Greek Islands: the 10 most beautiful and charming islands in Greece

Discovering the Greek Islands will be one of the most incredible trips you will ever take. And don't think it's exaggeration!

Fate owns paradisiacal landscapes, blue sea, beaches that look like paintings, Mediterranean climate, ruins, huge rocks and, of course, a lot of hype and bustle.

Come with us and discover the 10 most beautiful and charming islands in the whole country.

Greek islands: natural beauties and paradisiacal places

The islands of Greece are among the favorites of tourists when it comes to natural beauties and paradisiacal places.

the country has more than six thousand islands and islets, with beautiful white sand beaches, huge rocks, caves and crystalline waters, perfect for diving.

And the interesting thing is that this scenario can be found on practically all the islands, in addition to the peculiarities of each location.

So, when choosing which ones to meet, don't worry. It will be difficult for you to be disappointed!

To take advantage of everything the region has, separate a few days, as there is much to see in the country.

When to go to the Greek Islands?

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Before preparing a Greek Islands itinerary, check the climate and the ideal season to visit the country! 

Good to know which days will be cold and rainy or intense sun to be able to prepare during your tour of the country, right?

A indicated season to take a trip to Greece it is during the summer, What happens between June and September, when the whole country is experiencing its peak, with high temperatures, the sun shining brightly and a lot of hype.

This time, bars and restaurants offer a special program with lots of excitement and music.

How to go to the Greek Islands?

For those wondering how to visit the Greek Islands, know that you will need disembark at the airport of the capital, Athens. 

And then head to the archipelago in one of two ways: raft, also known as a ferry, or plane.

In both options, you can pay approximately 80 euros for the journey. However, these values ​​can vary.

How to travel between the Greek Islands?

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To get to know the Islands of Greece, you can rest assured, because moving between the islands is very easy. One of the most recommended ways to explore them is also by ferry or plane.

When choosing the best way, a tip is to take into account the time you will spend, because planes usually connect in Athens, which can make the journey time consuming.

But before moving there, understand the differences between the Ionian Islands and Cyclades.

The first of these, the Islands Ionian Islands have beautiful beaches, like Navagio, but they don't own those villages Greek classics with whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches. Over there, green prevails in all the islands.

Already the Cyclades are those places that offer scenarios of charming villages, blue and white houses on top of the mountain and by the sea. 

In this region you will find Mykonos and Santorini, the most famous islands in the country.

What are the most famous Greek Islands?

The Islands of Greece are true paradises and attract thousands of tourists every year.

Among the most popular are the beautiful Santorini, full of idyllic beaches and charming villages, in addition to Mykonos, which also has the same characteristics as Santorini.

On both islands, you will find beaches with excellent infrastructure, as well as a lot of excitement.

1. Mykonos

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Mykonos Island is one of the most popular in all of Greece. And it's not for less, the archipelago contains breathtaking beauties, beaches with white sand, crystalline waters and an immense emerald blue sea.

In addition to the beaches, its white house villages and cobblestone streets make the setting enchanting. 

When visiting the island, be sure to take a delicious swim in the Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, very popular.

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2. Crete

Crete is not far behind when it comes to spectacular landscapes. Prepare your heart to find beautiful beaches with huge rocks and bucolic villages by the sea.

In addition to the beaches, the Mount Ida also shares attention with the beaches, since the place is home to the famous cave of zeus.

Among the most popular beaches is the beautiful Elafonisi with pink sand and crystalline waters. This is one of the most stunning beaches on all of Crete. 

3. Santorini

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One of the most famous Greek Islands is the splendid Santorini, Greece, object of desire of many tourists who travel to the country.

The villages of white houses and blue domed churches form a wonderful backdrop. 

When visiting the region, be sure to visit the Agia Paraskevi, a Paradisos and Praia Kamari who owns the ruins of Ancient Thira. You will love this place!


Even though it is not very well known among tourists. Lesbos Island has wonderful beaches, some with very dark sands, compared to what we are used to.

