The submerged forest of Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan

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A natural curiosity in Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy is a 400-meter long lake in the Kazakh part of the Tian Mountains, 129 km from the city of Almaty. The lake was created following an earthquake in 1911 that triggered a major landslide blocking the gorge and forming a natural dam. Subsequently, rainwater filled the valley and formed the lake.

The lake is famous for its picturesque beauty, especially the submerged forest and the imposing spruce trunks that rise out of the lake, piercing the water surface. Above the water, the submerged trees appear as tall masts of ghost ships, or spears of an army mysteriously hidden and waiting for the right moment to come out. This lake stimulates the imagination!

The water is so cold (even in summer the temperature does not exceed 6 degrees) that the needles still remain on the trees, even 100 years later. Because of the clear mountain water you can see deep into the lake water, 30 meters deep. In winter the surface of the lake is frozen and at this time Kaindy Lake becomes an ideal place for trout fishing and ice diving.

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