Lefkada – The Complete Guide to the Ionian Island of Greece

The island of Lefkada, located in Greece, is a great option for those who like crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes. Check out our complete guide to help you plan your trip to this paradise.

Located on the Ionian Sea, west coast of Greece, the island of Lefkada It is one of the country's postcards because of the vibrant turquoise blue color of its waters. The island is a great option for those looking to escape the hustle of Mykonos e Santorini.

One of the main attractions of the island is that it is not necessary to take a boat to visit it. There is a small bridge that connects the site to the mainland. Because of the facility, Lefkada receives many visitors and is one of the most popular places during the Greek summer.

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A remote beach of Egremni, in Lefkada – Photo: PxFuel

Where is Lefkada Island?

Lefkada, or Leucade, is part of the Ionian Islands, a group that has seven main islands - in addition to Lefkada, Corfu (Kerkyra), Paxos, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Cythera.

At 303 square kilometers, Lefkada is the fourth largest of the Ionian islands and is right off the Greek coast. The proximity is so great that there is even a bridge connecting the island to the mainland.

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How to get to Lefkada in Greece

Check out the tips on how to get to Lefkada from different Greek destinations:

How to go from Athens to Lefkada?

For those who want to rent a car in Greece, it is possible to drive from Athens to Lefkada, as there is a bridge that connects the island to the mainland, facilitating access for visitors. The complete route is approximately 400 km, taking approximately 5 hours to reach the destination.

Another option to get there is to take a bus from Athens to Lefkada. The journey costs around 180 reais*.

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How to get from Zakynthos to Lefkada?

There is a boat that travels from Zakynthos to Lekfada. However, there is also the alternative of driving to the port of Kyllini, which is approximately 200 km from Lekfada, and taking a ferry. From there, tours depart for Zakynthos and also Kefalonia.

The crossing is very smooth and takes about 1h15. The ticket costs around 200 reais*.

How to get from Kefalonia to Lefkada?

As there is in Zakynthos, there is also a ferry that takes you from Kefalonia until Lefkada. The journey takes an average of 1 hour. The price usually varies a little because of the Euro exchange rate.

Traveling through these three islands in the Ionian Sea (Lefkada, Zakynthos and Kefalonia) is an excellent itinerary for those looking to enjoy a few days in the Greek islands. It is worth it!

*Values ​​updated in 2020 - there may be changes according to the season and euro exchange rate

How many days to stay in Lefkada

As it is a relatively small island, it is possible to get to know Lefkada well in just three days of stay. As it is located close to other islands in the Ionian Sea, it is worth taking advantage of the other days and exploring the nearby regions a little more.

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With beaches like this, will you end up wanting to stay longer than three days?

When to go to Lefkada

Lefkada has beautiful beaches and a paradisiacal view. For those looking to swim and enjoy the sun, the best time to visit the place is a little before the high season, in early June, when it is already hot and most tourists have not yet left.

The month of August is also a good option, as many visitors who are going to enjoy the European summer have already left the island.

In high season, the month of July, bars and restaurants end up being crowded and, often, the waiting time for tables can exceed an hour. In addition, some hotels also end up getting full. Therefore, always plan your trip in advance if you are traveling at this time.

In low flow months, it is possible rent an apartment downtown of the city for a very good price. So, if you want to save a little, avoid the busiest months.

Another advantage of visiting the island out of season is getting to know all the beaches with tranquility. Some places can be completely deserted – a good tip for those who like privacy.

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Imagine a good company in a place like this, all for you? – Photo: Wikimedia

Things to do in Lefkada

Lefkada is known for crystal clear waters worthy of incredible photos.

The beaches of Porto Katsiki e Egremni are the most famous and are among the most beautiful in Europe. They are mandatory stops that cannot be left out of your tour of the island.

Praia de Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki has an impressive view, with cliffs that make the view of the incredibly blue and transparent sea even more beautiful.

For those traveling by car, it is possible to leave the vehicle in the parking lot and go down to the beach by a wooden staircase. The tip is: arrive early, because the parking lot usually fills up fast. The beach also has nearby restaurants to satisfy your hunger during your visit.

Porto Katsiki is one of the most famous beaches on the island – Photo: Piqsels

Egremni Beach

Egremni Beach is also a well-known beach. For those who want to visit it, it is necessary to take a boat trip from Vasiliki. It is worth keeping an eye on tour times and available days – especially out of season.

Vasiliki beach, where the boats depart, is quite busy and has an excellent infrastructure. For those who enjoy water sports, the place offers windsurfing. Further south, it is still possible to visit Agiofylli beach.

Egremni, more remote, looks wonderful – Photo: georgeyboy via Flickr

Praia de Mylos and Vilarejo Agios Nikitas

Mylos is one of the beaches that is close to the village of Agios Nikitas. To access it is necessary to do a trail that can be a little tiring, but it is very worth it.

There is no structure on site, so we took the opportunity to bring food and drinks and had a picnic. Like Porto Katsiki, the water is crystal clear and the rocks and white sands create a very interesting look.

The village of Agios Nikita, on the west side of the island, is one of the best places to stay in the area for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle. There you can also find restaurant options with great prices.