The great attraction of the island is not the beaches, but the petrified forest, which formed after volcanic explosions that caused trees and animals to be fossilized.

Get ready to discover one of the most interesting places on the Greek Islands.

5. Patmos

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Patmos Island is not famous because of the beautiful landscapes. In fact, it is even known for the biblical passage that relates that in the place the Apostle John wrote the prophetic book of Revelation.

Ela book great experiences to its tourists. Don't miss the beautiful beach Psili Ammos, which can only be accessed by boat, but it's worth it!

6. Zakynthos

This is another of the most spectacular Greek Islands. You will find beaches hidden by huge rocks, blue sea, crystalline waters and a beautiful vegetation that makes the scenery beautiful.

When visiting the island, get to know the Praia Navagio, which has a ship that is wrecked from 1980 on a stretch of sand. Dive into the sea and go up to the lookout point to be dazzled by the beautiful view! 


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Milos is also no exception to the rule of beautiful landscapes. In addition to being the place where the statues of the gods Poseidon, Asclepius and Aphrodite, the island also has beaches with huge rocks around them.

In addition to diving in the waters of the Aegean Sea, it is possible to walk through the rock formations to enjoy the landscapes from above. It's amazing!

8. Corfu

With so many incredible places, you might be wondering which are the most beautiful Greek Islands. Corfu is one of them! No wonder the region is called emerald island.

your sea with water the same color as the gemstone guarantees great experiences for tourists. Take boat trips and diving in crystal clear waters.

The place also has a museum and two fortresses. If you can, include these attractions in your tours.

9. Paxos

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Paxos Island is one of those places that looks like a painting with such perfection. Its beaches have soft white sand, clear waters, huge rocks and charming villages.

In addition to visiting the region's beaches, be sure to take a tour through the caves and also meet the little antipaxos oasis of calm water.

In addition to the landscapes, the island is also famous for manufacturing the best olive oils in the country.

10. Ikaria

To close the map of the Greek islands, Ikaria could not be missing. In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, it part of greek mythology

Legend has it that Icarus, son of Daedalus, had a fall and drowned in the vicinity of the island, which was baptized as Icária. 

Be sure to visit the Praias Armenistis, Agios Kirikos and Evdilos with beautiful rocks. You will be in awe of the location.

Suggested itinerary for the Greek Islands

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With so many attractions, if we could, we would put all the islands on the list for the same trip.

But calm down, try to make the most of your stay in each location, according to your available time!

To get to know the main regions and take advantage of your time, make your itinerary through the islands that are close to each other.

Depending on how many days you stay in the region, a tip is staying in Mykonos and make a day trip to the Island of Naxos and Paxos, which are close. Book at least one day to visit each island.

After that, visit the Island of Santorini and take a tour of the island of Milos. then meet Zakynthos. A tip is to book at least three days to get to know the entire region.

This is a very complete route, but a tip is to research the companies that travel around the islands to find out which route they recommend.

How much does a trip to the Greek Islands cost??

To find out how much a trip to the Greek Islands costs, you will need to determine what style of trip you want: modest or luxurious.

For you to have an idea of ​​expenses, we made projections of the main costs. It is possible to find accommodation with daily rates that are around 25 and 150 euros, from modest rooms to the most comfortable.

At mealtimes, there dish options from 10 euros. To move between the islands, the transport costs between 50 and 80 euros.

Extra tips for tourism in the Greek Islands

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Possibly you will tour the Greek Islands during the summer. So don't forget the sunscreen, light clothing, comfortable shoes, flip flops and a hat or cap, as the Greek summer is intense and the sun shines brightly.

To move around within the islands, it is possible discover the attractions on foot or rent a motorbike or car, which will facilitate your displacement.

If you don't want to spend a lot during your trip, a tip is to stay in hostels, which are much cheaper than a hotel, for example.

If you prefer, you can buy food in supermarkets and prepare your meals there. You will save a lot!

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