving in Morocco:
  • Driving in Morocco is easy, but accidents are frequent, especially as people walk on the road without paying much attention to traffic. Always keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly in villages and towns!
  • Roads are generally maintained and good for a road trip, and there is relatively little traffic outside urban areas.
  • Still, the journeys are long and slow. Prepare to spend several hours in the car. For every 100 km of road in inland areas, you will drive about 2 hours. The cities close to the coast, on the other hand, are connected by high-speed tracks, but they are not the most interesting points in Morocco.
  • There are many police checkpoints on the roads in Morocco. It is possible that you will pass more than 3 checkpoints in the same day. The police stop frequently, especially in the case of speeding. Be aware, as they fine without pity.
  • Unfortunately, there is still a lot of police corruption in Morocco and it is common for them to ask for “a coffee” to avoid imposing a fine. Take it easy and be polite! Apologizing can save you from a fine of up to 450 dh!
  • Plan not to drive after 17 pm, as visibility drops a lot. The roads in Morocco are not well lit, and pass through many villages, where many people walk or cycle and there are animals circulating (goat, dog, donkey, sheep, dromedary, among others).
  • Do not drive in big cities like Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech. In addition to the heavy traffic, it is very difficult to find parking and the best walks are right inside the medinas, where cars are not allowed to circulate.
  • To drive on unpaved tracks and roads, in remote areas and in the desert, you need an appropriate vehicle, preferably a 4x4 and some experience in similar terrain. We recommend renting a car with Rentcars.
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