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The friendly village of Agios Nikita

Praia de Kathisma

Another beach that is also worth a visit is Kathisma, on the west coast of the island. Unlike Mylos, it has good infrastructure to receive tourists. Because it is quite extensive, it has chairs and tents guaranteeing shelter from the sun, and thanks to these benefits, it usually attracts a lot of people and is busy.

Kathisma beach has good structure to spend the day – Photo: Pixabay


Nidri is the most tourist spot on the island. The neighborhood has many excellent Mediterranean restaurants. It's a great place to buy souvenirs for friends and family. Be sure to visit!

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Area called Nidri, most tourist part of Lefkada – Photo: Wikimedia

Where to eat in Lefkada

Lefkada has several restaurants with Mediterranean and Greek dishes. Seafood is usually very fresh and tasty, but you can also eat an excellent moussaka or souvlaki (the famous Greek barbecue).

The city's nightlife is lively and the restaurants start to welcome customers very late.

Highlight for restaurants La Vinaria Taverna, Nissi Mediterranean Kitchen e Taverna Eutuxia 1960. And it is worth mentioning that all places have options for vegetarians. ?

A famous Greek barbecue, called souvlaki, goes well after a day at the beach – Photo: Pixabay

Where to stay in Lefkada

There are many hotels and several options for rental homes in Lefkada. Before visiting, see all the attractions and do some research to choose the best location.

We have selected three incredible hotels as an indication, which are true resorts in this paradise.

Porto Galini Seaside Resort & Spa ($$)

O Porto Galini Seaside Resort & Spa It has a swimming pool and free parking on site. Ideal for those looking for a good value for money accommodation. Daily rates for two adults can reach up to 400 reais, depending on the accommodation.

Rates from R$ 395, with breakfast and parking.

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Charming room at Porto Galini Seaside – click on the photo to book

And how about a pool like that, not bad, right? Click on the photo to make your reservation!

Crystal Waters ($$)

The hotel Crystal Waters it is a luxurious environment for those looking to relax and enjoy the best that the island has to offer. It has an outdoor swimming pool, a very modern restaurant and a 24-hour reception.

Daily rates around R$ 500, with breakfast and parking.

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Crystal Waters is one of the best options to stay – click on the photo to guarantee your stay

Crystal Waters rooms are very cozy – click on the photo and book yours now

San Nicolas Resort Hotel ($$)

O San Nicolas Resort Hotel it is located on a green bay with spectacular views. Because it is well known, it is very difficult to get a spot in high seasons. The luxury hotel offers a swimming pool and hotel bar to relax in, as well as a children's pool.

Daily rates around R$ 600, with breakfast and parking.

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San Nicolas is a resort with a beautiful view from the deck and pool – book your room by clicking on the photo

The resort's rooms are spacious and very comfortable – book yours now by clicking on the photo!

Other amazing hotel options on the island, from the cheapest to the most exquisite:

  • Panorama Villas ($)
  • The House of Irene ($)
  • Allure Central Boutique Hotel ($$$)
  • Pirofani ($$$)

*Changes may occur in daily rates depending on the time of year and availability. Always check the Booking.com website for up-to-date prices.

Dicas from Lefkada to score

For those who do not want to rent a car, it is possible to take the most popular tours of the island by boat. There are some specialized companies that make a one day tour. Prices usually vary depending on the time of year.

Another important tip: The roads that lead to the most popular beaches are usually very difficult and with many curves. Pay extra attention and always try to rent a car in good condition.

It is worth remembering that the Greek currency is the euro and, because of this, prices end up being high when converting to the real. Therefore, try to plan everything in advance to fully enjoy this paradise.

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Do not forget to enjoy the island with care on the road and respect for nature – Photo: Pixabay

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Quick questions and answers about Lefkada

Where is Lefkada, Greece?

Lefkada is one of the seven Greek Ionian Islands, located very close to the mainland part of the country… read more

Where to stay in Lefkada?

Good hotel options in Lefkada include: Porto Galini Seaside Resort & Spa, Crystal Waters e San Nicolas Resort Hotel… read more

Do you need travel insurance to go to Lefkada?

yes according to Schengen Treaty is a must to visit Lefkada or any other destination in Greece. Make your budget here.

How to go from Athens to Lefkada?

Athens is about 400 km from Lefkada. It is possible to go by car to the destination, through a bridge that connects the island to the mainland… read more

How to get from Zakynthos to Lefkada?

From Zakynthos, you can take a boat to Lefkada, or drive to Kyllini harbor and take the ferry to the Ionian island… read more

How to get from Kefalonia to Lefkada?

To get from Kefalonia to Lefkada, you can take a ferry that takes about an hour… read more

What to do in Lefkada in Greece?

Lefkada has beautiful beaches, with crystal blue waters and white sand, such as Porto Katisiki and Egremni… read more

Where to eat in Lefkada?

Good restaurant tips in Lefkada are La Vinaria Taverna, Nissi Mediterranean Kitchen e Taverna Eutuxia 1960… read more

How many days to stay in Lefkada?

As it is a small island, in three days it is possible to get to know the island of Lefkada well… read more

When to go to Lefkada?

Try to go to the island of Lefkada in periods outside the high season, such as in the months before summer, between May and June, or after the season, in September… read more

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